Best Bong Brands

May 1, 2020by cannabunga0

Nothing beats the execution of a perfect bong rip. Unfortunately, the more often we use our beloved glass bongs, the harder it becomes to achieve the ideal hit every time.

The best bongs need to stand the test of time. Their durability, portability, and cleaning accessibility all play a role in giving us the smooth, flavorful smoke we love.

Here are the best bong brands of 2020 that you can get at almost any online headshop.


Best Bong Brands

Grasscity is an online headshop that launched in 2000 as During their humbling beginnings, the company sold various smoking accessories. Today, the online headshop carries a vast catalog of bongs and dab rigs crafted by the top cannabis brands.

What We Like About Grasscity

Best Bong Brands

While Grasscity carries an array of products by various brands, they also create their own line of glass smoking products, known as Glasscity, making them a great website to buy your next bong. They’re particularly known for their ice bongs. These are affordable pipes that also get the job done.

Review of Grasscity Products

Their most popular is the scientific looking Solid Beaker Ice Bong. Its beaker base allows more space for the smoke to spread out and cool down. Therefore, you’re guaranteed smooth rips each time!

The wider base of the Solid Beaker Ice Bong slightly places it ahead of their Classic Straight Cylinder Glass Ice Bong. While this bong doesn’t allow extra room for smoke to filter, it does take up less space.

The China Glass

Best Bong BrandsIf you’re looking for stylish bongs, look no further than The China Glass. Their glass bongs are exclusive to the Smoke Cartel online headshop. Not only do they look like works of art, but their bong hits are a masterpiece.

The aerodynamics of these borosilicate glass pieces allows the smoke to circulate the product freely. Combined with its diffused stem, each puff is beautifully filtered for maximum flavor.

What We Like About The China Glass

Best Bong Brands

While many of the top bong brands infer their glass is from the United States (or ignore where they get their glass from), The China Glass operates with full transparency. They get their thick glass imported from the Hebei province in China. Their culture is encapsulated in their beautiful designs.

Review of The China Glass Products

The most popular bong by The China Glass is their Ornate China Vase Glass Bong crafted by the Cao Cao Dynasty. This stunning glass piece is porcelain white with light blue accents. However, it’s just as practical as it is beautiful. Its contoured mouthpiece makes for excellent hits, and its round base makes the piece easy to pass around the room.

If you have a few more bucks to spare, consider opting for their China Vase Unique Glass Bong. This work of art is a nod to the Jin Dynasty. The black background really brings out the vibrant gold accents of this gorgeous piece.


Best Bong Brands

GRAV is not only one of the top bong brands, but they’re one of the premier brands for everything from hand pipes to dab rigs. They are well-known for having thick glass products at a reasonable price, even some of the best bongs under $100.

What We Like About GRAV

Best Bong Brands

What we also love about GRAV is their ability to connect with their audience. They have an awesome initiative for budding artists to submit their work. GRAV hopes to create products based on designs of their customers. Submit your design idea to GRAV if you’re interested.

Review of Grav Products

Without a doubt, our favorite GRAV product is the GRAV Gravitation Greavity Bong. This spill-proof G-bong doesn’t let any smoke go to waste. Make the rounds with the clumsiest of hands without letting any precious smoke leak out.

We also want to give a special shout-out to the GRAV Helix Beaker Bong. This beaker bong has an even larger base than the Glasscity. Undoubtedly, these are some of the best bongs for creating wispy clouds of smooth smoke.

Sesh Supply

Best Bong BrandsOf the top bong brands, Sesh Supply is one of the most innovative. They are very popular among online headshops, regularly featured by Smoke Cartel, DankGeek, and Grasscity.

This brand is operated in the United States, with a manufacturing facility in Savannah, Georgia. So, if buying from American companies is important to you, this is one of the best bong brands to choose from.

What We Like About Sesh Supply

Best Bong Brands

Sesh Supply offers a great balance between high-quality and unique designs. Many of their designs are created with characters in Greek mythology as the artists’ muse. Their dedication to this aesthetic really makes Sesh Supply stand out from other top bong brands. You must check out their line of dab rigs, including the Aphrodite and Calypso.

Review of Sesh Supply Products

Designs aside, Sesh Supply also takes bold steps when it comes to functionality. Their Charon glass bong is a gamechanger in the smoking world. This glass piece introduced us to the propeller percolator.

This accessory is placed at the bottom of a down tube. Its presence allows for the smoke to spin continually. You’ll never notice just how big your hits are until you see the cloud leave your lips!

Empire Glassworks

Best Bong BrandsWhen it comes to novelty smoking accessories, no online headshop has more variety than Empire Glassworks. From chillums that look like a fleshlight to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle dab rigs, and even some of the cutest bongs you’ll find, they’ve got it all.

While not as elegant as The China Glass, Empire Glassworks is perfect for pop culture collectors and purveyors of unique items.

Why We Like Empire Glassworks

Best Bong Brands

Empire Glassworks uses dichroic glass developed by NASA to endure space exploration. Surely, these glass pieces can hold up the hustle and bustle of daily life.

They also use a proprietary blend of metals in the crafting of their designs. As light enters the glass, you get a unique spectrum of colors shining from your bong.

