Top 10 Mini Nectar Collectors to Dab Concentrates Anywhere!

Nectar collectors are the ultimate dabbing accessory because they allow you to lap up every last drop of cannabis concentrate vapors.

Dabbing has become a popular method for consuming concentrates due to its efficiency and portability. Mini nectar collectors have been gaining popularity for their compact size and ease of use, making them the perfect option for on-the-go dabbing. In this article, we will be showcasing the top 10 mini nectar collectors available on the market. These nectar collectors have been handpicked for their functionality, durability, and value for money. Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or just starting out, you’re sure to find the perfect mini nectar collector for your needs in this list.


Top 10 Mini Nectar Collectors to Dab Concentrates Anywhere!
Top 10 Mini Nectar Collectors to Dab Concentrates Anywhere!

Switch between three voltage settings to personalize your vaping experience…even while it’s charging!

Be a dynamic cannabis smoker by switching back and forth between a wax honey straw and dry herb one-hitter!

10 Best Mini Nectar Collectors

A mini nectar collector is a convenient way to suck up some wax and be on your merry way. There are many types of mini nectar collectors available at a range of prices. You are bound to find something that meets your price range and unique needs.

What to expect:

  • The cheapest and most expensive mini honey straws
  • Why silicone mini dab straws might be the best travel buddies
  • Which mini nectar collector cools vape down the best

1. Mini Honey Straw Nectar Collector Set


Dabbing in transit requires more than just a dab straw. You’re going to need a dish to collect your concentrates.

Plus, you might need to switch up the tips to best match the experience. You can have all of these options with the Mini Honey Straw Nectar Collector Set.

This syringe-looking dab straw will help you easily draw fresh vapor into the chamber and straight to your lungs.

We love the interchangeable tips that come with this kit. Quartz tips are ideal for low-temp hits. It’s perfect for chilling outside on a nice day.

Meanwhile, titanium tips are excellent for quick combustion and power hits. This tip is clutch when you’re daytripping and need to toke up before your next stop.

The glass dish is a welcome addition to this glass nectar collector kit. It’s just missing a cover. So, you’ll have to store any leftover wax elsewhere.

Luckily, you can toss the wax in the carrying case provided. Just make sure the honey isn’t half-smoked. This carrying case has a fabric interior that can get messy with lukewarm BHO.


  • Mini Glass Nectar Collector
  • Interchangeable 10mm Quartz and Titanium Tips
  • Glass Nectar Dish
  • Diffused Water Chamber
  • Glass Dish
  • Travel Kit


  • Love the Carrying Case Design, Chic and Protects Piece
  • Really Easy to Use, Great for Quick Hits
  • Love Interchangeable Tips to Customize the Experience


  • Coverless Dish Could Make Transit A Bit Sticky
  • Titanium Tips Have Little Filtration, So Don’t Burn Your Lips!

2. InhalCo Electric Nectar Collector – Mini eStraw


Many smoking accessories aren’t built to last. Get consistent results for the rest of your life with the InhalCo Electric Nectar Collector – Mini eStraw.

This dab straw’s mouthpiece is shaped much like a vaporizer pen cartridge. It’s a comfortable grip for the lips. Meanwhile, still looks discreet in public.

We love that the InhalCo has a replaceable heating core structure. That way, you don’t have to go shopping for a replacement when your favorite honey straw loses its punch.

The heating core is ceramic. That means it takes a while to heat up, which helps preserve the flavor of your wax. With this slow combust, you can easily sip up the vapors before the rush comes!

Also, it retains the heat longer. So, you can seamlessly work your way around your dab container, sipping on this sweet THC nectar.


