Top 10 Best Dab Rigs Under $50 [List & Guide

Dabbing has become a popular way to consume concentrated forms of cannabis, but finding a high-quality rig that fits within a budget can be a challenge. Fortunately, it is possible to find affordable dab rigs that deliver excellent performance and durability. In this article, we will be showcasing some of the best dab rigs under $50, perfect for those who want to enjoy their concentrates without breaking the bank. From compact, portable options to larger setups, we will provide an overview of the best value dab rigs on the market. Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or just starting out, you’re sure to find a rig that suits your needs and budget. So, let’s dive in and explore the top affordable dab rigs available today!

Saving money on smoking accessories means more money left over for concentrates. Whether you need to replace a broken dab rig, need a cheap dab rig for travels, or want a starter dab rig, here are the best dab rigs under $50.



Cheap Oil Rig Bubbler


This dab rig under $50 shows the most personality with its Sherlock mouthpiece and round contoured bottom. You’ll love watching your vapors dance among the colored accents of its hand-blown glass!


Mini Inline Dab Rig


Some of us like to get stoned and clean our dab rigs. With its removable downstem and well-placed inline perc, this dab rig is the easiest to clean.

Our Favourite Dab Rigs Under $50

Dab rigs allow you up to your smoking game by getting you super lit super quick. There are many premium dab rigs on online head shops that can break your bank. So, we narrowed down some high-quality oil rigs under $50.

We’re going to cover:

  • The best dab rigs under $50.
  • Which dab rigs are best to travel with.
  • Where to buy the best oil rigs under $50.

1. Glasscity Limited Edition Mini Beaker Dab Rig with Bent Mouthpiece


It’s hard to find a portable dab rig that offers a powerful filtration system because there are many breakable accessories. Also, the filters might cause the water pipe to be too large to carry in transit.

Glasscity Limited Edition Mini Beaker Dab Rig with Bent Mouthpiece gives you the best of both worlds. You have a compact dab rig to toke with on-the-go that cools down smoke efficiently enough to clear your oil rig without firing up your lungs!

The bent mouthpiece is clutch for casual smokes as you converse. Easily toke up your wax while looking around and laughing along with your smoker’s circle!


  • 12.5 Inches Tall
  • 3mm Borosilicate Glass
  • 14mm Male Joint
  • 14mm Female Vapor Dome
  • Quartz Nail
  • Fixed Diffuser Downstem
  • Bent Mouthpiece


  • Vapor Dome Stops You From Wasting Vapor
  • Bent Mouthpiece is Perfect for Socializing and Lighting Rig
  • Easily Portable with Excellent Filtration for a Smooth and Flavorful Experience


  • Small Neck Makes It Hard to Pass
  • Downstem is Fixed, Making It Harder to Clean

2. Pocket Oil Rig


If being discreet and traveling lightly is your thing, then the Pocket Oil Rig is the perfect dab rig under $50 for you. The names don’t lie. You can fit the Pocket Oil Rig in your palm, and pocket too.

The ergonomics of this tiny oil rig is impressive. It’s perfectly contoured in ways that allow the smoke to go through many channels, cooling down the vapor before it hits your lips. These zigs and zags also make the piece easy to hold.

With that said, you might be nervous about breaking this rig. However, it has 4mm borosilicate thick glass. Its thick and stocky size actually makes this piece less of a breaking hazard than the Glasscity Limited Edition Mini Beaker Dab Rig with Bent Mouthpiece.


  • 4mm Borosilicate Glass Handblown in the USA
  • Single Diffused Downstem


  • Tiny and Mighty AF
  • Downstem Has Holes That Stops Wax From Clogging
  • Shaped for Easy Handling and Transit


  • Easy to Overfill with Water
  • Twists and Turns Make it Challenging to Clean

3. EYCE Dab Rig II Silicone Water Pipe


While borosilicate glass is durable, it isn’t indestructible. Some of us wax fanatics are known to be a bit klutzy. Give your bank account a break from breaking glass dab rigs with the EYCE Rig II Silicone Water Pipe.

Portable silicone water pipes are excellent travel companions. You can pretty much twist them up like a stress ball, and they’ll revert back to shape. They’re handier than stress balls because you can dab out of them!

While the Glasscity Limited Edition Mini Beaker Dab Rig with Bent Mouthpiece has a quartz nail, this piece comes with a titanium nail. Although titanium takes longer to heat up than quartz, it stays hott longer. Therefore, it might save you from hitting multiple dabs.

