The Best 14mm Ash Catchers

August 11, 2020by cannabunga0

Ash catchers are an awesome bong accessory. They’re clutch for stopping ash and resin from making your piece murky, ultimately cutting down on cleaning time.

Whether you’re looking to get a 14mm ash catcher for the first time, are replacing a broken accessory, or looking for a better fit, we’ve got your back.

Here are the best online head shops to sell ash catchers and reviews of their most popular items.

1. Badass Glass

For the most extensive collection of 14mm ash catchers, head over to Badass Glass. They have a wide variety of ash catchers that offer different forms of filtration.

They are the online head shop to feature an ash catcher that contains an 11-arm tree percolator that thoroughly filters the smoke before it hits the bong. This feature is ideal for getting cool and flavorful clouds of smoke.

They are also are one of the few online retailers to carry a recycler ash catcher that allows you to get every inch of smoke. Topping things off, Badass Glass always carries a 14mm silicone ash catcher for those who puff on-the-go.

14mm 90 Degree Double Showerhead Ash Catcher by Diamond Glass

The Best 14mm Ash Catchers

Twice the filtration in just 14mm ash catcher! The 14mm 90 Degree Double Showerhead Ash Catcher by Diamond Glass features two double showerhead diffusers that cause smoke to rush through tiny holes.

As the smoke crashes down through the first showerhead, it’s meeting the smoke that’s gone through the second showerhead, getting ready to rise back up through the first. This passing-of-the-baton gives you smoke diffusion like never before. Your lungs will thank you for this accessory.

Just make sure you fill it with enough water to cover both percs for an optimal experience. However, pulling too hard may cause some backsplash. You have to find the right balance!


  • 4.5 Inches Tall
  • Double Showerhead Percolator
  • 14mm Female Bowl
  • 14mm Male Joint
  • 90° Angle


  • Thick, Heavy, and Durable But Doesn’t Weigh Down Piece
  • So Much Filtration for Easy Pulling


  • Requires a Lot of Water
  • Might Suck Water Through

14mm 45 Degree Showerhead Honeycomb Ash Catcher By Diamond Glass

The Best 14mm Ash Catchers

Every rip is perfectly diffused with the 14mm 45 Degree Showerhead Honeycomb Ash Catcher By Diamond Glass. This bong features a showerhead to honeycomb perc that purifies smoke long before it touches water.

Switching up the type of percolator allows for smoke to become diffused in every direction. This type of accessory can speed up cooling downtime for the smoke.

While this piece keeps your bong clean, it’s not impervious to build-up. It can get clogged if you’re known to have heavy smoke sessions.


  • 5 Inches Tall
  • 14mm Female Bowl
  • 14mm Male Joint
  • 45° Angle
  • Showerhead into Honeycomb


  • Strong Diffusion
  • Smoke Looks Awesome with Colored Glass Accents
  • Cuts Down on Bong Cleaning


  • Requires Frequent Cleaning for Long Smoke Sessions

2. DankGeek

DankGeek has an extremely limited selection of 14mm ash catchers. Their current catalog is just three items.

They have one 45° angle and one 90° angle in their inventory. The other is a honeycomb to turbine percolator ash catcher. While they’re short on stock, at least they offer a variety.

If you do break your 14mm ash catcher, you are eligible for a discount on a replacement. Take a picture of your broken accessory with the words, “Help Me DankGeek.” Email or tag them on social to get a coupon code.

Honeycomb to Turbine Perc Ash Catcher 14mm or 18mm

The Best 14mm Ash CatchersThe Honeycomb to Turbine Perc Ash Catcher 14mm or 18mm is the most impressive offering for DankGeek ash catchers. The two-way percolation system allows for a unique diffusion of smoke.

After the smoke gets broken up by the honeycomb, it will come back together after going through the long slits that create the turbine shape. Thanks to the limited turbine slits, the heavily diffused smoke will come together to create one big creamy cloud of loud in your mouth.


  • Honeycomb to Turbine Percolator
  • 90° Angle
  • Blue, Green or Clear


  • Honeycomb to Turbine Makes for Large Puffs At Once


  • A Little Weak At the Joint
  • Heavy and Might Tip Piece

Grav – Phoenix Ash Catcher – 90 Degree

The Best 14mm Ash CatchersThis piece is one of the tallest ash catchers. Its elongated shape is touted as a “natural filtration system.” The smoke must travel a great distance before hitting the water, substantially cooling off before it gets cooled off.

The star of the Grav – Phoenix Ash Catcher – 90 Degree is the removable top. It can serve as an ice pinch for extra crisp puffs of smoke that will keep your lungs from starting a coughing fit.


