How to Use A Nectar Collector In 5 Simple Steps

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Using a nectar collector is the ultimate way to optimize your high while preserving the flavor of your concentrates. If this is your first time using a dab straw, congrats! You’re about to enjoy one of the best highs of your life.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to use nectar collectors.

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How to Use A Dab Straw

Trying new smoking accessories can be intimidating, especially when it comes to dabs. Trust us, dabbing with a nectar collector isn’t as difficult as it looks. Just follow these steps on how to use a honey straw, and you’ll be a nectar-collecting pro in no time!

1. Prepare Your Concentrates In A Quartz or Silicone Dish

There are many types of concentrates that you can use with a nectar collector. They all have unique consistencies and present different experiences.

How to Use A Nectar Collector In 5 Simple StepsTypes of concentrates include:

  • Shatter: Butane Honey Oil (BHO)-Derived, Glass-like Consistency
  • Crumble: BHO-Derived, Vacuumed & Whipped Into Crumble
  • Wax: Honey-like Concentrate, Must Be Handled with Dab Tool
  • Oil: BHO or CO2 Extracted, Runny Consistency
  • Rosin: Solvent-free, Pressure-Extracted Resins
  • Hash: Solvent-free, Pressed Kief or Water-Pressed Pucks

Determine how much you plan on ingesting. Break off or pour the desired amount into a quartz dish.

Putting more than you intend to smoke into the dish can make cleaning a pain and ruin the texture of unused concentrates.

Make sure to use a silicone or quartz dish. These materials are free of toxic chemicals, are inflammable, and won’t ruin flavors.

Some people will vaporize concentrates out of the containers they come in. Be careful with this method. You don’t want to inhale toxic chemicals or burn through a plastic container.

2. Fill the Water Chamber

Many dab straws provide great filtration that preserves the robust flavor profiles of terpenes and cannabinoids. The key to this process is water!

How to Use A Nectar Collector In 5 Simple StepsLike many water pipes, dab rigs, and bongs, nectar collectors usually have a mini water filtration system. Some even come equipped with percolators.

Conversely, some honey straws are just glass nectar collectors without any filtration. These plain tubes are best suited for low-temperature dabs.

Those who use titanium tips might want to get a nectar collector equipped with a water chamber. Titanium holds heat longer than ceramic or quartz tips. These hits might be a bit too harsh on the lungs.

3. Connect Tip and Mouthpiece to Water Chamber

Choosing the right tip is essential for optimizing your experience. Each tip has unique heating features that will do the trick every time.

However, understanding these nuances can really help you personalize your dabbing session.

The most common concentrate collector tips are:

  • Quartz Tip: Heats Quickly, Cools Quickly
  • Titanium Tip: Moderate Heating Time, Moderate Cooling Time
  • Glass Tip: Takes While to Heat, Retains Heat
  • Ceramic Tip: Takes Longest to Heat, Retains Heat Longest

How to Use A Nectar Collector In 5 Simple StepsQuartz tips are excellent for high-temperature dab sessions. These are ideal for on-the-go smoking, where you need to pack up and leave quickly.

On the other end of the spectrum, ceramic tips are excellent for around-the-house dabbing. They’re great for low-temp dabs that accentuate your concentrates’ flavors.

Insert the tip of your choice into the bottom of the water chamber. If you have a three-piece honey straw, you’ll then need to attach the mouthpiece.

Depending on your honey collector, you might not need to attach a tip or mouthpiece. While easier to use, these products tend to offer less filtration and personalization opportunities.

4. Light Tip with Butane Torch or Set Enail Temp

Next, you need to heat the tip. Use the butane torch to work around the tip evenly. Make sure each surface of the tip touches the flame.

Remaining stationary with the flame will cause “hot spots” with extremely high temperatures, which can cause two scenarios:

  • The High Heat Section Touches the Concentrate and Potentially Destroys THC, Ruins Tastes, and Causes a Coughing Session!
  • A Low Heat Section Touches the Concentrate and Doesn’t Promote the Combustion Needed for A Good Hit

Either situation is no bueno. It comes down to how long you keep the torch on the nail. So, you might need to experiment with your lighter and dab tools.

How to Use A Nectar Collector In 5 Simple Steps

How to Use A Nectar Collector Without a Torch

Some people are not comfortable using a butane torch. That’s understandable. There is always a risk of inhaling toxic vapors or burning yourself.

Those who want to dab torch-free can still get their vape on. You might be better off using an electric nectar collector. These come with an enail that sets the temperature for you. We’ll discuss how to use an electric nectar collector in just a bit!

Or try this video:

5. Touch Tip to Concentrate and Inhale

With your honey straw connected and ready-to-go, it’s time to toke up. Hover the nectar straw over your concentrate in your dish. Lightly touch the tip to the cannabis.

Your concentrate will bubble and start to vaporize. The vapor travels through the water chamber.

As the water bubbles, start inhaling. Your dab vapors will dance up the piece, delivering flavorful cannabis clouds directly to your mouth and lungs!

Didn’t hit anything? You didn’t get the tip up to temperature. Put everything aside to let it cool down.

Once you’re able to handle the tip, use a cleaning solution and a tissue to wipe off any residue. Grab your butane torch and try again!

How to Put A Nectar Collector Together

Even the most expensive nectar collectors are easy to put together. Here’s how to set up your new dab straw!

  • Put Water Into the Water Chamber
  • Insert the Tip Into the Bottom of the Honey Collector
  • Attached Mouthpiece to Top

How to Use A Nectar Collector In 5 Simple Steps

How to Use A Silicone Nectar Collectors

Silicone nectar collectors are a great way to dab on the go. This type of material is best for portable mini nectar collectors. It is very durable and is made of non-toxic chemicals.

Silicone nectar collectors usually come with a mouthpiece attached. That makes putting them together pretty easy. Here are some tips for using a silicone honey straw.

  • Place Your Concentrates In A Dish
  • Connect Your Tip to Your Silicone Nectar Collector
  • Use A Butane Torch To Heat Your Tip
  • Once Hot, Drag the Tip Over Your Concentrate and Inhale

How to Use An Electric Nectar Collector

Electric nectar collectors are excellent for people who want to dab without the torch. Here are some tips on using an electric honey straw!

  • Place Concentrate Into Heat-Safe Dish
  • Put Water Into the Water Chamber
  • Attach the Mouthpiece to the Atomizer/Battery (Might Come Attached)
  • Place the Tip onto the Nectar Collector (Might Come Attached)
  • Set the Desired Voltage (Some Are Preset Options, Others Allow You to Choose A Temperature)
  • Once Heated, Drag the Tip Over Your Concentrate and Inhale

How Long Do You Heat Up A Nectar Collector?

There isn’t an exact answer for how long to heat up your honey collector. It really depends on the flame, type of tip, and thickness of your concentrate.

A good starting point for each type of tip could be:

  • Quartz Tip: 15-30 seconds
  • Titanium Tip: 30-45 seconds
  • Glass Tip: 45-60 seconds
  • Ceramic Tip: 545-60 seconds

However, a general rule of thumb is to evenly heat the tip for 15-30 seconds. Adjust your heating times accordingly until you learn the nuances of your tools.


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