Top 10 Cute & Girly Bongs [List & Guide]

There’s always a bong for every occasion. Sometimes smoke sessions require the use of cute bongs. Cute bongs are works of art that not only capture your personality, but your imagination, as well.

With many of the best bong brands to choose from, finding a cute bong that fits your lifestyle might be a frustrating experience. Don’t you fret. We’ve whittled down the field and cherry-picked the ten best cute bongs. You’re bound to find one that suits your collection perfectly!

Pineapple Paradise Bong


Many of us turn to smoke sessions as a means to escape the monotony of everyday life. The Pineapple Paradise Bong offers a round-trip ticket to your mental oasis. It also just happens to be one of the cutest bongs.

We love the detail of this Empire Glassworks piece. The pineapple alone looks custom-made to be displayed on someone’s shelf. However, they go all out in true girl bong fashion by adding in a kiwi slice on the rim, straw, and of course, the customary umbrella.

Not only does the Pineapple Paradise Bong look cute, but it hits like a dream, too. Its smooth rips make this piece the perfect gift for any vacation lover, bachelorette party, or vegan in your life. Just throw some pineapple kush into the 14mm male bowl, and everyone will be on holiday in no time!

Mushroom Patch Hanger Bong


Are you or a loved one a huge gamer? Then, you might not have to look any further on this list of cute bongs. Everybody is falling in love with the Mushroom Patch Hanger Bong.

This Empire Glassworks piece is heavily inspired by the Super Mario Brothers franchise. The straight tube and mouthpiece are a nod to the pipes that everyone’s favorite plumbers teleport through.

Of course, there are plenty of shrooms to go around. The base is surrounded by a field of multi-color mushrooms that are cuter than a button mushroom. Light up your weed in the Piranha plant bowl for a riptide of smoke. We also love the Super Leaf on the Piranha Plant bowl. It’s a nice ode to flying high while getting high!

“Aurora” Water Pipe


When it comes to cute bongs, it doesn’t get much cuter than the “Aurora” Water Pipe. This My Bud Vase original gives off some serious peacock vibes. With that kind of plumage, who doesn’t feel their cutest as they channel their inner peacock?

The peacock-themed piece has the structure of a flower vase. It’s accentuated with a wide array of pastel and metallic colors that will leave you breathless while you breathe in smooth smoke.

What makes this one of the cutest bongs is that you can actually use it as a vase. Just remove the rubber female joint and male bowl. Then, place the beautiful flower they supply right into the mouthpiece. Don’t forget to adhere the peacock feather as the ultimate accent!

These bongs are sure to dazzle girlfriends, are perfect to pass around Pride events, and are ideal for animal lovers. Mom might enjoy one of these girly bongs, too!

Hemper Cactus Jack Bong


If Cactus Jack makes you think of a toothless wrestler, you must be wondering why the Hemper Cactus Jack Bong is on our cute bongs list. That’s because this piece is really charming and doesn’t resemble a hairy, burly man. It resembles an adorable cactus that wants to chill as badly as the smoker does.

Of the bongs, this is one of the simplest to use and hold. You place your weed in the bowl on one cactus arm and toke up on the other arm. Both you and the smiling cactus are going to be happy!

Beyond functionality, we love the shape of the piece. Its light green glass allows you to see the smoke dance throughout the unique cactus shape. This piece is a beauty in action and is one of the top cute bongs to pass around with friends!

Hemper Mushroom Bong


If you thought the Mushroom Patch Hanger Bong was your top choice for cute bongs, you might want to take a moment to marvel at the Hemper Mushroom Bong. Despite what the name suggests, this piece is less about the shrooms and more about the gaming aspect of things.

While there are no nods to shrooms, the tube is also a pipe ala Super Mario Brothers. It’s a lighter shade of green than the Mushroom Patch, so you can watch the smoke along its travels. The tube also has a Super Star attached to help you feel invincible with each puff!

This gaming bong has a bigger Piranha Plant bowl than the other cute bong. So, you can fit more trees in for a longer smoking session.