Plus, this oil rig comes with a stem cap that allows you to keep working on the same dab without losing vapor. Lastly, this water pipe comes with a dab tool for cleaning up residual sticky wax.


  • Silicone Oil Rig
  • 10 mm Glass Collar
  • Poker Tool
  • Stem Cap
  • Reinforced Chamber Walls
  • Built-In Concentrate Container
  • Titanium Nail


  • Damn Near Unbreakable, Perfect for Traveling
  • Titanium Nail and Stem Cap Allow for Less Light Ups
  • Poker Tool Makes for Easy Cleaning and Ensures You Use All the Concentrate


  • Not Compatible with Other Nails

4. Glob Squad Mini Ice Cube Oil Rig


This dab rig priced less than $50 is functional, practical, and charming. The Glob Squad Mini Ice Cube Oil Rig sits on a glass-sculpted block of ice that you fill with water to cool down your vape. How meta!

As a bonus, this ice block also makes for a sturdy base. In fact, this piece is one of the more rogue elbow-resistant dab rigs for those on a budget!

While just four inches, this piece has excellent filtration. There are three-hole rigs that help diffuse the smoke before hitting the water. These holes also face outward to minimize any back-splash from toking too hard.


  • 4 Inches Tall
  • 54mm Borosilicate Glass
  • Three Hole Diffuser
  • Quartz Banger Nail


  • Outward Diffusion Holes Limit Backsplash On a Small Piece
  • Easy to Travel With
  • Super Thick Base, Durable


  • Quartz Banger Nail Might Not Be Sufficient

5. MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig


If you’re all about the flavor of your concentrates, then the MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig is your budget oil rig. It offers maximum filtration while preserving all the flavor.

MJ Arsenal operates with a “less air, more flavor” mindset, which is why they’ve landed on our top 10 best dab rig brands. It’s bare-bones in terms of filters and downstems.

Most of the vape travels together as it spirals through the chamber. Without this separation, expect harsher (but tastier) hits from this piece than others!


  • 4 Inches Tall
  • 2.5 Inch Base Width
  • 10mm Female Joint
  • 10mm Quartz Banger Nail


  • Shape Preserves Flavor Nicely
  • Filtration System Loop Has Perfect Place to Put Finger for Grip


  • Vapor Can Get Pretty Hot

6. Nucleus 5.5” Mini Inverted Restriction Beaker Rig


If you’re a cleaning nut, then you want to check out the Nucleus 5.5” Mini Inverted Restriction Beaker Rig. It’s one of the few dab rigs in the under $50 category where you can move the downstem. That way, you can make sure no sticky wax residue clogs up your piece!

This piece is slightly taller with a shorter base width than others. So, if you are accident-prone, you might want to proceed vaping with caution. With that said, it does have some the thickest glass, at 5mm.

The downstem also goes far down into the beaker, which means minimal water. With the added restriction splashguard, you will seldom encounter unwanted water crawling up your mouthpiece.

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  • 5.5 Inches Tall
  • 2 Inch Base Width
  • 5mm Borosilicate Glass
  • 14mm Male Quartz Banger Nail
  • 45° Joint
  • Removable Downstem


  • Removable Downstem Makes It Easy to Clean
  • Pretty Much Splash-Resistant


  • Downstem Does Require Frequent Cleaning
  • Larger Than Other Bongs, and Has Smaller Base

7. Cheap Oil Rig Bubbler


Don’t let the name of the Cheap Oil Rig Bubbler fool you.

Affordable? Yes.

Cheap? Anything but!

This piece has optimal sturdiness with its solid round base that contours up. This feature allows you to put down the oil rig without paying attention. Its aerodynamics will enable the apparatus to fall into an upright position.

Of the oil rigs on this list, this one has the most style. Its flares allow you to show off your personality. Plus, the colored accents are cool to watch the vapor dance along as it makes its way up the hand-blown glass.


  • 7 Inches Tall
  • 18mm Male Joint
  • 18mm Female Quartz Banger Nail


  • Sherlock Mouthpiece and Contoured, Rounded Bottom Make for Active Smoking Experience
  • Sturdy
  • Cool to Watch Vapor Integrate with Design


  • Little Filtration Compared to Others

8. Mini Inline Dab Rig


For some of the freshest vapor that’s easy on the taste buds, scope out the Mini Inline Dab Rig. Its inline percolator lays horizontal across the chamber.

