Top 10 Best Portable Dab Rigs [List & Guide]

Dabbing is a quick, surefire way to get a good high going. Who wouldn’t take their dab rig with them everywhere they go? Now you can, with the help of portable dab rigs.

Ready to take your love for dabs to the next level and go public with a portable rig? Did you have a solid portable oil rig and break it? No matter where you lie, we’ve got you covered with these 10 best portable dab rigs.

Hitting dabs on-the-go has never been easier. It can be overwhelming choosing the right travel dab rig for you. Let’s narrow the field down with the 10 best.


Top 10 Best Portable Dab Rigs [List & Guide]
Top 10 Best Portable Dab Rigs [List & Guide]

With a honeycomb perc and switchable mouthpiece, you can have one of the smoothest portable e-rig experiences!

With 5 temp settings and a 30 second RoK mode, you and your pals are going to get RocKed!

Top 10 Dab Rigs to Take On-the-Go

Whether you want something easy to pack or want to move around the house and dab, there are many reasons to get a portable e-rig. We chose the 10 best with the most unique features. There is bound to be something here for you.

We’re going to cover:

  • The most user-friendly portable electric dab rig
  • Which portable dab rig creates the best clouds
  • Which dab rig is the most customizable to meet your needs.

1. Dr. Dabber SWITCH Kit


Sometimes you get such a good dab hit that you only need a little puff of bud to keep the high going. Well, the doctor to fix this issue is in with the Dr. Dabber SWITCH Kit.

You can seamless switch between a dabber and herbal vaporizer with a click of a button. This mechanism is also handy when you’re hanging with someone who can’t handle too many dabs.

Both of you still only need to travel with one device. Plus, you don’t need to switch any mouthpieces, batteries, etc.

This dab rig is ideal for the Type A smoker. It has 25 voltage settings so you can find the right balance between maintaining flavor and producing the best high.

Cleaning dab rigs can be a pain because the residue gets so sticky. This self-cleaning portable rig dissipates leftover wax through conduction heating.

Hitting the Dr. Dabber SWITCH Kit on-the-go is seamless. It has a cooling feature that kicks in immediately following your smoke session. Instead of waiting to store the rig, you can slip the Dr. Dabber back where you got it and go back to living your life.


  • Dry Herb and Concentrate Compatible
  • 25 Heat Settings (149°C – 427°C)
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Glass Bowl and Built-In Glass Screen
  • Rapid Heat and Cooling
  • 2000 mAh Replaceable Battery
  • White Ceramic Induction Cup for Concentrates
  • Black Ceramic Induction Cup for Herbs
  • Glass Percolator Attachment
  • Dab Tool & Carb Cap
  • Wax Container
  • Charger
  • Herb Filter
  • Tweezers


  • Extremely Easy to Use, Which is Clutch While Switching Between Herbs and Wax
  • Love Playing with the Heat Settings, Everyone Can Personalize the Smoke Sesh
  • The Kit Has So Many Awesome Goodies
  • Self-Cleaning Feature Is Extremely Useful


  • Pretty Expensive, Might Not Be Ideal For Beginners
  • While Nice, Still Need to Clean Beyond the Self-Cleaner

2. SOC Dab Rig


The SOC Dab Rig is a compact oil rig that’s great to handle while you walk or chat in a circle. Its ergonomics fit splendidly in your hand, with the top resting comfortably on top of your grip.

This piece comes with a ceramic and quartz dish. Ceramic heats up slower but retains heat longer.

This material is perfect for those who like to smoke dabs on low heat and savor as much flavor as possible. Quartz gets hot quicker, which brings the high on faster but compromises some flavor.

At just six inches, you can easily pack this dab rig in your bag. It’s easy to whip out for a couple of rips while hiking.

Since it’s so small, residues can build up quickly. Keep up with maintenance and you’ll have your forever oil rig.


  • 6 Inches Tall
  • Ceramic and Quartz Dishes
  • Carb Cap


  • Super Comfortable to Hold and Easy to Pass Around
  • Convenient to Pack for a Day Trip
  • Switchable Dishes Is Awesome for Switching Up Experience


  • Needs Frequent Cleaning
  • Battery Lasts Longs At First, But Quickly Declines to Require More Charging

3. Waxmaid Ares Electric Dab Rig


This pocket-sized electric dab rig is made to last. The Waxmaid Ares Electric Dab Rig is made of zinc alloy metal, with platinum-grade silicone mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is detachable to make cleaning easier. Plus, many other popular mouthpieces attach to this piece.

The Waxmaid Ares Electric Dab Rig has some of the best filtration. It is equipped with a honeycomb percolator that helps thrust hot THC particles through the water individually.

THC molecules come back together through the chamber to create a delicious vapor that results in an instant high.


