Top 10 Bongs Under $50 That Don’t Actually Feel Cheap

Bongs to marijuana smokers are fancy china to some moms. The fancy glassware only comes out of the display cabinet on special occasions. But when it comes to our regular daily toke, we have our run-of-the-mill inexpensive but not ineffective gear.

Sometimes you don’t want to spend too much on a bong. You might be on vacation or just want something that works for a brief time. A cheap bong is a great option. It’s fine to bring it along to festivals. If it loses, it won’t matter too much. Keep a few pipes handy if you enjoy hosting parties in your home.

A bong that is affordable can be a great option to purchase your first bong. You can try a variety of styles to find the one that you love. Once you have found the style you love, upgrade to a better-quality glass-on–glass version.

What makes cheap bongs affordable?

Materials – Our bongs made from acrylic and silicone are often cheaper than handblown glass pipes. These materials are safe for food and can be customized to your liking with a wide range of colors. Acrylic and silicone bongs can be used as food safe and they won’t break if dropped.

Size – Smaller bongs have less material, which results in a lower price. You can easily store them away and make them a great travel companion.

Quality – How cheap a bong is can also depend on its quality. Glass pipes that are very thin can result in fragile pipes that can easily be broken. Avoid low-quality pipes. You can usually feel the thickness of the glass by lightly tapping it with your finger. Thicker glass bongs will last longer and are less likely to crack. The curated collection only contains high-quality pipes, so you don’t need to worry about poor workmanship and thin glass.

That’s where these bongs under $50 come in. They’re perfect for your everyday use. They give you a great toke but not too expensive that you’re going to cry over it in case you accidentally topple it over.

Top 2 standouts

Top 10 Bongs Under $50 That Don't Actually Feel Cheap
Top 10 Bongs Under $50 That Don't Actually Feel Cheap

The tank design is a great addition to a military-themed collection. But if that’s not your thing it’s still an awesome design that’s surely going to start conversations.

When you’re just looking for a good quick toke and none of the gimmicks, this basic bong should do the trick. It’s the master of efficiency. It does its job and does its job well.

While these two are the undeniable standouts, there are other impressive sub-$50 bongs that can blow your mind.

Here’s what’s in store for you in this article:

  • A list of excellent bongs under $50 that gives top-quality hits.
  • The most relevant specs such as shape, height, material, and other special features.
  • A variety of materials such as silicone and glass.

1. Silicone Mini Beaker


If you’re the type to have just one bong for all your smoking needs, you’re best served by one made of silicone like this Silicone Mini Beaker. It’s going to last so much longer than glass ones.

The best part of it is that you won’t even have to compromise toke over durability. The beaker form factor ensures a full-bodied hit every single time.

And since it’s built only with top tier silicone, it’s also dishwasher safe. You can even open up the bottom to access the chamber. You can even use the bottom lid as a hidden compartment for your weed and concentrates.

Because it’s built with silicone and relatively small, it’s a great bong to travel with.


Height7.5 Inches
Special FeaturesHidden weed compartment at the bottom


  • Silicone build makes it one of the most durable bongs in this list. It’s perfect for travel or for everyday home use.
  • Beaker shape makes sure that you get a good toke even if it’s a relatively small bong.


  • Since it’s got a pretty short neck, you’re going to need to hit it a bit longer than your normal sized bong.
  • It’s a bit expensive for such a basic bong

2. Double Bubble Glass Micro Mini Bong


With its diminutive 4.5-inch height, you wouldn’t expect to have such a good toke with the Double Bubble Glass Micro Mini Bong. But, that’s exactly what you’ll because of the ingenious solution that the makers of this bong employed with this one.

You see while beaker bongs have one wide chamber at the bottom, this bong has two large chambers, one on top of the other. This ensures that smoke has more area to settle in thus giving you a surprisingly larger hit that you would expect for something so small.


ShapeDouble bubble
Height4.5 Inches
MaterialBorosilicate glass
Special FeaturesCarb hole


  • The duo of chambers makes this a surprisingly good hitter considering the diminutive size.
  • Since it’s such a small bong, it’s easy to find room for it in your cabinet. Or, if you want to keep it on your coffee table, it’s also not a bad idea since it doesn’t take up too much space.


  • While it’s small enough to travel with, the borosilicate glass construction may not be the best to pack in your bag. It can easily get crushed.

3. Glow in the Dark Straight Shot Bong


Say goodbye to fumbling around in the dark for your bong. This Glow in the Dark Straight Shot Bong, as the name implies, can easily be found even with the lights off.

Have you even toked up in the dark? This one’s the perfect one to use. Even if you’re sharing with a group, there’s no chance that you’re going to misplace it.