This function forces smoke to enter the chamber water through the bottom, to rise back up through the perc and interact with other smoke particles. From there, the vapor will touch your lips, crisp and full of flavor.

Many beginners are intimidated by lighting a dab. At five inches tall, and with a bent mouthpiece, this dab rig is the perfect length from nose to nail.


  • 5 Inches Tall
  • 14mm Joint
  • Bent Neck Mouthpiece
  • Slitted Inline Stem


  • Super Filtered Clouds That Are Easier On the Lungs
  • Excellent for Beginners Who Are Afraid to Combust a Dab
  • One of the Easier Dab Rigs to Clean


  • Can’t Choose Color On Decal
  • Little Room for Hand

9. Hemper – Trophy Recycler Rig


Are you a budget-friendly smoker? Of course, you are! You are shopping for the best $50 or less dab rigs after all.

You can save big with the Hemper – Trophy Recycler Rig. This piece won’t allow any vape to escape.

It just gets recycled into cooler vapor while the mouthpiece patiently waits for you to finish clearing the rig.

With that said, nails come separately. So, are you really saving?

This water pipe is a little taller than the others. So, it might not travel as easily. However, if you want every last drop of vape, this is the rig for you!


  • 6.5 Inches Tall
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 14mm Male Bowl
  • Recycler


  • Recycler Allows You to Enjoy Every Last Inhale
  • Many Comfortable Places to Grip the Pipe


  • Doesn’t Come with a Nail
  • Wide Shape Makes It Harder to Travel

10. DankStop Showerhead Mini Rig


If you want an elegant-looking rig with fantastic filtration, head over to DankStop and check out the Showerhead Mini Rig. This piece is sleek and chic with a scientific glass look…and hits like a champ.

We love the bent mouthpiece in combination with the showerhead percolator. These two features allow optimal for optimal cooling of vapor so that you can enjoy every puff.

This dab rig comes with a choice of bowl or quartz nail. Many people mistakenly expect both and are disappointed to find out it defaults to a bowl if you don’t specify while ordering.


  • 5.5 Inches Tall
  • 4 Inches Base Width
  • 3mm Borosilicate Glass
  • Choice of Bowl or Quartz Banger Nail


  • A Lot of Power In This Piece, Great Rips
  • Can Choose Between a Free Bowl or Quartz Banger
  • Bowl Has a Handle for Clearing Dry Herbs Easily


  • Water May Splashback
  • Bulky Bottom Makes It a Bit Heavy

Commonly asked questions

Do dab rigs get you higher?

Dab rigs are used to consume concentrated forms of cannabis, also known as dabs, which are typically made by extracting the THC and other cannabinoids from the plant material. The concentrated form of cannabis in dabs contains higher levels of THC compared to traditional flower, and as a result, many people believe that dabbing gets them higher.

However, the effects of dabbing can be quite intense and can vary greatly depending on the potency of the concentrate being used, the size of the dab, and the individual’s tolerance to THC. For some people, dabbing can result in a more intense and longer-lasting high, but for others, the experience may be overwhelming or unpleasant.

Additionally, the method of consumption can impact the intensity of the high. Dab rigs use high heat to vaporize the concentrate, which can produce a large and quickly absorbed cloud of vapor. This rapid delivery system can lead to a more intense and potentially overwhelming high compared to other methods of consumption, such as edibles or smoking.

In conclusion, dab rigs can result in a more intense high due to the concentrated form of THC and the rapid delivery system, but the effects can vary greatly and depend on several factors. It’s always important to start with a small dab and monitor your body’s reaction, especially if you are new to dabbing. It’s also essential to use high-quality concentrates and to follow safe and responsible consumption practices.

Are Mini dab rigs worth it?

Mini dab rigs are compact and portable versions of traditional dab rigs, designed for convenience and ease of use. Whether you’re an avid dabber or just starting out, there are a few key factors to consider when deciding if a mini dab rig is worth it for you.

One of the main benefits of mini dab rigs is their compact size, which makes them easy to transport and store. This can be especially useful for people who like to dab on the go or who have limited storage space. Additionally, mini dab rigs are often more affordable than full-sized rigs, which can be a cost-effective option for those on a budget.

Another advantage of mini dab rigs is their simplicity and ease of use. Mini dab rigs are often designed with fewer components, making them a great option for those who are new to dabbing or who prefer a straightforward setup. They also typically require less water than full-sized rigs, which can be beneficial for those who are worried about spillage or who don’t want to fuss with a complicated setup.