  • 7.2 Inches Long
  • Replaceable Heating Core Structure
  • Ceramic Heating
  • Multiple Circuit Protection


  • Long Battery Life, Will Probably Last the Day
  • Small and Discreet, Easy to Use in Public
  • Ceramic Heating Preserves Flavor and Extends Dabbing Session
  • Best Mouthpiece That Is Most Comfortable


  • Not Ideal for A Quick Hit It and Quit It, Takes too Long to Heat Up and Cool Down

3. KVOMAKE 6″ Honey Straw (Jade-green)


Nothing beats the convenience of Amazon. So, Prime members might want to throw the KVOMAKE 6″ Honey Straw (Jade-green) into their cart as an add-on.

This dab straw is one of the most budget-friendly on this list. It is an affordable price that novice dabbers will appreciate as they experiment with this new way of smoking to determine if it’s right for them.

Meanwhile, this nectar collector’s price point makes for a quick and easy replacement for those who tend to break their dab straws.

With that said, this honey straw won’t last forever. When it comes to Amazon, sometimes you get what you pay for.

It tends to crack with time. This piece will start with little hairlines before completely busting.

Also, there is no filtration. It is a straight tube. So, all of your hits will be at maximum heat, which can be a bit harsh on the lungs.


  • 6 Inches Long
  • Borosilicate Glass


  • The Most Affordable Mini Nectar Collector
  • Convenience of Amazon Delivery


  • No Filtration, Better Toughen Up Those Lungs
  • Prone to Cracking with Time
  • No Tips, Very Bare Bones

4. InhalCo Mini Nectar Collector


Love your silicone dab rig and want the same klutz-free experience on-the-go? Invest in the InhalCo Mini Nectar Collector.

Silicone is nearly destructible. You can drop this piece on the ground and it’ll practically bounce back up to you.

Okay, maybe not that smash-proof. However, it’ll still probably be in one piece.

Slipping out of your hands might not even be a concern. The silicone texture creates an excellent traction with your fingertips, creating an almost no-slip grip.

This traveling mini nectar collector also comes with a cap. You can use it to collect and toke up your wax. It’s also handy for covering the tip so that you can quickly pack up after vaping.

The InhalCo Mini Nectar Collector is the most affordable Mini Nectar Collector on this list, even cheaper than Amazon. Yet, it is still very high-quality and will perform better than the slightly more expensive Amazon option. Plus, it won’t crack with time!


  • Silicone Mini Nectar Collector
  • 10mm Titanium Tip
  • Silicone Cover


  • Practically Unbreakable, Perfect Travel Companion
  • Really Great Grip Between Silicone Covering and Ergonomics
  • The Most Affordable Nectar Collector On This List
  • Silicone Cap Is Clutch to Heat Dabs Or Cover Tip and Leave


  • Can’t See Through to Watch How Much Vape You Have Left to Clear Or Any Residue Buildup to Clean

5. Exseed Dabcool W3 Electric Nectar Collector


We are now going from the budget-friendly to no-budget. If you are an avid dabber and are looking to upgrade your dab straw, scope out the Exseed Dabcool W3 Electric Nectar Collector.

This electric concentrate straw comes in three settings. Changing the heat allows you to dictate the flavor and length of the smoke session.

When you’re hanging around the house, keep it at 3.4V or 3.7V. Those in a hurry can click until they reach 4.2V. This voltage will expedite the combustion so you can stop, suck, and keep going.

It has a 450 mAh battery that charges very quickly. You can even use this dab straw while it’s plugged in. So, if you’re in a pinch, plug this sucker in, spark your concentrate up.

Exseed comes with a ceramic tip. This tip is more conducive to various temperature settings.

If you have time to kill, we suggest starting on the low temperature. That way, you can experience each intended nuance of your bud’s flavor profile.


  • 6.97 Inches Long
  • 450mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • 3 Voltage Settings
  • Diffused Downstem


  • The Best Mini Dab Straw for Personalization and Flavor Integrity
  • Diffuser Helps Break Up Heat So That Each Puff Is Easier On the Throat
  • Easy to Switch Between Voltages
  • Long Battery Life, Plus Dabbing While Charging Is Great


  • Pocket-Sized But Might Be Awkward With Large Chamber
  • Most Expensive Honey Collector On List

6. Honey Dabber II Vapor Straw Collector


Rethink how a concentrate collector looks with the discreet Honey Dabber II Vapor Straw Collector. This dab straw is made out of cherry wood and looks like an old-school tool of some sort. You can easily leave this on a counter without a guest blinking an eye as to what they’re looking at.

