Top 10 Best Dab Rig Brands [List & Guide

Cannabis concentrates are a sure-fire way to get a good high going. The dab rig you use will make or break your experience. With so many options out there, it’s hard to differentiate the best dab rig brands, let alone the right piece for you!

Whether you’re looking for a new oil rig or getting your first, there’s something out there for everyone. In no particular order, here are the top 10 best dab rig brands and their most popular pieces.

1. Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass is a Southern California company that employs American workers to manufacture hand blown glass oil rigs. They’re always coming up with innovative ways to cool concentrates and preserve their natural flavors in one. We’re always excited to see what Diamond Glass is coming up with next!

What We Like About Diamond Glass

Everything in the Diamond Glass catalog is made to last. Their pieces are optimized for functionality and durability.

We also appreciate their extensive catalog of products. Diamond Glass has everything from chic Fab Eggs rigs to quick-yet-effective bangers to intricate triple inline pieces.

Their all-inclusive line of products allows people with different preferences and experience levels to get the most out of their concentrates.

Review of Diamond Glass Products


The most popular Diamond Glass dab rig is the Banger Hanger Recycler. This piece is easily portable at just five inches.

Its sturdy glass and stout frame makes this dab rig very durable. Plus, the recycler features stops any backsplash, which is a common issue with such small dab rigs.

A freshly combusted concentrate can put off some serious heat that’s harsh on the lungs. If you’re looking for a dab rig that cools down your vapor quickly, check out Diamond Glass’ Hockey Puck Oil Rig.

This rig has a showerhead perc that quickly diffuses vapor. The mouthpiece has last-second spirals and a straw-like end that allows you to slurp up some cool loud.

2. Dopezilla

Dopezilla gets its name as an ode to the creators’ two favorite things – dope and Godzilla. You must imagine that they make dab rigs that offer monstrous hits! Their pieces are highly functional and at an affordable price, usually under $100.

What We Like About Dopezilla

We love Dopezilla’s commitment to its brand identity. All of their products fall within the monster genre.

Their line includes pieces inspired by Cerberus, the three-headed hound who protects the gate of the Underworld. Another line under the Dopezilla is inspired by the cyclops, a one-eyed mythical creature.

Review of Dopezilla Products


With their brand on-point, do Dopezilla products live up to the hype? If you purchase the Dopezilla Glass Basilisk Dab Rig, we’d say yes.

At nine inches, this rig is portable but can also be used as an everyday water pipe. The drum perc creates evenly cooled vapor. Inhale in any position with its angled mouthpiece!

Looking to heat up and get blasted right away? Then opt for the Dopezilla Glass Ogre Dab Rig.

This piece has a wide mouthpiece on a thick neck that’s almost a straight tube. Just stand over the rig and suck. You’ll create an amazing suction that will get you lit in no time!

3. Bougie Glass

The name says it all. You feel regal AF toking up from a Bougie Glass. This North Carolina brand finds the right balance for ballin’ on a budget. People are going to think you dropped a lot of paper on these pieces.

What We Like About Bougie Glass

All of their pieces look like elegant works of art. However, they hit like a masterpiece, too! Bougie Glass makes some of the most innovative dab rigs on the market.

A lot of their products compact a lot of features in as little real estate as possible. Their products are made of durable borosilicate glass. So, you can get a more personalized dabbing experience on the go with Bougie Glass products.

Review of Bougie Glass Products


Bougie Glass has the best-selling dab rig on Badass Glass with its Showerhead Dab Rig. This piece has everything you need for a beginner. For one, the concentrate goes on a shelf separate from the rig.

Plus, the bent neck creates even more distance from the combustion. A person not used to igniting wax might feel comfortable with this feature.

It also has plenty of filtration from the showerhead perc, which disperses hot vapor and transforms it into a wispy cloud of flavorful vape.

If you want all the bells and whistles that make Bougie Glass famous, check out the Micro Orb Recycler. This recycling system allows you to get every last inch of vapor and saves your mouth from backsplash!

4. LA Pipes

Don’t let the name fool you. LA Pipes knows a thing or two about dab rigs, too. LA Pipes is the former UPC. They are the premier Smoke Cartel dab rig brand.

What We Like About LA Pipes

This Southern California brand has a long-standing record of creating durable products. They might not have more frills than some of the other best dab rig brands, but they have staying power in a crowded market.

LA Pipes is crafted with scientific glass that’s durable and doesn’t distort flavor. You are guaranteed a great dabbing experience every time!

Review of LA Pipes Products


The Mini Bubble Base Concentrate Rig is one of the most popular LA Pipes dab rigs. Its round base is perfect for heating up your wax on a table. That way, you don’t have to worry about knocking the piece over when you get overzealous and zoom for the mouthpiece!

If you like beaker-style bongs, then check out the Concentrate Beaker Rig with Fixed Downstem. This piece functions just like a bong with an ice pinch, except it’s for concentrates. Its straight neck is perfect for clearing a piece sitting on the table and then taking a step back into an awaiting chair!