  • 7 Inches Tall
  • 14mm Bowl
  • 90° Angled Joint
  • Removable Top


  • Removable Top Allows You to Add Ice
  • Easy to Clean
  • Cool to Watch Smoke Travel from Joint to Chamber


  • No Percolator
  • Gets Dirty Quickly

3. DankStop

If you’re in a rush and need to weigh the pros and cons of the best 14mm ash catchers, then DankStop is the website for you. Their gallery thumbnails spell everything out for you. Get prices, check on discounts, and payment plan eligibility for each ash catcher on just one page.

DankStop is second just after Badass Glass for most ash catcher options. While they don’t have as much variety, DankStop prices are a tad cheaper.

They also carry the two ash catchers we featured from DankGeek. However, they also boast a wide variety of accessories that have everything from matrix percs to hammerhead percolators to retri percs. It’s worth browsing their catalog to compare with Badass Glass.

11-Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher

The Best 14mm Ash CatchersExperience filtration everywhere with the 11-Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher. This piece pushes smoke through 11 different paths to create a wispy cloud of smoke that allows for longer rips at a time.

It’s very small, making it easily portable. Plus, it’s made of extremely thick glass that is known to survive a few drops or two.

Seeing as it’s so small and has a lot of arms, cleaning can prove difficult. Also, gunk can build-up on the bottom of the percs, making it a bit hard to clear out.


  • 2.5 Inch Base Diameter
  • 45° Joint
  • Wide Chamber
  • Clear, Colored Glass


  • Really Durable
  • Lots of Filtration in One Puff
  • Easy to Travel With


  • Hard to Clean

45˚ Inset Honeycomb Disc Ashcatcher

The Best 14mm Ash CatchersThis ash catcher comes with 30 tiny holes on a honeycomb percolator that diffuses smoke into a smooth vapor that enhances your bud’s flavor. Since the honeycomb is entrenched in a disc that has slits on the side, diffused smoke gets pushed out of every corner.

There are glass accents on the 45˚ Inset Honeycomb Disc Ashcatcher that shimmer as you draw. You can easily watch the smoke build up, getting lost in the haziness.


  • 45° Joint
  • Inset Honeycomb Disc Percolator
  • Colored, Scientific Glass


  • Optimal Diffusion For Smooth Hits
  • Easy to Clean
  • Fun to Watch Smoke


  • Bit Heavy for a Small Piece

4. Smoke Cartel

Smoke Cartel is an excellent head shop for people who are new to buying ash catchers. Their website offers many educational resources, including how-to videos and buyers guides.

They have a limited but carefully curated selection of 14mm ash catchers. They run around the middle of terms of price and offer different options than other smoke shop online retailers.

If you’re looking for flashier, more decorative ash catchers, Smoke Cartel has the best options. They have a couple of designs and color combos that are sure to catch your eye!

Pulsar 90° Turbine Ash Catcher

The Best 14mm Ash Catchers

If you’re looking to upgrade your 14mm female joint, you’ll want to scope out the Pulsar 90° Turbine Ash Catcher. The turbine-style percolator offers a quick diffusion of hot smoke that will help cool down your lips as you pull.

With that said, turbines have fewer holes. Since this is such a small ash catcher, you might not get as cool of smoke as you would others on this list.


  • 90° Joint
  • Turbine Percolator


  • Small Size and Wide Percolator Makes Easier to Clean
  • Thick Glass, Durable Piece


  • Not the Most Effective Filtration System
  • Water Might Backsplash a Bit

Pulsar Fab-Egg Perc Ash Catcher 45° Joint

The Best 14mm Ash Catchers

If you’re feeling fancy AF and wanting to add to your favourite cute bong, then you might want to add the Pulsar Fab-Egg Perc Ash Catcher 45° Joint to your bong. It’s got the elegance of a Fabergé egg at nowhere near the cost.

While this is one of the most reviewed 14mm ash catchers on Smoke Cartel, you might want to do some research first. The reviews are mostly negative. They tend to break pretty easily.

When it works, it’s on point. So, if you love to be dazzled by smoke dancing in and out of this egg, then you might want to stock up!


  • Faberge Egg Perc
  • 45° Female Joint


  • Great Filtration System
  • Beautiful to Look At


  • Breaks Easily
  • Hard to Clean

5. 420 Science

The least impressive interface for 14mm ash catchers has to be 420 Science. Their gallery places the words right over the products. Not only is it difficult to read their names, but you aren’t able to see all of the products within the thumbnail.

Their selection isn’t as impressive as Badass Glass or DankStop but is ahead of Smoke Cartel and certainly DankGeek.

Bong brand selections are a who’s who in bong accessories. Choose from high-quality products created by GRAV, MAV, and HiSi. With that said, this catalog is the most expensive on this list.

HiSi 14mm No-Drag Hexagon Ash Catcher

The Best 14mm Ash CatchersThis is a premium-priced 14mm ash catcher. It’s developed to minimize drags. The HiSi 14mm No-Drag Hexagon Ash Catcher has a hexagon percolator that is very low to the bottom of the chamber.

