Why Your Stash Needs Humidity Control Packs

Cannabis, like all other plants in the known world, has a tendency to change over time, especially when left to the natural fluctuations of humidity, heat, air and light. (Think of the petals that fall off a flower in your home – slowly drying out, withering and losing their trademark aroma). 

To counteract these natural fluctuations, you need a way to control your storage setting. Light, air and heat are reasonably straightforward to maintain; a tightly sealed container in a cool, dark part of the home will do the trick. Humidity, however, is a little trickier to DIY.

That’s why experts turn to “humidity control packs.” This article explores what they are, why they matter for your stash, and how to use them properly. 

What Are Humidity Control Packs? 

Humidity control packs are, essentially, small rectangular sachets containing a proprietary saturated solution of salt and water. They look a little like those silica desiccant packets, albeit with snappier brand designs. 

Their function is to dial in the relative humidity (RH) within a container to an optimal level. When the environment in a container gets too dry, the packs emit moisture vapor; when the environment runs too humid, the packs absorb moisture. Each pack states what RH it creates. For instance, a pack labeled “62% RH” will – you guessed it – maintain a consistent relative humidity of 62%. 

The biggest name in humidity packs – and by far the go-to choice for cannabis experts – is Boveda. Thankfully, you can easily find Boveda weed storage solutions online and at many reputable cannabis outlets. 

Why Humidity Matters – And Why You Should Control It

“That’s cool,” you might be thinking, “but why control the humidity in the first place? So what if my weed gets a little dry or slightly damp?” 

It does matter. If you’re keen to squeeze every last ounce of enjoyment from your stash, dialing in the relative humidity is a no-brainer. Here are a few reasons why humidity matters – and why you should control it: 

  • Terpenes/Overall Flavor: When cannabis dries to lower than about 55% humidity, it starts shedding those terpene-rich trichomes, resulting in less flavorful bud. 
  • Potency and Efficacy: Because dried-out cannabis loses so much of its terpene profile, its “entourage effect” suffers. Some studies also suggest that improper humidity levels accelerate the degradation of main cannabinoids too (THC and CBD). 
  • Burnability: Dry cannabis burns like a pile of fall leaves, producing acrid, thin smoke that tears through a joint in no time. By contrast, cannabis kept at an optimal 58-62% RH burns slowly, silkily and smoothly. 
  • Mold Inhibition: In humid environments – like tropical locations or stashes kept in the bathroom/kitchen – cannabis can tip the other way toward over-humidification. When this happens, mold spores grow, spoiling the bud and rendering it unusable. 

There’s a solid reason experts recommend that narrow 58-62% RH window, and now you know why. 

How to Use the Packs (Spoiler: It’s Very Easy)

Lastly, we tackle how to use humidity control packs. Thankfully, this will be brief. Simply choose the RH that best suits your taste (58% for less sticky cannabis, 62% for the sticky stuff). Pop the pack in an airtight storage container and store your stash in a dark, cool place. Replacing the pack every 3 months, your stash will stay fresh nearly indefinitely. Using the same method, you can even revive stale weed with a moisture control pack. 

By cannabunga

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