Tickled Pink Mini Beaker Bong


Ladies and ladyboys unite. We think we found the cutest bong of all bongs for you. You must check out the Tickled Pink Mini Beaker Bong. This durable glass bong is made with gnarly pink beads that make for some badass accents. They also make excellent grippers for seamless passing.

While we love the functionality and design of the beads, we’re really taken away by the pink wisps along the base of the beaker. It’s like being swept away by a whirl of beauty and a cloud of smoke.

While it’s aesthetically adorable, the reason this pink bong is one of the top girly bongs is due to its size. It’s just 8.5 inches! Therefore, this piece is easily portable. It’s perfect for college dorms, train ride to day trips, and for a day at the beach.

On top of that, it’s hard to beat the price of this bong coming in at under $100.

Panda Bong


Okay, who doesn’t find pandas absolutely adorable? With these cute bongs, you can pledge your allegiance to the panda with a potent toke of smoke! The Panda Bong is an amazing gift for animal lovers, nature fanatics, and people who’ve seen the whole Kung Fu Panda franchise.

All jokes aside, this bong is a beautiful piece of work that makes for the ultimate conversation starter. It’s painted with bold green bamboo designs that are sure to catch anyone’s attention. When friends see the boop-worthy pandas in the bamboo, the convo is on!

We also love the durability of this bong. Its base is very wide and sturdy. So, it’s going to take more than a slight elbow tap to knock it over. If it does go over, these cute bongs have a great survival rate. The thick borosilicate glass is built to last!

Honeybee Bong


One of our favorite cute bongs is the Honeybee Bong. Not only is the story told adorable, but the symmetry and arrangement of design pieces have us obsessed. The mouthpiece and beaker base is wrapped in black and yellow checkered borders. These accents aren’t just cohesive; they set the stage for our story.

Honeybees are painted on, spiraling up the straight tube chasing beautifully designed honeycombs. Even better, when you place the black-and-yellow checkers and honeycombs under ultraviolet light, they glow!

Not only is this bong cute and girly, but it’s practical. It comes equipped with an ice catcher for smooth inhales bursting with flavor. Also, it’s size is right around the middle on this list of bongs. So, it’s easier to travel with some of the other pieces. However, it’s also perfect for the daily smoker who rarely leaves their quarters.

Piecemaker UniKorn Silicone Unicorn Bong


Okay, this might be the cutest bong of the bunch. Who doesn’t get lost in the mysticism of a unicorn? Now, you can ponder the great unknown with a nice rip and this bong. If you’re a fantasy fanatic, you have to pick up the Piecemaker UniKorn Silicone Unicorn Bong.

What we love about this bong is that it comes disassembled. So, not only is it easily portable at six inches, but you can make it even smaller. Since the bong is made of silicone, you can just cram it in your bag and go about your business. In fact, the Hex-Tex downstem is unbreakable!

Functionality aside, this is a seriously cute bong. The vibrant rainbow horn, tail, and mane shines on the white horse’s body. Its vague smile and leaf-shaped eyeball are little details that really make this piece so much fun. This is the perfect gift for the unbridled spirit in your life, including yourself.

Piecemaker “Kwack” Silicone Duck Water Pipe


Think the Unicorn Bong is still too big? Then, the smallest and cutest bong for you might be the Piecemaker “Kwack” Silicone Duck Water Pipe. It’s just 4.5 inches. So, not only is it adorable, but it’s perfect for traveling.

As far as cuteness, these bongs will crack even the hardest of drill sergeants. After all, who doesn’t transform into a little child in a bathtub at the site of a rubber ducky? How about a rubber ducky in camo?

We love this bong because the duck looks badass. However, it’s still a rubber ducky. So, the cute factor isn’t lost. The combat helmet with a peace sign on it is also a nice touch. After all, you don’t expect a rubber ducky to really go to war?

If the idea of a fighting duck is a bit too much for you, you can opt-out of the camo look. There’s also a classic yellow ducky bong. Rub-a-dub-dub, time to smoke up some bud!

Prefer the smaller, pipe size for smoking? Check out the cutest girly pipes here.

By Cannabunga

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