Height7 Inches
Special FeaturesGlow in the dark


  • It’s basic yet not underwhelming. The toke is just right even if the chambers aren’t as large as the others on this list.
  • The silicone material is elastic so you can shape it according to your lips for a tight seal.
  • Glow in the dark feature is more useful than you might think.


  • You better need the glow in the dark feature because other straight bongs that do without it are so much less expensive.

4. The “Toke Tank” Silicone Molded Tank Bong


It’s always a riot if you whip out the aptly nicknamed “Toke Tank.” Whether you’re smoking with a group or just on your own the design is just so quirky. This 6-inch tall tank-inspired bong is just so over the top that it’s difficult not to have a good toke.

The Toke Tank is just as unbreakable as its design inspiration because it’s made of silicone. You can drop it and smash it and you wouldn’t be able to break it. To add to that, it’s also very stable so you can’t really topple it.


Height6 Inches
Special FeatureTank design that can easily be disassembled


  • While not exactly built like a tank, it’s still sturdier than other bongs in this list.
  • Huge chamber gives you a solid toke every single hit.
  • For a bong, its price is competitive. For the novelty, it’s one of the best bargains.


  • The design may feel a little gimmicky to some buyers.

5. LA Pipes Simply Guy 8″ Donut Base Ice Bong


Take a break from the basic beaker design by going for this Donut Base Ice Bong. It’s every bit as well-refined as traditional beaker bong but with a classy hint of quirkiness with the doughnut bottom.

It’s got a solid 8-inch neck so the ice-catcher is also a nice touch. It will give you a smoother toke even if you do take a huge hit out of the large-chambered bong.


ShapeStraight neck with a doughnut base
Height8 Inches
Special FeatureIce catcher and doughnut


  • It’s a decent-sized bong that’s great for a solo session but is more than enough even for a group sesh.
  • The large base serves as a dual purpose of giving you and your friends a great hit and as a way to make this long-necked bong a bit more stable.


  • It might be a little too large and cumbersome if you’re just going keep it on top of your coffee table.

6. 8-Inch Beaker Bong


If you want to keep it classy, this 8-Inch Beaker Bong from Diamond Glass is probably the best you can do within the budget category. It’s a basic yet well-refined glass bong that hits all the right notes in terms of performance.

It’s a great bong for a no-nonsense weed smoker who just wants to take the edge off after a long day of work at Wall Street or some other white-collar job.

Don’t forget to check out our list of bongs priced less than $100 if you feel like stretching your budget a little bit.


Height8 Inches
Special featureThe high-quality glass that doesn’t get cloudy easily and an ice-catcher


  • It’s a minimalist bong that gets the job done without any fuzz.
  • An 8-inch bong is probably the best height for versatility.
  • A highly-finessed bong that won’t feel out of place in a high-end boutique smoking lounge.


  • The design might be too bland for some people’s tastes.

7. Green Polka Dot Mini Bong


If you like the simplicity and efficiency of the beaker design but are turned off by the blandness of it, maybe adding a little panache to it via colors can tickle your fancy. This Polka Dot Mini Bong might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s got a tried and tested beaker design that’s paired with a funky green polka dot. This can be the perfect combination of class and fun in a bong.


Height6 Inches
Special FeaturePolka dots, ice-catcher, carb hole


  • The beaker design works well for this 6-inch bong. You get a full-bodied hit every single time.
  • For the price, it’s a great starter bong.
  • The carb hole and ice-catcher combo are great additions to make sure you have a more controlled hit.


  • If you’re not into polka dots then the aesthetics can be annoying. Might even trigger trypophobia for some.

8. Beaker Base Water Pipe


If you want something a bit bigger than an 8-inch beaker bong, then you can go with the Beaker Base Water Pipe from Dankstop. It’s pretty basic in that it’s another one of those minimalist beaker-type bongs with a wide base.

This one, however, has a rubber grommet for the downstem so you’re assured an airtight seal giving you effortless hits.


Height9 Inches
Special featureRubber grommet


  • This 9-inch tall bong should function great as a dab rig.
  • Despite its size, you get full-bodied hit all the time because there is no leakage due to air gaps in the downstem.


  • Can look pretty large on your table.

9. Black Leaf Glass Beaker Base Ice Bong with Precooler


The Black Leaf Glass Beaker Base Ice Bong with Precooler is perhaps one of the most feature-packed budget bongs around. It’s got most of the things that you’ll ever want to look for in a bong.

It’s got a precooler with a large integrated bowl which makes it the perfect bong for smoking with a group or just plain long smoking solo sessions. This means less reloads and more hits.


