What Makes A Good Bong?

A good bong is like a trusted friend. However, not every relationship you have with a bong will be a ride-or-die.

Us bong smokers need a companion that will compliment their tolerance, taste preferences, and budget. You might smoke out of a lot of frogs before you find your prince or princess.

Save yourself some time, money, and heartache. Here are some tips to follow when figuring out what makes a good bong.

What to Look for In A Good Bong?

Finding the right bong can be a life-changing event. Smoke yourself into a happily ever after with these attributes of a great bong.

1. Know Thy Smoker

Sometimes it’s not the bong; it’s the smoker. New smokers who take shallow hits don’t need a tall bong. A simple tabletop water bong would suffice.

What Makes A Good Bong?Someone new to smoking may not have the lung capacity to pull from a bong with multiple percolators. It might not be the introductory experience they were hoping to have.

Those who are looking to graduate from a pipe could still find a good bong. A simpler, cost-effective model could suffice.

Use this time to experiment and gauge your smoking habits. Then, you can make a more educated decision when you decide to upgrade.

Habitual smokers, you know your preferences pretty well. Think about what you want in the perfect bong.

Then, try to find an option within your budget that meets most (if not all) your demands. Consider some of the following criteria.

2. Size It Up

Size matters, especially when you have specific needs. Get your head out of the gutter. Unless you’re thinking about penis bongs

Long bongs aren’t conducive to packing up and going. Save those for parties at your house or binge-watching The Mandalorian.

Daytrip smokers will want something more portable and durable. Consider picking up a silicone bong or mini bong.

Living with someone who doesn’t like smoking? Then, you might need to invest in a smaller bong that’s easier to hide.

Ponder your daily smoking habits and how a bong fits into them. Knowing when and where you’re going to use your bong will help you pick a good size.

3. Is It Durable Enough for You?

Bong rips could land a smoker sideways, which can spell trouble for a fragile bong. Be proactive by getting a durable bong that will withstand your slippery fingers or klutzy table bumps.

On the durability scale, here are your options:

  • Most Durable: Metal – Gets Really Hot Though
  • Silicone – Travel-friendly but Not Very Customizable
  • Ceramic – Clean Flavor, Takes A While To Heat Up
  • Glass – Various Levels of Durability, Most Commonly Used Material
  • Least Durable: Acrylic – May Also Be Toxic

We highly recommend opting for borosilicate glass. It is heat resistant. So, it won’t shatter with time or cause you to inhale any toxic chemicals.

On-the-go smokers could benefit from using a silicone bong, especially collapsible ones that fit in your pocket!

4. Show Us Your Style

There are so many bong designs out there. Narrowing down what type of bong you’d like could help simplify your bong search.

What Makes A Good Bong?

Do you want:

  • Straight Neck?
  • Beaker?
  • Recycler?
  • Round Base?

Each option has their advantages. Straight necks are awesome for people with large lung capacities that love to clear bongs. Recyclers are great for budget-friendly smokers who don’t want to waste THC.

Depending on your budget, you might be able to get a bong type that has multiple attributes. So, consider what you want most in a water pipe to help zero in on what’s a good bong for you!

5. How’s the Flavor?

Temperature and flavor go hand-in-hand. A good bong will cool down the smoke enough so you can actually taste the hops and floral notes of marijuana.

Does the bong come with percolators, multiple water chambers, or at least a diffused downstem?

Also, take a moment to inspect the piece. Make sure the slits are symmetrical in the diffuser. Otherwise, it’s not going to cool down the smoke adequately.

Think about how much filtration you truly need. If cooling down smoke isn’t a priority for you, you might want to stick to a hand pipe.

6. Cleanliness Is Goodliness

What Makes A Good Bong?Many people like bongs because they filter your smoke. No sense in mucking up a purer smoking experience with a dirty water pipe.

However, cleaning your bong shouldn’t be a dreadful task. So, take into consideration the shape of your potential bong.

Look at the openings where you can enter cleaning tools or areas where you can take the piece apart. A seamless cleaning experience is the mark of a good bong.

7. Adaptability Can Be Clutch

Smoking is such a personalized experience. Many smokers like bongs that are easily compatible with their favorite accessories.

  • Is the chamber large enough to hold your honeycomb percolator?
  • Will your trusted 10mm joint fit in the bong?
  • Does your 14mm ash catcher attach properly?

A good bong will meet your needs, not the other way around!

8. How Does It Feel?

What Makes A Good Bong?A good bong should be easy to use. If you’re fumbling with your lighter around the massive chamber or can’t create a good suction with your mouthpiece, it might not be the bong for you.

The best bongs are ones that are easy to pass around. Also, you should be able to grab the piece comfortably wherever it is sitting without worrying about the bong breaking.

These factors aren’t just about the material’s durability. You must take into account the ergonomics of the piece and your personal preferences.

9. What’s Your Budget?

Consider your finances. Bongs can get up there in price, especially if you’re a smoker who likes all the bells and whistles.

However, there are plenty of cheap bongs out there that will do the trick. Make sure to check out our guide for choosing a bong here.

10. Express Yourself

Bongs help us get on another level. They allow us to tap into our creativity and can create peace of mind. Express your gratitude by expressing yourself on your bong.

A person’s bong says a lot about them. Whether your favorite color is pink or you’re a Pokémon fanatic, let your allegiance show with your water pipe!

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