Where to Find the Best 14mm Bowl [Complete Guide]

There are plenty of reasons you might be in the market to buy a 14mm bowl. Whether your current bowl piece broke, you want to customize the look of your bong, or the bowl you just bought doesn’t fit your rig, there are many online headshops out there for you to find the perfect fit.

Here are some of the most reputable headshops for purchasing a 14mm bowl for your water pipe.



Grasscity is more than just an online head shop. Their website also has a lot of useful resources, including their online magazine and user forums. You can find plenty of information about new releases on bowls and discuss your purchase with other customers.

If you’re looking for an affordable 14mm bowl with a touch of personality, you must check out this catalog of Grasscity accessories.

Grasscity offers a number of name brands and licensed products that pop culture aficionados might appreciate. They have Battleship Glass Bowl by Snoop Dogg and a Trailer Park Boys Male Glass Bowl with Handle, to name a couple.


What we love about the Grasscity catalog is the gamut of options for all levels of smokers. You can opt for an attractive-yet-bare bone 14mm glass bowl like the Cobalt Blue Glass Bowl with Glass Marbles.

For just a couple more bucks, you can upgrade to the Glass Bowl with Built-In Screen that stops precious bud and ash from falling in and dirtying up your pipe.

They also carry a line of premium 14mm bowls made by ROOR – a top pick for us for one of the better bong brands out there. These handcrafted pieces are narrowed to eliminate the need for a screen. Plus, their glass roll stopper is clutch for the forgetful person whose bowl always rolls off the table!

Their most popular item is the Glass Bowl with Honeycomb Screen. The honeycomb screen is perfect for stopping ash and grass from falling into your water. While helpful, some of these holes are a bit too small, making it a tad difficult to clean. Otherwise, it holds a lot of herb, making it an excellent 14mm bowl for long smoke sessions.

Badass Glass


Badass Glass is the perfect online smoke shop for those who like to customize their smoking experience. This company was started by two brothers who wanted to showcase the local glass blowing talent in their California community. The end result is a full catalog of 14mm bowls that look like works of art.

The Badass Glass catalog is the best in terms of customization. You can easily switch on and off between a 14mm female bowl and a male bowl, as well as joint size.


One of their most popular 14mm Black And White Swirl Bowl Piece is a hypnotizingly stylish 14mm male bowl. The three nubs on the side of the glass offer adequate protection for the fingers when clearing the bong.

Their most popular piece is more functional and less stylish. The Glob Squad 14mm Snapper Bowl is a sleek piece that looks amazing in any bong. It has a martini-style shape that allows you to fill the basin to the brim with bud.

Plus, its funnel-like design helps keep from splashing out of the bowl as it gets passed around the room.

Smoke Cartel


Smoke Cartel is one of the premier online head shops. Their website offers product guides that provide reviews of items in their catalog. Browsing their archives might give you some insights as to which 14mm bowl piece fits your collection best.

If the price is of the utmost importance to you, then searching Smoke Cartel will be the easiest for you to navigate. Their catalog is designed to categorize by the highest and lowest price.

There’s even an option for pieces under $100. Luckily, almost all 14mm bowls are under that price point. However, it’s handy if you’re in the market for a new water pipe!

The most popular 14mm bowl piece on Smoke Cartel is the “Bolt Neck” Flower Bowl With Marble Handles and Built-In Glass Screen. It’s the perfect bowl for someone who is just looking for two hits max.


The bolts on the side make clearing the bong a piece of cake. Cleaning the piece itself is easy, too, much in thanks to its wide neck.

Their most popular 14mm female bowl is the Sesh Supply Clear Flower Bowl. This piece is small but easy to pack due to its rotund frame.

Unfortunately, the bowl levels out at the bottom, making it a bit flat. This shape sometimes causes it to clog. Luckily, this glass piece is easy to clean. You’re going to be doing it frequently!



DankStop is for the smokers by the smokers, and is one of the best websites to buy bongs from, so you know they’ve got solid bowls to match. They started this shop when a clumsy elbow knocked a glass pipe off a balcony.