ShapeBeaker base with a dome percolator
Height11.8 Inches
MaterialBorosilicate glass
Special featurePrecooler, dome percolator, ice-catcher


  • It’s one of the largest bongs money can buy at this price category so you’re assured of a full-bodied toke.
  • The precooler, percolator, and ice-catcher combo make smoking out of this thing ultra-smooth so you wouldn’t end up in a coughing fit even if you’re a noob at smoking.


  • It can be too large for some tables. And since it’s so tall, you can easily topple it over even if does have a wide base.

10. “Simply Guy” 9″ Straight Water Pipe with Ice Pinch


There’s a lot to love with the simplicity of a straight bong. It’s simple with not a lot of moving parts except for the essentials.

This is why this Straight Water Pipe with Ice Pinch is such an easy thing to recommend. It’s simple and easy to use.


Height9 Inches
Special FeatureIce-catcher


  • Its simplicity is its greatest asset as you’d know immediately how to get an exactly the kind of hit you’re after out of this thing even if you haven’t had practice with it yet.
  • The 9-inch height makes a full-bodied hit almost a certainty.
  • If you’re a noob, the ice-catcher is a great way to ensure smoother hits.


  • Too expensive to be this simple.

Understanding Bongs

Bongs have gained significant popularity among cannabis enthusiasts as a preferred method of smoking. These unique smoking devices offer a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience, making them a favorite among many users. Understanding the basics of bongs is essential when searching for an affordable option that suits your needs. Let’s delve into the details.

What is a Bong and How Does It Function?

At its core, a bong is a water filtration device used for smoking cannabis or other substances. It consists of several key components that work together to deliver a cooler and smoother hit compared to other methods of smoking. The primary purpose of a bong is to filter and cool the smoke before it reaches your lungs, resulting in a less harsh and more enjoyable smoking experience.

Components of a Bong and Their Roles

  1. Bowl: The bowl is where you place your smoking material. It is typically made of glass or metal and has a small hole at the bottom to allow the smoke to pass through.
  2. Downstem: The downstem is a tube that connects the bowl to the water chamber. It directs the smoke into the water for filtration.
  3. Water Chamber: Also known as the base or reservoir, the water chamber holds the water that filters the smoke. It can come in various shapes and sizes and is often made of glass.
  4. Percolators: Percolators are additional filtration devices inside the water chamber. They help break the smoke into smaller bubbles, increasing the surface area and providing additional cooling and filtration.
  5. Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece is where you place your lips to inhale the smoke. It is usually located at the top of the bong and can be straight or angled for comfort.

Benefits of Using a Bong

Using a bong offers several advantages over other smoking methods:

  1. Smoother Hits: The water filtration system in a bong removes impurities and cools down the smoke, resulting in smoother hits that are easier on the throat and lungs.
  2. Enhanced Flavor: Bongs allow the user to taste the true flavors of their smoking material, as the water filters out any unwanted harshness or impurities.
  3. Efficient Use of Smoking Material: Bongs are designed to maximize the utilization of smoking material, ensuring that you get the most out of each session.
  4. Customization Options: Bongs come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs. This allows users to find a bong that suits their personal style and preferences.

Factors to Consider When Buying Affordable Bongs

When looking for an affordable bong that fits your budget, it’s crucial to consider several factors to ensure you make a wise investment. By taking these factors into account, you can find a bong that not only meets your financial constraints but also provides an enjoyable smoking experience. Let’s explore these factors in detail:

Budget Considerations

Determining your budget is the first step in the bong-buying process. It’s important to establish a realistic price range that you’re comfortable with. Setting a budget helps narrow down your options and prevents overspending. Remember, affordability doesn’t mean sacrificing quality, so finding a balance between price and functionality is key.

Material Choices

Bongs are made from various materials, each with its own pros and cons. The most common materials include glass, acrylic, and silicone. Glass bongs are popular for their aesthetic appeal and smooth hits, while acrylic and silicone bongs are often more affordable and durable. Consider your preferences for aesthetics, durability, and ease of cleaning when choosing a material that fits within your budget.

Size and Portability

Bongs come in different sizes, ranging from small and portable to large and intricate. Consider how and where you plan to use your bong. If you need a bong for on-the-go use or discreet sessions, smaller and more portable options may be preferable. However, if you prioritize a smoother smoking experience and don’t mind a larger size, you can explore larger bongs with additional percolation features.

Durability and Ease of Cleaning

While affordability is a priority, it’s important to choose a bong that is durable and easy to clean. Glass bongs are often favored for their durability, as they are less likely to break or scratch. Acrylic and silicone bongs are generally more resilient but may require more frequent cleaning. Consider the maintenance required for each material and choose a bong that aligns with your cleaning preferences and longevity expectations.