This simple-to-use dabber comes with either a quartz or titanium tip. It’s a very long tip compared to others.

There will be a good-sized distance between yourself and the wax. So, first-timers might feel more comfortable using this mini honey collector.

Just don’t suck too hard on the straw. There are cases of hot oil coming through the pike and scorching the lips.

When it comes to packing up when you’re done, this is the easiest nectar collector for traveling. Wood doesn’t conduct heat. Just slide the top over the hot tip, and keep on keeping on!


  • 5 Inches Long
  • Natural Cherry Wood
  • Titanium Or Quartz Tip


  • The Most Discreet and Smallest Mini Honey Straw On This List
  • Easy to Puff and Go As Hot Tip Goes Into Wooden Cover
  • Nice Distance Between Tip and Rest of Mechanism, Less Intimidating for Novices


  • Very Difficult to Clean Due to Small Chamber, Plus You Can’t See Inside
  • No Diffusion, Might Cause A Coughing Fit
  • Don’t Suck Too Hard, Oil Can Come Up Chamber and Burn Your Mouth

7. MAYBO Glass Honey Straw with 10mm Titanium Tip Honestraw (Green)


Still have your heart set on a seamless Amazon delivery and are willing to pay a bit more than the Amazon 6″ Honey Straw (Jade-green)? Then, add the Amazon Glass Honey Straw with 10mm Titanium Tip Honestraw (Green) to your cart instead.

This piece blends is really discreet. It can actually blend in with some of your kitchenware as it sort of resembles a hands-free electric can opener.

It is a top-selling dab straw on Amazon, made of higher-quality glass than its counterpart. However, it’s still pretty thin compared to others on this list. The MAYBO can get pretty hot and you might burn your fingers while handling.

This piece comes with a titanium tip. However, it seems to have trouble holding temperature. So, you might find yourself torching this concentrate straw a few times per smoke session.


  • 4.3 Inches Long
  • Glass Nectar Collector
  • 10mm Titanium Tip


  • Amazon Is Really Convenient
  • Blends In Well With Other Houseware Items
  • Affordable, A Decent Intro to Newbie Dabbers


  • Glass Can Get Really Hot, Careful With Your Hands!
  • Titanium Tip Doesn’t Hold Heat for Too Long

8. Pulsar Magic Mushroom Dab Straw Collector


Upgrade your dab game with 1-Up thanks to the Pulsar Magic Mushroom Dab Straw Collector. Pulsar is one of the more reputable brands on this list of top 10 mini nectar collectors. It’s a good-quality honey straw at a moderate price.

The middle chamber contains a really trippy mushroom. This mushroom provides surface area for your smoke to go around.

Its placement adds to the aesthetic and filtration for an experience that looks nice to hold and feels good on the throat.

The Pulsar Magic Mushroom nectar collector is made with borosilicate glass. It won’t retain heat that might burn your fingers, such as the MAYBO.

This dabber comes with a glass tip attached. It will be fine to use for a hit at a time. So, don’t expect to clear your dab container in one shot.


  • 6 Inches Long
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Mushroom Design


  • Mushroom Design Provides Filtration While Preventing Oil Splashback Burning Your Lips
  • Borosilicate Glass Doesn’t Alter Flavor or Overheat and Burn Hands
  • Moderate Price for Exceptional Quality


  • Poor At Retaining Heat, So Will Need to Torch Multiple Times
  • Can’t Change Tip

9. Pulsar Mini Collector One Hitter


Sometimes you just need a single puff to take the edge off. That’s where one-hitters come in handy. When it comes to one-hitting dabs, Pulsar Mini Collector One Hitter is the handiest.