5. NEU Glass

The future of dab rigs is here with NEU Glass. They are a newer brand that’s looking to make its mark. NEU Glass melds together aesthetic and practicality to make high-quality silicone and glass oil rigs.

What We Like About NEU Glass

NEU Glass is embracing its place as the NEU kid on the block. All of their pieces have unique designs that test the boundaries of vapor filtration.

Also, they have plenty of glow-in-the-dark options with unique color accents. In a growing market where all pieces start to look alike, NEU Glass is a funky and fresh breath of air.

Review of NEU Glass Products


The NEU 9″ Showerhead Dab Rig Pipe with Banger offers plenty of filtration opportunities in a compact system. Each bubble allows smoke to constrict and contract, making each inhale easy on the lungs but heavy on the flavor.

Plus, the last bubble contains a domed showerhead perc. Every pull is like cannabis cotton candy!

Looking for something small and sturdy for your inner klutz? The Shower Head Ball Concentrate Rig is the perfect piece for you. It’s got the largest bottom and a wide bent neck that’s ideal for you to get carelessly high!

6. MJ Arsenal

MJ Arsenal is the originator of the mini rig. So, if you’re looking for a compact rig that meets your needs, you might want to browse their catalog. All products are made with borosilicate glass, which adds further credibility to this top dab rig brand’s traveling powers.

What We Like About MJ Arsenal

MJ Arsenal strives to preserve flavor. All of their products are intricate in design but easy to use. Every inch of each rig has a purpose that enhances the overall flavor and experience.

This brand has really specialized their niche. It shows. They have a wide variety of unique products, including a mini rig that looks like a snowglobe!

Review of MJ Arsenal Products


The Infinity Mini Rig is the most complicated-looking (and most popular) item on the DankStop website! Hitting this rig is so much fun!

You’ll love watching all the vapor going in every direction. Even more, you’re going to love the cold and flavorful vape it’s going to make! We also appreciate the handgrip!

Want something that’s a little less intimidating looking? Try out the Mini Jig Mini Rig. This piece looks elegant but is still optimized for ultimate filtration.

7. Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks is a Placentia, California-based glass shop that makes some of the most stunning dab rigs. Not only do they look beautiful, but they’re functional. Their line is ideal for someone looking to show off their personality or as a gift for the dabber in your life.

What We Like About Empire Glassworks

Calling their artwork “beautiful” feels like you’re doing Empire Glassworks a disservice. Their attention to detail and use of vibrant colors is unmatched by any other brand.

Almost everything in their catalog is a guaranteed conversation starter. You’ll be the first to bring your rig with you and whip it out at a party. When the night’s over, you can feel good displaying these glass pipes on your shelf.

Review of Empire Glassworks Products


Can’t make it to the aquarium due to social distancing? Bring it into your home with the Self Illuminating Aquatic Themed Rig.

This piece tells a complete story of a day in a fishbowl. Watch your vapor get cooled off as it dances through and around the clam, coral, and other aquatic wildlife.

Need something a little more affordable but just as stunning? Consider the Hootie & Friends Rig. These owls will show you a hootin’ good time!

8. Famous Brandz

Famous Brandz first started its journey into the cannabis world by licensing celebrities. They have lines that include Jay and Silent Bob, Snoop Dogg, Trailer Park Boys, and Cheech & Chong.

What We Like About Famous Brandz

We love their work ethic and vision. They created a niche for themselves by partnering with celebrities to compete in a competitive bong market. Now, they’re expanding into the world of dab rigs.

Instead of just coming out with run-of-the-mill dab rigs, Famous Brandz concocted a fully realized and cohesive line. They just released a line of three dab rigs and four bongs that have a futuristic look. These items come with a signature box that prolongs the shelf life of these premium dab rigs.

Review of Famous Brandz Products

Amnesia by Famous Brandz


will definitely get your mind in a twist. This rig is made with color-treated glass that becomes accentuated with each pull from the mouthpiece.

It’s a lot taller than some of the other pieces, which allows more time for the vapor to cool down. This process is expedited by its diffused downstem and ice notches.

For something smaller, opt for the Sophisticated Dab Rig by Famous Brandz. This rig comes with a honeycomb percolator. A honeycomb perc will force vapors through tiny holes, whipping up a flavor cloud of vape.

9. GRAV Labs

GRAV Labs is one of the longest-standing and most reputable names in glass smoking products. Their scientific glass makes for some of the most durable glass rigs on the market. They have my designs for all types of smokers, ranking GRAV Labs in the top 10 brands every year.

What We Like About GRAV Labs

They are no-frills and all-thrills. GRAV Labs has simple and sleek products that appeal to all types of smokers. New dabbers aren’t intimidated by the GRAV Labs inventory of products. Yet, experience dabbers aren’t bored with the brand’s offerings.