Filtering and Percolation Options

The filtration and percolation features of a bong greatly influence the smoking experience. While more intricate percolators may enhance filtration, they can also increase the price of the bong. Consider the level of filtration you desire and whether a basic downstem or a more complex percolator setup fits within your budget. Keep in mind that even basic filtration can significantly improve the smoothness of each hit.

Top Tips for Finding Affordable Bongs

Finding an affordable bong that suits your budget doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little know-how and resourcefulness, you can discover excellent deals and quality options without breaking the bank. Here are some top tips to help you find the perfect affordable bong:

Shop During Sales and Discounts

Keep an eye out for sales, promotions, and discounts offered by online retailers, local head shops, and smoke stores. Many retailers offer seasonal sales, holiday promotions, or clearance events where you can find bongs at discounted prices. Signing up for newsletters or following social media accounts of these retailers can keep you informed about upcoming deals.

Consider Purchasing Unbranded or Generic Bongs

While branded bongs often come with a higher price tag, unbranded or generic bongs can offer similar functionality at a lower cost. These bongs are often made by reputable manufacturers but lack the branding, allowing you to save money without compromising on quality. Look for unbranded options that still offer durable materials, good craftsmanship, and desirable features.

Look for Package Deals and Combo Offers

Some retailers offer package deals or combo offers where you can get additional accessories or smoking essentials along with your bong. These bundles can provide great value for the price. Consider packages that include things like extra bowls, downstems, cleaning tools, or storage containers. Not only do you save money, but you also get everything you need in one go.

Explore Local Artist Collaborations or Emerging Brands

Local artists or emerging bong brands often offer unique and affordable options. They may collaborate with local head shops or sell directly through online platforms. These bongs can be handcrafted and have distinctive designs, while still being budget-friendly. By supporting local artists and emerging brands, you can find affordable bongs that stand out from mass-produced alternatives.

Don’t Overlook Clearance or Discontinued Items

Clearance sections or discontinued items can be treasure troves for finding affordable bongs. Retailers often mark down these products to make room for new inventory. While the selection may be limited, you can snag high-quality bongs at significantly reduced prices. Check both online and local stores for clearance or discontinued items to potentially find hidden gems.

Why choose a cheap bong?

There are several reasons why someone might choose a cheap bong over a more expensive one.

First, cost is often a major consideration when choosing a bong. Cheap bongs can cost significantly less than their higher-end counterparts, making them a more affordable option for those on a tight budget.

Second, cheap bongs can still provide a good smoking experience. While high-end bongs may have additional features and materials, they are not necessarily required to enjoy the smoking experience. Cheap bongs can still provide good percolation, airflow, and filtration, making them a good option for those who are just starting out or who are not looking for a high-end smoking experience.

Third, cheap bongs are often more portable and easier to transport. Higher-end bongs can be bulky and difficult to move around, while cheap bongs are typically smaller and lighter, making them a good option for those who like to smoke on the go.

Fourth, cheap bongs can be a good option for those who want to experiment with different styles and materials without making a significant investment. With a cheap bong, you can try out different types of percolation, materials, and shapes to find what works best for you before making a larger investment in a high-end bong.

How much is the average bong?

The average cost of a bong can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the type of bong, the materials used, and the manufacturer.

Cheap plastic bongs can cost as little as $10 to $20, while high-end glass bongs can cost several hundred dollars or more. The average cost of a glass bong is typically around $50 to $150, but can range anywhere from $20 to $500 or more.

The type of bong you choose will also affect the cost. Simple straight-tube or beaker-style bongs are often the most affordable, while more complex designs such as multi-chamber or percolator bongs can be more expensive.

The materials used in the bong can also affect the cost. Glass is a popular choice for bongs and is typically more affordable than other materials, such as ceramic or metal. Bongs made from high-end glass or rare materials, such as scientific glass or colored glass, can be more expensive.

Finally, the manufacturer can also affect the cost of a bong. Bongs made by well-known and respected brands may be more expensive than those made by less established manufacturers.

In conclusion, the average cost of a bong can vary widely, ranging from as little as $10 to as much as several hundred dollars or more. The type of bong, the materials used, and the manufacturer can all affect the cost, with average prices typically ranging from $50 to $150 for a glass bong.

Final Verdict

Black Leaf Glass Beaker Base Ice Bong with Precooler is the undisputed winner in this under $50 price range as it has almost everything you’ll ever want in a bong. If you’re a beginner, you can easily just forgo the accouterments, but if you’re moving on from the beginner level, then the additional features make this bong future-proof.

The only problem with it is that it’s strictly a stay-at-home bong. But, you can work around and maybe buy a pipe or another bong for travel. Because guess what, it’s cheap enough for you to be able to afford a travel bong.

By Cannabunga

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