Needless to say, their team understands the importance of durability. So, they have tons of high-quality pieces for sale. In turn, their customer service also receives rave reviews for remedying broken pieces!


As far as their catalog goes, the DankStop website can be a bit busy. They hit you with payment plans, reviews, and insurance protection plans all in one thumbnail. There’s so much information hitting you; it’s hard to process what you’re looking at.

Their most popular 14mm male bowl is the DankStop Glass Bowl. It’s a sturdy, no-frills piece that has a handle for easy removal. Its thick handle is perfect for rushing in fresh air to help you inhale every last cloud!

Another popular piece on the DankStop site is the Male Slide w/ Built-In Screen. This glass piece is an affordable price and saves you from purchasing a screen accessory. Plus, you save money on your favorite weed strain falling into the joint.



What we love most about DankGeek is their “Rest in Piece” Program. Just take a pic of your broken piece, tag them, and DM them the evidence. They’ll send you a discount code and offer up free shipping.

The DankStop collection


of 14mm bowls are a bit smaller than others on this list. However, they still have a few high-quality items. Their most popular is the Skull Bowl.

This 14mm bowl piece might be the deepest of the bunch. It packs a lot of herb that you can go back to throughout the day. Plus, it’s a stylish piece that’s bound to earn a compliment or two at a get-together.

Another popular item is the GRAV 14mm Male Octobowl. It has a built-in screen that stops ash and resin from dirtying up your bong. However, the holes are a bit small, which can make cleaning a bit tricky.

Staying on top of cleaning is essential if you’re a habitual smoker because residue in the screens can restrict airflow, making for weaker hits.

The bowl is crafted with arm-like divots inside that resemble an octopus. This feature allows for more buds to be packed. So, this 14mm is one of the best to accessorize with a larger water pipe or upright bubbler.

Everything for 420


Everything for 420 isn’t just a one-stop-shop for 4/20. They have a literal catalog of items for $4.20!

Since their humble beginnings of being a $4.20 only store, they do have some premium items on their catalog. However, they remain true to their roots and only have 420 items in their online shop.


The most popular item in their head shop is the Glass Diamond Shaped Male Bowl. This Ring Pop-looking 14mm male bowl comes in a variety of colors to match your personality, and would even make a great addition to your girly bong.

You might run into hiccups, such as a loose seal to your rig or the bowl might not hold as much weed as you’d like. However, it’s a fully functional 14mm glass bowl piece at an affordable price of $4.20.

Their next high-demand item is the Yoda Bowl. No, it’s not Baby Yoda, but you can’t go wrong with the Jedi-Master himself.

What we love about this bowl is that the ears are more than just an adorable part of the design. You can use them to assist the most powerful of bong rips.

The shape of the ears allows you to scoop them up with one hand. These appendages intertwine comfortably with your fingers so that you can yank off the piece with ease.

Toker Supply


Toker Supply also has an #RIPPiece Program. Their selection of smoking accessories is a bit smaller than others on this list. However, they still have a decent supply of 14mm bowls.


Their most popular 14mm female bowl is the Colored Glass Female Bowl. This piece is perfect for someone who wants a trendy bowl to jazz up their bong.

You can get a solid color or wig-wag design complete with colorful spirals. However, each glass piece is unique, so your design isn’t a guarantee. They are completely functional, ideal for new smokers looking to add personality to their piece.

The next most purchased item on Toker Supply is the Male Glass Bowl Piece. The Male Glass Bowl Piece is the perfect replacement for the everyday smoker. It’s the ideal purchase if you broke your last bowl and just want something functional that’s easy to clean.

Is a 14mm Bowl Right for You?

When you’re purchasing a bowl for your bong, you might be prompted to choose between 14mm and 18mm. The wrong size can cause smoke to escape or the bowl to fall out of the piece.

These bowls must sit in your water pipe’s joint. So, bowl size is dependent on your bong.

Typically, you use 14mm bowls for small to medium-sized bongs. Whereas, 18mm bowls are ideal for larger rigs.

Not sure? Use a dime as a point of reference. A 14mm bowl piece is slightly smaller, while the 18mm glass bowl is a little larger.

By Cannabunga

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