While GRAV Labs are known for their pipes, they are growing its dab rig selection. What they offer is already blowing many other dab rigs out of the water. They’re the perfect balance of quality and price!

Review of GRAV Labs Products


The simplest dab rig on this list is the Stemless Inset Showerhead Perc Vapor Bubbler. It comes with a domeless quartz nail that’s easy to clean.

Speaking of easy to clean, so is this piece. There’s plenty of room inside due to its lack of percolators inside.

The showerhead perc is fixed in the downstem. Combined with its long neck, this piece is conducive to making smooth hits.

Need a little more filtration? Try recycling it! Check out the Hourglass Recycler.

10. Maverick Glass

Maverick Glass (or MAV Glass) is growing in popularity for having some of the best straight neck water pipes. There aren’t many accessories hanging off Maverick Glass pieces. Therefore, there’s less to break for the butterfinger vapors out there!

Why We Like About Maverick Glass

Maverick Glass has a small selection of dab rigs. However, their options are deliberate. You can tell a smoker put thought into these products and that they were made to offer a solution for the average dabber.

All of their products are distinguishable from other brands. They use neon colors that scream MAV Glass. You’re more likely to find a rig that compliments your personality with Maverick Glass than some of the other best dab rig brands.

Review of Maverick Glass Products


While Maverick Glass doesn’t have a robust selection of dab rigs online, don’t hold it against them. They still have some high-quality oil rigs!

The Eureka Honeyball Glass Rig is everything you need for a powerful hit of potent and flavorful puff. Its honeyball ensures that each vapor cloud gets filtered at least twice! Not to mention the incycler it hits before meeting your lips.

Some people love the option of an ice pinch. You can get almost all the bells of whistles that come with the Eureka Honeyball Glass Rig and an ice pinch with the Honeycomb Straight Tube 18 Inch.

What is the proper term for a dab rig?

A “dab rig” is the proper term for a type of water pipe that is specifically designed for the use of concentrates or “dabs.” Dab rigs are designed to provide a smooth and flavorful smoking experience when used with concentrates, which are highly potent extracts made from the active compounds of cannabis or other plants.

Dab rigs typically consist of a water pipe with a nail or banger for heating the concentrate, and a dabber or tool for applying the concentrate to the heated nail. The concentrate is then vaporized and filtered through the water in the pipe, providing a clean and flavorful inhale.

The use of dab rigs has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people discover the benefits of using concentrates. Unlike traditional smoking methods, dabbing allows users to experience the full flavor and potency of the concentrate without any of the harshness or irritation associated with inhaling smoke.

In conclusion, a “dab rig” is the proper term for a type of water pipe that is specifically designed for the use of concentrates. If you’re looking for a smooth and flavorful smoking experience with concentrates, a dab rig may be the perfect choice for you.

Do small dabs get you higher?

The potency of a dab and its effects on an individual’s high are influenced by several factors, including the potency of the concentrate, the individual’s tolerance, and the method of consumption. The size of the dab itself is also a factor, but it is not the only factor that determines the strength of the high.

Smaller dabs may provide a more subtle and controllable high, as they allow for more precise dosing and can be more appropriate for those with a lower tolerance. This can be especially useful for those who are new to dabbing or who prefer a more mild and manageable high.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the potency of the concentrate itself is the primary factor in determining the strength of the high. If a small dab is made from a highly potent concentrate, it may still produce a strong and intense high, even if the size of the dab is smaller.

In conclusion, the size of the dab does play a role in determining the strength of the high, but it is not the only factor. The potency of the concentrate, the individual’s tolerance, and the method of consumption are also important factors that contribute to the strength of the high. When using dabs, it is always important to start with a small dab and gradually increase the size until you find the right amount for you.

Is a dab rig or pen better?

It ultimately depends on personal preference and usage.

A dab rig is a type of water pipe designed specifically for dabbing concentrates, which is a method of consuming marijuana by heating a small amount of concentrate on a hot surface, such as a nail, and inhaling the vapors. Dab rigs typically have a nail or banger and a carb cap, and some may also have additional filtration components such as a percolator or recycler. They tend to offer a more traditional dabbing experience with the added benefit of water filtration, which can cool and smooth out the vapor.

On the other hand, dab pens, also known as wax pens, are portable, discreet, and easy-to-use vaporizers that are specifically designed for dabbing concentrates. They are a convenient and less complicated alternative to dab rigs as they do not require any setup or preparation, making them ideal for on-the-go use. They are also typically smaller and less conspicuous, making them a popular option for those who prioritize convenience and discretion.

Final Verdict

There are so many high-quality dab rig brands out there. It really comes down to preference.

We gave you 20 different items that check off the needs of every type of dabber. You are bound to find something!

Still on the fence after looking over the best dab rig brands? You can’t go wrong with Diamond Glass’ Hockey Puck Oil Rig. It’s durable, easily portable, provides optimal filtration, and hits like a champ…all at an affordable price.

By Cannabunga

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