This means minimal water is required, which lowers the chance of backsplash. Plus, less water means less lung power. All smoke pulls will go much faster!

This piece is made of 3mm borosilicate glass. While it’s thick, it’s not as durable as the 5mm standard that many bong accessories are crafted with.


  • 4 Inches Tall
  • 1.5-Inch Base Width
  • 3mm Borosilicate Glass
  • Hexagon Fixed Downstem
  • 45° Female Joint


  • Little Water Needed, Minimal Backsplash
  • Fits Snug on Most Pieces


  • Not As Thick/Durable As Others
  • No Bowl Included

MAV Glass Recycler Ash Catcher

The Best 14mm Ash CatchersThis ash catcher has aerodynamics and style. The MAV Glass Recycler Ash Catcher is an innovative piece with multiple chambers that allows for the ultimate smoking-cooling experience that preserves the earthy tones of your bud.

You can choose from a variety of percolators and sizes. Plus, there is a variety of colored glass to choose from. That makes the MAV Glass Recycler Ash Catcher the most customizable 14mm ash catcher on the list.

The recycler allows you to trap smoke so that none goes to waste. However, this 4mm thick accessory is a bit top-heavy. So, some pipes may topple over.


  • 5 Inches Tall
  • 4mm Borosilicate Glass
  • Honeycomb, Inline, UFO, or Showerhead Perc
  • Recycler


  • Recycles Smoke, Saving You From Wasting Weed
  • Has Multiple Chambers That Are Fun to Watch Fill With Smoke
  • Customizable


  • No Bowl Included
  • A Little Top Heavy

6. Toker Supply

Toker Supply boasts a limited supply of 14mm ash catchers. However, their selections are unique to other websites. So, if you don’t see anything you like on Badass Glass or DankStop, consider giving this Toker Supply a shot.

Toker Supply offers free shipping on all orders. Plus, they have a Best Price Match Guarantee. So, if you see something you like elsewhere, double-check the Toker Supply catalog for heading to the checkout.

If you’re the type who likes to watch your piece’s whole delivery process, you’ll love Toker Supply. They stay in constant contact with you via email to let you know where your ash catcher is in transit.

Triple Honeycomb Ash Catcher (14mm)

The Best 14mm Ash CatchersLet’s get bubbling with the Triple Honeycomb Ash Catcher (14mm). This piece has three spaced out honeycomb percs. That means triple the filtration!

Not only will the smoke be some of the coolest you ever inhale, it’ll be the coolest to watch, too. With so many little holes in the percolators, you’re going to love watching the smoke dance throughout the chamber.

At just five inches tall, this piece can travel anywhere. It’s hard to find more filtration in such a tiny accessory.


  • 5 Inches Tall
  • Triple Honeycomb Percolator


  • Lots of Filtration In One Small Piece
  • Fun to Watch the Smoke Travel


  • Water Can Creep Up
  • So Many Honeycomb Holes Are Hard to Clean

Classic Ash Catcher with Built in Bowl and Downstem

The Best 14mm Ash CatchersThe Classic Ash Catcher with Built in Bowl and Downstem is a very minimalist but effective bong accessory. One of the perks is that it comes with a bowl, which many ash catchers don’t.

This smoking accessory is very lightweight. It’s easily portable for those who want to travel and toke. However, there are some thin pieces of glass on its frame. So, pack carefully to avoid damaging your ash catcher.

If you’re in a jam or looking for a quick replacement, this is an excellent option. It’s affordable and versatile. While you won’t set the world on fire, this accessory will get the job done.


  • 14mm or 18mm Male Joint
  • 14mm or 18mm Bowl


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal But Effective
  • Bowl Included


  • Easy to Break
  • No Percolator

Differences In Ash Catchers

Ash catchers don’t just save you from having to clean your bowl. They’re the perfect opportunity to customize your smoking experience to meet your particular preferences. So, it’s important to understand what you’re shopping for to get the most of your ash catchers.

14mm Ash Catcher vs. 18mm Ash Catcher

Your ash catcher size must match up the size of the joint fit to your piece. That’s because it goes in the same spot that the joint would. If there’s extra wiggle room, smoke and water can escape the pipe and ruin your experience.

A 14mm joint is a little smaller than the size of dime. While, a 18mm is just about the size of the coin. So, putting a 14mm in an 18mm joint can really dampen your smoke sesh.

45° vs 90° Angles

Ash catcher degrees will determine how the ash catcher sits in your pipe. A 90° ash catcher is perfect for upright water pipes. You will light your bud close to the bong.

Meanwhile, 45° ash catchers jut out from the pipe. So, you can light with a decent amount of distance from your face. It takes a little more angling to hit a 45° angle piece, but it’s far easier to corner your bowl with it.

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