This concentrate straw has a 2-in-1 mechanism that we absolutely love. Just screw the top off to add a tip for dabbing. Otherwise, put in a tiny bowl to transform this dabber into a dry herb one-hitter!

Make sure you have plenty of dry herb. This bowl can quickly turn into a two-hitter. Some even put the end of their blunts in the one-hitter bowl instead of using a roach clip!

The Pulsar Mini Collector One Hitter is an amazing travel companion. It’s made of silicone, so you can bump this thing around with no issues. Just make sure the bowl isn’t on!

We also really appreciate the keyring hole. You can attach this bad boy to your keys and take the edge off whenever it’s time.


  • Silicone Dabber
  • 10mm Titanium Tip
  • Glass One-Hitter Herb Bowl


  • Great Travel Buddy with the Silicone Covering and Keyring Hole
  • Love the 2-1 Feature, Excellent When You Want to Switch Things Up
  • Bowl Is Pretty Deep, Can Hold Ends of Blunts Nicely
  • Wonderful Price for All These Perks


A Pain to Clean, Hard to See How Good of A Job You Did
Be Careful Putting This On Your Keyring with One-Hitter Attached

10. EYCE Silicone Nectar Collector


Dabs will undoubtedly get you extremely high. However, they’re also really hot. This vapor JUST combusted, thanks to a torch.

Vaping shatter without a filter can be a little rough on the insides and spark some outrageous coughing fits. Ease up the smoke session with the EYCE Silicone Nectar Collector.

This piece has a percolator that helps cool down hot vapors. It will preserve the flavors of your bud so that your tastebuds can enjoy its fruity and earthy notes.

The EYCE Silicone Nectar Collector has a 10mm GR2 titanium tip at the end of a robust chamber. New dabbers won’t be able to see their concentrates as they inhale, so it might take some getting used to at first.

In terms of length and width, this is by far the largest concentrate straw on this list. It’s perfect for someone who is a serious dabber at home but isn’t ready to upgrade to a dab rig.


  • 18.1 Inches Long
  • 10mm Titanium Nail
  • Percolator in Clear Quartz Chamber
  • Silicone Covering


  • Extremely Durable Due to Silicone Covering and Quartz Chamber
  • A Great Transitional Tool to A Larger Dab Rig
  • Nice Percolator, Creates the Coolest Vapors On This List


  • Not Exactly Travel-Friendly
  • Hard to See Wax While Vaping Due to Rotund Chamber Hovering Over Tiny Tip

Frequently asked questions

What is a mini nectar collector?

A mini nectar collector is a type of portable dab rig that is designed for on-the-go use. It consists of a small glass pipe with a titanium or quartz tip for vaporizing concentrates, a water chamber for filtration, and a mouthpiece for inhaling the vapor. The compact size of the mini nectar collector makes it convenient for users who want to enjoy their concentrates without the need for a traditional dab rig setup.

To use a mini nectar collector, the user heats the tip of the glass pipe with a torch, dips it into the concentrate, and inhales the vapor through the mouthpiece. The water chamber helps to filter and cool the vapor, making it smoother and more comfortable to inhale. Mini nectar collectors are a popular choice among concentrates users due to their portability, ease of use, and the ability to take quick, discreet dabs.

It’s important to note that the use of mini nectar collectors, as well as all other forms of dabbing, is not legal in all areas. Additionally, it’s essential to practice proper safety measures when using a mini nectar collector, such as using a torch with caution and keeping the device away from flammable materials.

Do you put water in a mini nectar collector?

Yes, you typically add water to a mini nectar collector to help filter and cool the vapor. The water chamber is located in the lower part of the glass pipe and is used to diffuse and filter the vapor before it reaches the mouthpiece. Adding water to the mini nectar collector helps to improve the overall vapor quality by making it smoother and cooler to inhale.