  • 6 Inches Tall
  • 2 Voltage Settings
  • Zinc Alloy Body
  • Coilless Quartz Atomizer Cups
  • Borosilicate Glass Filtration Base
  • Honeycomb Percolator
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Q-Tips
  • Wax Carb Cap
  • Silicone Container
  • USB Charging Cable


  • Love How Easy It Is to Switch the Mouthpiece Because Silicone Mouthpieces Aren’t for Everyone
  • This Thing Is Hardy, Good Luck Breaking It
  • Honeycomb Perc Makes Some of the Smoothest Vapor at the Most Affordable Price
  • One of the Easiest Dab Rigs to Clean, and Q-Tips and Brush Are a Nice Touch


  • Face Can Be Pretty Close to Combusting Dab, Might Not Be Beginner-Friendly

4. Puffingbird 6″ Silicone Mechanical Ball Dab Rig


Are you a little shaky handed and tend to break glass rigs? Then invest in a silicone piece.

Silicone is very resilient. It can be manipulated in many directions and will always return back to its initial shape. Get bent out of shape with this rig!

If you’re looking for a cheap portable dab rig, then this is the one you’ll want to get.

The Puffingbird 6″ Silicone Mechanical Ball Dab Rig looks like a big coconut with a straw in it. You can easily sit back with this portable silicone dab rig and enjoy yourself.

We love the bent neck of the mouthpiece. It helps create distance between the hot dab and your face. It also prevents water from splashing back at you.

Unlike the portable electric oil rigs, this dab rig isn’t torchless. Make sure you’re comfortable smoking dabs before getting such a small oil rig.

Speaking of, have a banger ready. This piece comes with a female downstem, but needs a banger to heat up concentrates.


  • 5.73 Inches Tall
  • 3.94 Inch Silicone Downstem
  • Bent Neck


  • Really Comfy to Kick Back In A Chair and Smoke With
  • Bent Neck Is Handy for Lighting and Preventing Backsplash
  • Pretty Much Indestructible, Can Be Manipulated Into Any Luggage Seamless


  • Need to Use A Torch, Might Not Be Adequate for Newbies
  • Don’t Go Wild Inhaling and Pop the Top Due to Your Bubbler
  • Doesn’t Come with Male Quartz Banger Needed to Turn Into a Dab Rig

5. Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig


The Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig looks very similar to the Waxmaid Ares Electric Dabber. However, they differ in functionality.

This dab rig offers three heating modes. It has one of the fastest heat-up times, reaching temperatures in about five seconds!

The Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig has a slitted percolator that helps disperse freshly-combusted vapors. It creates cool vapors that are easy on the lungs so that you can inhale even more THC.

You’ll definitely be chilling with this thing for a bit. It has a handy RoK mode that maintains heat during your smoke session. This piece is ideal for the dabber who likes the long game.


  • 6.75 Inches Tall
  • Metal Mouthpiece
  • Three Voltage Settings
  • RoK Mode
  • 5-Second Heat-Up Time
  • Slitted Disc Percolator
  • Silicone Collar
  • Alcohol-filled Cotton Buds
  • Micro USB Charger
  • Wax Dabber Tool
  • Ceramic Coilless Cup
  • Quartz Coilless Cup
  • Wax Carb Cup
  • Wire Brushes
  • Dabber Tool


  • RoK Setting Is Amazing for Those Who Like to Chill With Their Dabber
  • Percolation Is On Point, Really Smooth Hits for Such A Small Rig
  • Tailor Your Experience to Match Your Concentrate By Switching
  • Between Ceramic and Quartz Coilless Cups
  • Cleaning Is A Breeze With All The Tools They Provide


  • Button In Close Proximity to Finger Can Cause Unintentional Voltage Change

6. Puffingbird G9 Portable Enail Dab rig w/ Glass Bubbler


Variety is the spice of life and you get plenty with the Puffingbird G9 Portable Enail Dab rig w/ Glass Bubbler.

While it has three voltage settings like many others, the range in temperatures is far grander. This bad boy heats up between 280°-800°F.

You will love making huge clouds with the high temps. So, don’t use this setting if you’re trying to blend in while in public.

Also, this portable enail oil rig comes with three bowls. You can customize your experience in so many ways!

Nobody likes to have their dabber run out in public. Plan your hits accordingly. This dabber guarantees 50 uses per charge.

It’s not like you’ll need to heat up often. The Puffingbird G9 Portable Enail Dab Rig w/ Glass Bubbler has a recycler to ensure you get every last puff.


  • Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz Bowl
  • Glass Recycler
  • Temp Range of 280°-800°F
  • EPRO/3000mAh Li-lon battery
  • Alcohol Pads
  • Alcohol Sticks
  • Quartz Carb Cap
  • USB Charger
  • Loading Tool


  • The Most Customizable Portable Dab Rig with Unique Temp Settings and Three Bowls
  • Love That You Can Plan Your Trip with 50 Uses In Mind
  • Glass Recycler Makes Sure You Get Your Money’s Worth on Dabs


  • Long Attachments Make Putting Together Quickly Awkward
  • Not As Many Accessories As Other Kits

7. ElectroMini Portable E-nail


If making large vapor clouds is your thing, then you want to puff away on the ElectroMini Portable E-nail. It has the highest temperature settings on this list.

