Where to Get Titanium and Quartz Nectar Collector Tips

May 18, 2021by cannabunga0

Honey collectors are an amazing way to experience the flavors of your concentrates without wasting any THC-laden vapors. However, dab straws are essentially useless without a tip.

Here’s a list of the top websites that sell the best nectar collector tips online!




Where to Get Titanium and Quartz Nectar Collector Tips

The largest catalog of titanium and quartz tips with great deals on multi-packs.



Where to Get Titanium and Quartz Nectar Collector Tips

Great prices on top-quality products that comes super fast to your door.

Honey collector tips and dab users have unique relationships. It takes a while to get to know your tip and grow attached. We can help expedite the process by introducing you to the best websites to get nectar collector tips.

What to expect:

  • Learn the difference between titanium and quartz tips
  • See which websites sell quartz and titanium nectar collector tips
  • Read about 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm honey collector tips

Nectar Collector Titanium Tips

Titanium tips are perfect for the klutzy dabbers out there. This metal is pretty much indestructible.

So, it’s also a pretty sweet tip for traveling. Just make sure you use it when you’re settled at your destination and not in transit.

Titanium tips take a little longer to heat up than quartz tips and have better heat retention. They’re ideal for those chilling around the house and having long dabbing sessions.

New titanium tips might have a slightly metallic taste. Season your tip to break it in.

Use pliers to heat the end until it’s glowing red before submerging it in ice water at least three times.


Smoke Cartel’s Titanium Honey Collector Tip is a 2.5-inch-long dab straw tip that fits a male joint. It holds heat long enough to make its way around the smoker’s circle at least once without having to relight.

Where to Get Titanium and Quartz Nectar Collector TipsThis tip is made of grade-2 titanium. Even Superman won’t be able to twist this 18mm honey collector tip.

Toker Supply’s Replacement Titanium Nectar Collector Tip is a more budget-friendly choice. This affordable dab straw tip doesn’t clog like many other tips.

It fits with most male joints perfectly. However, some might find this tip just a smidge too big for their honey collector.


Where to Get Titanium and Quartz Nectar Collector TipsInhalco’s 14mm Titanium Tip is 88mm long. This small but study accessory travels well. It works like a charm and holds heat nicely.

Puffingbird’s 14mm Male Titanium Tip For Nectar Collectors is one of the most affordable titanium tips. This website also ships really fast. So, you’ll be dabbing in no time!


Where to Get Titanium and Quartz Nectar Collector TipsInhalco’s Titanium Tip 10mm is made of high-quality metal that fits almost any male joint. If you’re looking for a new dab straw, consider adding it to this order. Over $30 can earn you free shipping with Inhalco.

Nectar Collector Quartz Tips

Quartz tips heat the fastest and cool off the quickest. That makes these nectar collector tips the best for on-the-go dabs.

Unlike titanium, quartz tips require no seasoning. It is a food-grade material like your silicone nectar collectors that won’t emit any hazardous chemicals.

You can break quartz tips if you aren’t careful. So, secure the tip prior to handing your straw off to any accident-prone people.


Where to Get Titanium and Quartz Nectar Collector TipsPuffingbird’s Quartz Tip For Nectar Collectors is a beautiful piece that can withstand high temperatures. This pure material is great for preserving the flavors of your wax.

It works well with both silicone and glass nectar collectors. Just make sure they have a 14mm female joint.


Where to Get Titanium and Quartz Nectar Collector TipsInhalco’s 14mm Quartz Nectar Collector Tip 2pcs is an excellent deal for frequent dabbers. This product will save you money, cut down on cleaning time, and allows you to leave tips in different smoking areas.

Amazon’s 14mm Quartz Frost Tip, (Pack of 3) is one of the best deals on nectar collector tips. Plus, they come backed by Amazon. Amazon is really easy to order from and return to with any issues.

This honey collector tip 3-pack also comes with a black carry case that isn’t advertised!


Where to Get Titanium and Quartz Nectar Collector TipsInhlaco’s Quartz Nail for Honey Straw 10mm 2pcs are 3.2-inch tips that adhere to most dab straws. We love the shape of the glass, as it allows for slight filtration immediately.

These tips are a little sleeker than others. While being less bulky creates fewer chances of dropping the tip, its shallower frame is more prone to breaking.

Badass Glass’ Nectar Collector Quartz Tip has a simple and effective design at an affordable price. This tip is created by a glass artist in California.

There is some volume to the glass that allows for better hits. With fast shipping and high-quality tips, you can’t go wrong with Badass Glass.

Final Verdict

Where to Get Titanium and Quartz Nectar Collector TipsDab straw tips are essential for any honey collector. You just need to make sure you are getting the right one for your piece.

There are many options on this list that will work just fine. If you’re not sure which one to choose, we’d recommend going the Amazon route.

Amazon’s 14mm Quartz Frost Tip, (Pack of 3) is great for newbies who don’t want to season their tips or break their tips while they experiment. However, frequent smokers will enjoy the amazing deal on this 3-pack, too.

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