To fill the water chamber, simply add water until it reaches the desired level, being careful not to overfill it. The water should be enough to cover the percolator or diffusion holes located in the bottom of the water chamber. Once the water is added, you can use the mini nectar collector just like any other dab rig. Heat the tip of the glass pipe with a torch, dip it into the concentrate, and inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece.

It’s important to keep the water clean and replace it frequently to ensure that it continues to filter the vapor effectively. Dirty water can contain impurities that can negatively impact the flavor and quality of the vapor. Additionally, it’s essential to always use a clean and sanitary mouthpiece to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Is a nectar collector worth it?

Whether a nectar collector is worth it depends on individual preferences and needs. Here are a few factors to consider:

  1. Portability: Nectar collectors are compact and portable, making them a great option for people who like to enjoy their concentrates on the go. They are also easy to store and transport, making them a good choice for those who don’t have a lot of storage space or want a discreet option.
  2. Ease of Use: Nectar collectors are simple to use and don’t require a lot of setup. Simply heat the tip with a torch, dip it into the concentrate, and inhale the vapor. This makes them a good choice for people who are new to concentrates or who want a quick and easy way to enjoy them.
  3. Vapor Quality: The water chamber in a nectar collector helps to filter and cool the vapor, making it smoother and more comfortable to inhale. However, the quality of the vapor will depend on the individual device and the user’s technique.
  4. Cost: Nectar collectors can range in price from relatively inexpensive to quite expensive, depending on the materials and quality of the device. It’s important to consider the cost and choose a device that fits within your budget.

How do you use a nectar collector mini?

Using a mini nectar collector is a simple process that involves heating the tip of the glass pipe with a torch, dipping it into the concentrate, and inhaling the vapor through the mouthpiece. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a mini nectar collector:

  1. Fill the water chamber: Add water to the water chamber until it reaches the desired level, being careful not to overfill it. The water should cover the percolator or diffusion holes located in the bottom of the water chamber.
  2. Heat the tip: Using a torch, heat the titanium or quartz tip until it is red hot. Make sure to use caution and keep the torch away from flammable materials.
  3. Load the concentrate: Place a small amount of concentrate on the surface where you will be applying heat.
  4. Take a dab: Touch the red-hot tip of the nectar collector to the concentrate and inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece.
  5. Clean the tip: After use, it’s important to clean the tip of the nectar collector to prevent any residue buildup. You can clean the tip with isopropyl alcohol or a specialized cleaning solution.

Is a rig or nectar collector better?

The choice between a rig and a nectar collector ultimately comes down to personal preference and the type of experience you are looking for. Here are some factors to consider:

Vapor Quality: Rigs tend to have better vapor quality due to their larger size and the ability to add more water for filtration. Nectar collectors also produce good vapor quality, but to a lesser extent compared to rigs.
Portability: Nectar collectors are more portable and easier to transport due to their compact size. Rigs, on the other hand, tend to be larger and more difficult to move around.
Ease of Use: Nectar collectors are simple to use and don’t require a lot of setup, making them a good choice for people who are new to concentrates or who want a quick and easy way to enjoy them. Rigs, on the other hand, can require more setup and preparation, but they tend to have more customization options.
Cost: Rigs and nectar collectors can range in price from relatively inexpensive to quite expensive, depending on the materials and quality of the device. It’s important to consider the cost and choose a device that fits within your budget.

Final Verdict

Choosing a nectar collector can be a personal experience. We all have unique tastes and needs. This list has a honey collector for everyone.

Whether you’re just starting out, need a replacement, or looking for something new, most of these options will be sufficient.

We love the taste of dabs and don’t like burning our throats. So, we tend to lean towards mini nectar collectors with a bit more filtration.

Preserve the flavor and your lungs with the EYCE Silicone Nectar Collector. It’s an excellent price for its amount of features. Plus, it’s a great intro to those interested in getting a larger dab rig.

By Cannabunga

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