The lowest setting is 550°F, so some wax flavor might get compromised. However, you’ll bask in the glory of your cloudy exhales.

Its digital display is the sleekest. You can easily see what temp you’re hitting and confirm any changes you make to the settings.

The heat settings are very responsive. It’s a quick reacting time when you decide to switch the tempo up.

This piece also comes with a spill-proof aqua bubbler. It doesn’t have as many incisions as a honeycomb. So, you might burn your lungs if you draw too much.


  • 3300mAh ElectroMini Battery
  • Spill-Proof Aqua Bubbler and Carb Cap
  • Quartz Nail
  • Titanium Nail
  • Charging Base
  • Charging Cable
  • Charging Adapter
  • Cloud V Pro Tool


  • Really Responsive Display, You Can Easily Navigate the Settings and Be Confident You’re On the Right Temp
  • Excellent for Making Large Vapor Clouds
  • Bubbler Is Really Spill-Proof, Which Is Handy When Socializing with Dabber In Hand


  • Very Little Filtration for Such High Heat Settings, Can Burn Your Throat
  • Minimal Accessories Included

8. KandyPens Oura Vaporizer


Want a high-quality and small dab rig from a reputable dab rig company? Scope out the KandyPens Oura Vaporizer.

Like the Pulsar RoK, this atomizer heats up in five seconds. It comes with four temperature settings carefully chosen to either maximize flavor or create more dense clouds.

We love the touchless feature. It has a smart touch power sensor that lets you switch between settings to find the right temp to meet your needs.

Its clear LED display lets you know which setting you’re on. So, it’s easy to please many different types of smokers within a single dabbing session.

Speaking of, switch this vaporizer into “session mode.” It will retain heat on the optimal setting that everyone can enjoy.


  • Zinc Alloy Shell
  • 5 Second Heat-Up with 4 Temp Settings
  • Nichrome Coil
  • Smart Touch Power Sensor
  • Session Mode
  • Carb Cap with Tether


  • Created with Versatility in Mind, Everyone in the Dab Circle Will Get Their Preferred Setting
  • Session Mode is the Auto-Pilot of Dab Rigs
  • Smart Touch Power Sensor Makes Switching Temps Seamless
  • Zinc Alloy Shell Is Sturdy As Hell


  • No Filtration, So Dab On Low Heat Until You’re Used to It

9. Dr. Dabber Boost EVO


Do you savor the flavor over the clouds? Doctor’s orders, you need a Dr. Dabber Boost EVO.

This thing has a phenomenal six temperature settings! They’re all within the low temperatures of 500°F to 700°F. You can really tailor the experience to best make your tastebuds dance.

Many dab rigs have trouble maintaining heat because coils will either get hotter or colder with time. This dabber has a sensor that controls the heat, offering a consistent puff.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO offers some of the best filtration for a portable dab rig. It has a borosilicate glass water filter attachment.

The filter spills distilled vapor out into a robust chamber before dancing up to the bent neck neck. You will really get to enjoy the flavor of each puff wholeheartedly!

Plan your day trip with the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO in mind. Not only does it come with a heavy-duty carrying case, but each full charge lasts an impressive 60 uses!


  • 8 Inches Tall
  • 5 RGB Light Modes
  • 6 Temperature Settings
  • Temperature Control Sensor
  • Magnetic Quartz Dish Atomizer
  • Carrying Case


  • The Best Grip Due to the Grip Pads On the Side, Lean Back with the Bent Neck and Puff Away!
  • Temperature Control Sensor Offers A Consistent Dab Experience
  • RGB Light Modes Really Get the Party Going
  • The Best Tasting Vapor
  • Magnetic Quartz Dish Makes Sure Your Wax Doesn’t Slip to the Ground


  • Really Expensive
  • Not the Easiest to Pull, So Bring Some Lung Power

10. QOMO Electric Dab Rig


Want a dab rig with the sleekness of a vape pen? Hit the town with the QOMO Electric Dab Rig.

This compact portable dab rig has half the battery power as the others. It’s a quick day trip dab rig with carefully planned smoke sessions.

While small, it still heats up in an impressive 10 seconds. Not all portable dab rigs at this size can say that.

This portable e-rig comes with three temp settings. They’re all middle of the road. So, you can get a delicate balance between flavor and cloud production.


  • 1350mAh(Lithium-Polymer) Battery
  • 3 Temperature Settings
  • 10 Second Heat-Up
  • USB-C Cable Charger
  • Gift Box


  • The Most Compact, Easy to Travel With
  • While Smaller, It Still Has a Good Balance Between High and Low
  • Settings to Please Many


  • Doesn’t Hold Charge for Long or Heat Up As Quickly As Others
  • Design Makes Cleaning A Challenge

Final Verdict

These are all great portable e-rigs. You are going to get your money’s worth on concentrates no matter which dab rig you choose.

If you have the money to spend, the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO is top of the line. You can’t beat the ability to customize your vape settings.

This rig is easy to use and comfortable to hold. Plus, it’s stunning to look at. We really do love this rig and think you will, too!

By Cannabunga

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