8 Best Freeze Pipes Online 2023

February 1, 2023by cannabunga

FREEZE PIPESFreeze Pipes are a unique way to enjoy your herb. They can deliver the best hits, the most smoooth, the richest, and the coolest.

These freeze pipes can cool smoke to more than 300 degrees by taking advantage of cooling chambers (many are freezable) and glycerin-infused coils.

This guide will cover the TOP FREEZE PIPES available on the market and the reasons you might want it to cool before you buy your next glass.

How to Use

Instructions for the Freeze pipe can be found here.Simply place it in the freezer for at least one hour, then you can smoke it as you would with a regular pipe.

The removable bowl section that allows you to load your flowers is my favorite feature on the pipe. It’s easy to empty your bowl and pack it without having to reach for your ash or slap your piece on the counter. You’re good to go once you have frozen your pipe and loaded it up.

It can also be used as a bowl for a bong. The chamber of the pipe is much larger than the one on a regular-sized pipe. This is more than an aesthetic. Once you have packed the bowl, place it on the top of your pipe. Then, hit the pipe like a normal pipe: light the bowl, touch the carb and take a draw. The large chamber of the pipe is filling with smoke while you are hitting it. After you have filled the pipe to the desired level, take out the bowl. This greatly increases the airflow, allowing you to take a large bong-sized hit out of your pipe. You get a smooth, cool hit as the smoke travels through the frozen glycocerin coils.


Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe with Glycerin Chamber

Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe with Glycerin ChamberYou are looking for something different? You need the Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe With Glycerin Chamber. This hand pipe delivers smooth, even hot hits, unlike a regular pipe. The secret is: It has a freezable glycerin coil.

For smokers who have had to give up hand pipes because of the harsh hits, the Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe is a perfect choice. The pipe’s chamber freezes immediately after smoke passes through it. This instantly cools the toke by more than 300 degrees.

For easy packing and ashing, the pipe comes with a removable honeycomb-shaped glass bowl. You don’t have to flip the pipe upside down and bang it on the table in order to clear the bowl. Instead, remove the bowl and clear it and repackage it for your next session.

You can enjoy smooth, tasty bong-sized puffs with this large hand pipe. This pipe can be stored in the freezer between seshes. Once the pipes are frozen, you can load the bowl into the freezer and then take a few puffs whenever you feel like it.

Hammer Bubbler with Glycerin Chamber

Hammer Bubbler with Glycerin ChamberBubblers fill the gap between a pipe or a water bong. Bubblers are loved for their water filtration, portability, and ease of use. The Freeze Pipe Hammer Bubbler is a new way to enjoy bubblers. It features a glycerin chamber as well as an amazing tree perc.

This bubbler is made from high-quality borosilicate glasses and will deliver astonishingly smooth hits. For maximum filtration, the bubbler has a 6-arm tree-percolator. Because the 18.8mm bowl is large, you can enjoy your seshes for longer periods of time without stopping and refilling the bowl. Attachable glycerine chambers ensure that all your hits are immediately cooled and chilled.< The chilly hits of rock are smoothed and refreshed as the smoke travels through the frozen chamber.

The Freeze Pipe Hammer Bubbler is a great way to enjoy the full flavor of your flower, without having to choke or cough. This is an exceptional piece of smoking equipment that provides an unforgettable experience.

Freeze Pipe Standard Bong

Freeze Pipe Standard BongThe Standard Bong from Freeze Pipe is a great daily driver. It measures 16 inches tall. This glass bong, which is shaped like a beaker, has freezable glycerin coils that make it easy to enjoy smooth hits.

The coils should be placed in the freezer about an hour before you start your session. Once you are ready to smoke, place the frozen coils in the freezer. Add some water to your bong and load it with tobacco. The cold glycerin chamber will allow the smoke to travel up the chimney for a more smooth and cool hit.

The Freeze Pipe Standard Bong does not require ice cubes. It is easy to use and messy. The bong comes equipped with a 14.5mm female connector and a matching bowl.

Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler

Freeze Pipe Klein RecyclerThis amazing piece is sure to deliver an unforgettable smoking experience. The Klein Recycler from Freeze Pipe combines the best of both worlds to create a smooth, silky-smoking experience that you will love. The Klein Recycler by Freeze Pipe is not only a recycler but also has a chamber with freezable glycerin coils that cool and chill the smoke that you inhale through the rimmed mouthpiece.

Two glycerin chambers are included with the 2021 Klein Recycler: one straight and one coil. You can choose from both styles and pick your favorite. Or, you can switch them between your freezer and your pipe to ensure that you have superchilled hits throughout your session.

This recycler pipe measures 12 inches tall and is a masterpiece of engineering. It is made from high-quality glass and will outperform any other rig it faces. It comes equipped with a reinforced 90-degree downstem and 14.5mm female joint. There’s also a deep 14.5mm male banger and a flat-top flower bowl. A carb cab is included so that you can enjoy every drop of your concentrate.

The Klein Recycler also features a percolator to give you the best filtration and flavor possible. Klein Recycler is packaged in a sturdy, stylish box that can be used for gift-giving and safe travel.

Freeze Pipe Recycler

Freeze Pipe RecyclerThe 2023 Freeze Pipe Recycler is all about smooth hits.This is the Freeze Pipe’s most innovative piece. It features a recycling function, which continuously filters and circulates smoke to increase filtration and airflow and reduce the smoke temperature.

