Smoke Cartel Vs. DankStop: Battle of the Online Head Shops

July 16, 2020by cannabunga0

When it comes to getting your toke gear from an online head shop, two of the best websites to order from right now are Smoke Cartel and DankStop. Other than their dope names, they both have a wide array of brands and products on offer.

However, like the many different hints you can discern from strains of weed, there are also different tastes to the websites that sell them. DankStop and Smoke Cartel, for example, have completely different characteristics.

In this article we’ll talk about these unique characteristics to better help you decide which website is best for you in the Smoke Cartel vs Dankstop debate.

1. Vibes

Each site, like physical head shops, have their own vibe.

You can glean a little bit of a website’s vibes with just the color scheme. DankStop’s green and white motif, for example, invokes a pretty sanitized feeling while Smoke Cartel’s black, green, and white color combo connotes a little more chill vibe.


Smoke Cartel Vs. DankStop: Battle of the Online Head Shops

It’s not just the white and green color scheme that makes DankStop look clean. It’s pretty obvious that they’re going for that vibe with the other elements on the website. The logo, for one thing, is very minimalistic.

Smoke Cartel

Smoke Cartel Vs. DankStop: Battle of the Online Head Shops

If you like ordering your gear at night while you’re in bed, you’re most likely going to want the dark color scheme of Smoke Cartel. When combined with your smartphone’s dark mode, it’s just a perfect scrolling-in-bed scenario.

Winner: Tie

It really depends on your taste. Or, it could also depend on your current mood. If you’re just casually browsing in the middle of the night, then Smoke Cartel’s dark theme might be better for your eyes. During the day, however, you might want the bright whites of DankStop.

2. Products

You gotta have quality merchandise to be called the best online head shop. Luckily, both these sites are loaded with these as well.


Smoke Cartel Vs. DankStop: Battle of the Online Head ShopsDankStop makes their own products. You’ve got DankStop branded dab rigs, rolling papers, and everything else you can think of related to smoking. But they also carry other brands and makers.

As such, they can price their own products a little lower than the other brands such as Nucleus, Diamond Glass, and the others that they carry on their website.

Smoke Cartel

On the other hand, Smoke Cartel doesn’t have self-branded products. But they do also offer high-quality gear from other top bong brands such as GRAV, EYCE, LA Pipes, and DabTech.

Winner: DankStop

When it comes to products, having their own brand goes a long way in making DankStop the top dog in this category.


3. Delivery

Your website may look dope but at the end of the day, the product getting delivered to you is what matters most. This is why both DankStop and Smoke Cartel have great delivery options.


DankStop ships for free within the United States. And since its base of operations is on the east coast, the states and cities nearby get first dibs on 1-day deliveries. However, if you don’t happen to fall within their range, you can expect your gear to arrive within a respectable wait time of about 3-5 business days.

Smoke Cartel Vs. DankStop: Battle of the Online Head Shops

But, if ever you’re not in the United States, you can still get shipping for free as long as your order exceeds $300 worth of grass and other gear.

In addition to this, all packaging from DankStop is packaged in a discreet box so nosy neighbors of housemates won’t suspect a thing, making it one of the better websites to buy a bong from. Privacy, especially these days, is a premium commodity.

Smoke Cartel

You can also expect free shipping within the United States and discreet packaging from Smoke Cartel. However, they don’t offer free international shipping.

Winner: DankStop

Dankstop’s free international shipping option is a great way to spread good quality toke.


4. Blogs and Other Resources

No one becomes an expert at anything the very first time they try their hand at it. This much is true even in weed.

So, to learn the ins and outs of the hobby, we turn to blogs. Luckily, these two have great blogs with excellent content.


The clean-looking vibes of DankStop’s website make blog reading on it an appealing proposition. There aren’t many adverts on the sides that even news websites couldn’t let go of. It’s just you and the text which makes for a more enjoyable read.

It has a handful of interesting titles such as Beginner’s Guide to Bongs and 710 Essentials: Tools of Dab. The only problem is that the last entry was in 2019 and I don’t think they’re going to update this list any time soon.

Smoke Cartel

On the other hand, Smoke Cartel also handled the site’s readability very well. While the dark theme is still present in the logo, they thankfully left the white background untouched so everything is readable.

Smoke Cartel Vs. DankStop: Battle of the Online Head Shops

What’s great about it is that it looks like they’re keeping the content fresh with the up-to-date articles and quality writing. Both boxes are checked by the Smoke Cartel’s blogs.

It also has a glossary of terms that lists all the terms and definitions you might encounter in weed culture. Suffice it to say that Smoke Cartel’s blog page is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about smoking. That’s something you might not even be able to say about Wikipedia. Think about it.

Winner: Smoke Cartel

Keeping the content flowing is the key to a good website and since DankStop looks like they’ve forgotten this, the prize for blog goes to Smoke Cartel.

5. Navigating Through the Merchandise

One of the most important aspects of an online head shop is probably merchandise navigation. The goal is to help people find exactly what they need as quickly as possible while also showing things that they might want to pick up as well.


Navigating through DankStop’s inventory has been excellent. It’s aided by its clean aesthetics. The products are always at the front and center which just makes you really want to click “add to cart” all the time.

Smoke Cartel Vs. DankStop: Battle of the Online Head Shops

The photos are also excellent. Because of the white background, the lighting is even from all angles of the product. This way, you see it in all its glory.

The filters are also intuitive. You can filter by brand, type, length, and other features.

Smoke Cartel

Going the opposite route, Smoke Cartel chose to go with the black background that makes the lighting a little uneven.

The filters are also well designed. You can filter out different types, sizes, price points like $100 or less, and other relevant categories you might be looking for. However, it curiously lacks a brand filter so you’re out of luck if you’re a loyalist of a certain brand.

Winner: DankStop

The brand filter for DankStop is an advantage. Sometimes you just want to be able to find a brand you recognize and stick with them where you can.

Overall Winner?

Much like what I’ve said about the site’s vibe, there’s a lot of subjectivity at play in determining which is a better online head shop. What’s crystal clear is that none of these two are perfect – but who is? 🙂

One can be better than the other in certain situations. Smoke Cartel, for example, has a stunning blog page that’s both entertaining and useful.

If, on the other hand, you already know what you’re looking for, DankStop’s navigation can help you find it much faster than Smoke Cartel.


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