Review of Empire Glassworks Products

DankStop has the widest variety of Empire Glassworks bongs. Our favorite of the bunch is their Mini Beehive Bong. This lightweight bong is easily portable and has a wide mouthpiece, which makes for quick, high-quality hits.

We love the matching 14mm male bowl that comes with the pipe. It’s shaped like a honeycomb. Extra points for the bees and honey drizzling from it!

HiSi Glass

Best Bong BrandsWant to look like you’re conducting a scientific experiment while you toke up? Look no further than HiSi Glass products.

These are premium glass bongs. So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive smoke sesh, opt for GRAV or Grasscity glass pipes. Others who want a consistent experience, check out HiSi Glass.

What We Like About HiSi Glass

Best Bong Brands

This California company has worked for over 40 years on perfecting smoking accessories. They wanted to create a healthier way to enjoy vaping and smoking.

Their glass tubes are optimized to produce cool smoke that lends itself to easy pulls. Using HiSi Glass never ends in a burning chest or harsh coughing fests.

Review of HiSi Glass Products

Our favorite bong by HiSi is one of the largest on this list. It’s the Double Geyser Perc 18 Inch Beaker. The geyser perc is a HiSi specialty. It creates maximum bubbling with its dual chambers, which makes for great filtration.

To further improve this feature, HiSi includes a drain bowl. Between the percolator and drain bowl, almost all heat is removed from the smoke, ultimately lowering heat-related health risks.


Best Bong Brands

RooR started in Frankenthal, Germany back in 1995. Founder Martin Birzle had a glass blowing company. The tradition continues to this day.

Much like their top competitor, Zob, each RooR glass piece is made by hand. While they carry straight and beaker glass bongs, RooR is most well-known for their RooRtech products. These are customizable glass pieces that ehhance your smoking experience.

What We Like About RooR

They have a large variety of colors and designs. You can find any good quality bong that will match your personality and taste preferences. We also love the fact that these products are hot commodities.

Best Bong Brands

Be careful when shopping for RooR products, there have been some knockoffs out there. So, look for authorized dealers to ensure you’re really getting glass pieces by one of the top bong brands.

Review of RooR Products

Our only complaint about RooR is the poor naming conventions for their products. Online shopping proves difficult because you must go through many menus of items that have styles as generic as RTF14BK505 and RTF18ST505B.

So, make sure you bookmark pages you want to go back to. Otherwise, you might have trouble finding it again.
With that said, you might want to start with their line of 4-Arm Tree glass products. The extra arms allow for more filtration. You get a high quantity of smoke that feels as light as air!


Best Bong Brands

In what they describe as “functional borosilicate glass art,” Illadelph crafts some of the most beautiful glass items on this list of top bong brands. They work closely with artists to make some of the most vibrant designs in the cannabis industry.

Illadelph has been in business since 2002, making them veterans in a growing market. Therefore, they have products you can trust.

What We Like About Illadelph

When it comes to customization, Illadelph has the bong game on lock. You can get every one of their glass bongs in almost any color imaginable. They even offer camo and rasta as options!

Best Bong Brands

On top of the variety of designs, Illadelph has a wide range of sizes. Get straight or beaker glass bongs as tall as 21 inches.

Lastly, Illadelph offers 2nd-Quality Pieces. Of these top bong brands, Illadelph might be the least affordable, but they offer deals on defective products. These are still functional pieces; they just have design imperfections at a fraction of the price.

Review of Illadelph Products

Illadelph has many varieties of high-quality glass bongs. Our favorite is their Signature Heavy Hit Series. As the name implies, you get some serious hits from this piece.
Downstems for these bongs have more exit points.

These features allow bubbles to leave the downstem before touching the water. This design allows for more smoke-to-water interaction for a heavier hit.

Puffing Bird

Best Bong BrandsIf you’re looking for the best bong brands under $100, Puffing Bird is the online headshop for you.

They have affordable dab rigs, glass pipes, and bongs that will actually stand the test of time. These products are ideal for beginners or smokers on a budget.

What We Like About Puffing Bird

Best Bong Brands

Puffing Bird offers affordability while not skimping out on variety. They use high-quality glass to make for a durable piece. However, they still produce unique designs that you’d be proud to show off.

Review of Puffing Bird Products

Our favorite bongs from Puffing Bird are the line of recycler bongs. Chill your smoke quickly due to the multiple chambers within the tubing. That’s why we love their 9″ Multiple Perc Recycler Bong.

This awesome water pipe uses a barrel percolator for the first-go-around. As the smoke recycles, it goes through a honeycomb percolator. This double filtration system makes for a unique smoking experience. If you want something slightly bigger, check out their 10″ Skull Showerhead Perc Bong.

High Times

Best Bong Brands

We’ve covered a lot of glass bongs. However, silicone bongs are making a lot of noise in 2020. On top of the list of best bong brands for silicon pieces is High Times. They’ve mastered the travel bong with their Roll-Uh Bowl.

Why We Like High Times

Best Bong Brands

High Times understands the smoker on-the-go. So, they have come up with one of the most durable, easily portable bongs on this list. While it’s not as pretty as many of these glass bongs, the convenience of this bong has earned High Times a spot on this list.

Review of High Times Products

A silicone bong is the most affordable option on this list. It also might become your most favorite.

This bong is foldable so you can pack up your piece and then pack a bowl for your bong along your travels.

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