The Recycler’s smoke interacts with water constantly, so you get a lot more flavor than if you were smoking a bong. The Recycler has an inline perc in its bottom chamber and two freezable glycerin coils in the upper chamber. Together they deliver the best and most smooth hits.

This stunning piece is made from high-quality thick, clear glass. It features a 14.5mm female joint and a reinforced fixed downstem. It has a thick, round base with a flared mouthpiece. This seals your lips tightly and allows you to enjoy smooth, flavorful smoke.

The Recycler can be ordered with or without a honeycomb bowl and handle, the Recycler with Flower Kit, the Recycler with Dab Kit, or both.

The Recycler & Flower Kit contains: The Recycler (14.5mm Ash Catcher), grinder card, hemp rope, and a humidity packet

The Recycler and Dab Kit contains: The Recycler (enail), dabbing accessories

No matter if you smoke flowers or take dabs, you will have a blast with your seshes. The recycling function brings out the best in all your favorite materials, so your rips are sure to be full of flavor.

The Freeze Pipe Recycler is presented in a beautiful gift box, which makes it ideal for storage or travel.

Dual Percolation Chamber Bong

Dual Percolation Chamber BongThe Freeze Pipe Dual Percolation Chamber Bonneg harnesses the power of the frozen tundra. It has three levels of filtration and a massive freezable, non-toxic glycerin coil.

It is easy to assemble, break down and transport the sturdy bong made from thick scientific glass. The bong comes in a stylish gift box with foam inserts inside for safe and stylish transport.

The bong comes equipped with an 18.8mm female joint, and a matching honeycomb glass bowl. This bong is easy to clean thanks to its modular design.

For about an hour, place the glycerin coils in the freezer before you start your smoke session. Next, snap the coils into place. Fill your bong with water and pack your bowl of ground herbs.

The dual percolators filter the smoke as you draw. The frozen glycerin coil cools down and smooths out the smoke by hundreds of degrees, so you can enjoy a delicious, icy cold hit that you will love.

Freeze Pipe E-Nail

Freeze Pipe E-NailThis Freeze Pipe ENail is perfect for any Freeze Pipe bong, recycler, or piece that has a 14.5mm to 18.8mm bowl. Enjoy delicious dabs in a matter of seconds. The electronic nail heats quickly between 200F to 700F and can be easily adjusted to fit 14.5mm or 18.8mm bowls.

This Freeze Pipe ENail makes it easier to concentrate safely, faster, and more efficiently than using a stopwatch or blow torch. The safety shut-off on this e-nail turns it off automatically after 60 seconds when the temperature is reached.

An LED screen is included in the electronic nail. It displays temperature, remaining time before cooling down, and battery life. The flip-top chamber allows you to insert waxes safely and without the risk of burning your skin. The whole unit is light and portable, so it can be carried around in your palm.

The Freeze Pipe E-Nail not only fits all Freeze Pipe bongs, and recycler models but also fits any piece with an 18.8mm and 14.5mm bowl.

Freeze Pipe Honey Collector

Freeze Pipe Honey CollectorWhile regular nectar collectors can be great, the Freeze Pipe Honey Collector is even better. This glass nectar collector combines freezable glycerin-coil-coldness with water filtration to provide you with an incredibly smooth dabbing experience.

The Honey Collector is unique in that it uses a glycerin coil. This combined with the built-in bubbler function will give you the best, most delicious, and largest dabs. This honey collector is easy to set up and comes with a handy gift box.

This nectar collector is heavy and high-quality. It features fine craftsmanship and ultra-thick glass with stability legs. Enjoy a smoky dabs with your Freeze Pipe Honey Collector.


How long should you freeze a Freeze Pipe?

Freeze pipes, also known as chillums or one-hitters, are pipes that are designed to be frozen before use. The idea behind freezing the pipe is that the cold temperature will help cool the smoke, making for a smoother and more enjoyable inhaling experience.

The length of time that you should freeze a freeze pipe depends on the material it is made of and the temperature you want to achieve. For most freeze pipes made of metal or glass, a freezing time of 30 minutes to an hour is usually sufficient. If you want the pipe to be extra cold, you can freeze it for a longer period of time, but be careful not to freeze it for too long, as this can cause the material to become brittle and susceptible to cracking or breaking.

It is also important to note that some materials, such as glass, can crack if subjected to rapid temperature changes. To avoid this, allow the pipe to slowly come to room temperature before using it, rather than taking it directly from the freezer to your mouth.

Can you leave a Freeze Pipe in the freezer overnight?

Leaving a freeze pipe in the freezer overnight is possible, but it is not recommended. Although the freezer can keep the pipe at a low temperature for an extended period of time, leaving it in the freezer for too long can cause the material to become brittle and susceptible to cracking or breaking. Additionally, rapid temperature changes can cause the material to crack, which can be hazardous when inhaling smoke through the pipe.

If you do choose to leave a freeze pipe in the freezer overnight, it is important to take proper precautions to ensure that the material does not become damaged. For example, wrap the pipe in a soft cloth or store it in a protective case to prevent it from being knocked around and potentially cracking.

In conclusion, while it is possible to leave a freeze pipe in the freezer overnight, it is not recommended due to the potential risk of damaging the material. If you do choose to store a freeze pipe in the freezer, be sure to take proper precautions and allow the pipe to slowly come to room temperature before using it, rather than taking it directly from the freezer to your mouth.

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