However, it’s worth noting that mini dab rigs may not be as efficient or as powerful as full-sized rigs. Mini rigs typically have smaller chambers and less surface area for vapor to condense on, which can result in a less potent hit. Additionally, the smaller size of mini dab rigs may limit the types of concentrates you can use and may not be suitable for larger dabs.

What is the best size dab rig?

The best size dab rig depends on several factors, including your preferences, the type of concentrates you plan to consume, and your experience level with dabbing. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best size dab rig:

  1. Concentrate Type: Different types of concentrates may require different sized rigs to achieve the optimal vaporization experience. For example, larger rigs may be better suited for consuming high-terpene concentrates, while smaller rigs may be more appropriate for waxes or shatters.
  2. Portability: If you plan to dab on the go, a smaller rig may be a more convenient option, as it is easier to transport and store. On the other hand, if you plan to use your rig at home, a larger rig may be more suitable, as it may provide a more powerful and efficient experience.
  3. Experience Level: For those new to dabbing, a smaller rig may be a better option, as they are typically easier to use and may have fewer components. As you gain experience, you may want to consider upgrading to a larger rig to enjoy a more potent and efficient experience.
  4. Budget: Dab rigs can range in price from under $50 to several hundred dollars, so it’s important to consider your budget when choosing a size. Larger rigs can be more expensive, but they may also offer a more powerful and efficient experience.

What’s the difference between a dab rig and a bong?

A dab rig and a bong are both smoking devices, but there are several key differences between the two.

A dab rig is a type of water pipe specifically designed for consuming concentrates, such as waxes and oils. Dab rigs typically have a nail or banger in place of a bowl, and the concentrate is heated with a butane torch and then inhaled through the mouthpiece. Dab rigs often feature a more intricate design compared to bongs, and they are typically smaller in size.

A bong, on the other hand, is a water pipe typically used for smoking dry herbs, such as tobacco or cannabis. Bongs work by filtering the smoke through water, which cools and moisturizes the smoke before it is inhaled through the mouthpiece. Bongs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, and they may feature percolators or other features to enhance the smoking experience.

There are several important differences between dab rigs and bongs. For one, the type of substance being consumed is different: concentrates versus dry herbs. Additionally, dab rigs typically require a butane torch, while bongs can be used with a lighter. The heating process and inhalation process are also different, as concentrates must be heated to a high temperature to vaporize, while dry herbs are simply burned.

In conclusion, while dab rigs and bongs are both smoking devices, they have several key differences and are designed for different purposes. Dab rigs are designed for consuming concentrates, while bongs are designed for smoking dry herbs. It’s important to consider your individual needs and preferences when deciding which type of device is best for you.

Is a dab rig or pen better?

The choice between a dab rig and a dab pen depends on several factors, including personal preference, convenience, and budget. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Personal Preference: Some users prefer the traditional dab rig setup and enjoy the ritual of heating the nail and taking dabs, while others prefer the convenience and portability of a dab pen.
  2. Convenience: Dab pens are much more portable and convenient to use, as they are small and discreet, and can be easily carried in a pocket or purse. Dab rigs, on the other hand, are typically larger and less portable, and they typically require a butane torch and a surface to heat the nail on.
  3. Budget: Dab pens can range in price from under $50 to several hundred dollars, while dab rigs can range from under $100 to several hundred dollars or more. It’s important to consider your budget when deciding between a dab rig and a pen.
  4. Quality: While there are high-quality dab pens on the market, some cheaper models may not provide the same level of performance or quality as a dab rig. Dab rigs typically provide a more potent and efficient experience, but they may also require a larger upfront investment.
  5. Experience Level: For those new to dabbing, a dab pen may be a better option, as they are typically easier to use and may have fewer components. As you gain experience, you may want to consider upgrading to a dab rig for a more powerful and efficient experience.

Final Verdict

Dab rigs are the best way to enjoy the flavor of cannabis and get really high…really quick. You don’t need to go broke over smoking accessories to get your dab on. From novice to beginner, nobody will be disappointed by these discount dab rigs.

If we had to choose, we’d go with the EYCE Rig II Silicone Water Pipe. Silicon dab rigs are nearly indestructible and are easy for traveling. This water pipe comes with accessories like a stem cap and poker, which only adds to its value.

By Cannabunga

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