The 5 Best Lava Lamp Bongs and Where to Get Them!

July 20, 2020by cannabunga0

Nothing beats smoking a bong and watching a trippy lava lamp. Kill two birds with one stoner by checking out this list of the five best lava lamp bongs.


This isn’t your traditional lava lamp bong. Its vase shape and thin bowl handle help you look good while feeling good.

This lava lamp bong is a conversation starter everywhere you go. Luckily it’s made of silicone for easy transport.

Our Top 5 Picks for Lava Lamp Bongs

Want to go up in smoke like Cheech and Chong? Practice some free love and get lost in the bubbles with these top five bongs that look like lava lamps

We’re going to cover:

  • The top 5 lava lamp bongs.
  • Where to get the best lava lamp bongs.
  • What is the best portable lava lamp bong.

1. Hemper 70’s Bong

The 5 Best Lava Lamp Bongs and Where to Get Them!

Kick-off the party with the Hemper 70’s Bong. Its short stature makes this water pipe a study piece for accident-prone party-goers.

You don’t get much of a show from the lava inside the bong, as they lie still while you draw. However, they do help cool down the smoke as it enters the mouthpiece.

I wouldn’t count on the Hemper 70’s Bong for an everyday piece. Drain holes don’t line up with the mouthpiece.

It’s difficult to get water and excess flower out from the inline percolator. Plus, it’s challenging to clean around the lava decor. These faulty features can lead to mold growth.


  • 7 Inches Tall
  • 14mm Male Bowl
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Inline Percolator
  • Frosted Base
  • Lava Lamp Filtration


  • Durable Piece
  • Comes in Three Colors
  • Easy to Transport and Bring to Parties
  • Nice Inline Percolator


  • Extremely Difficult to Clean
  • Might Be Susceptible to Mold Growth

2. Mathematix Glass Groovy Tube Dab Rig

If you’re looking for a stunning work of art while you draw on big bong hits, then the Mathematix Glass Groovy Tube Dab Rig is for you. Its effervescent lava decor dances and shines along clouds of purified smoke.

The 5 Best Lava Lamp Bongs and Where to Get Them!This piece comes with a multiple hole poke percolator. Hot smoke will be pushed through tiny holes that help disperse the heat. Each rip will be easy on the lungs so that you can spend more time laughing and less time coughing.

The Mathematix Glass Groovy Tube Dab Rig comes in two sizes. You can opt for a lava lamp bong that’s 8.5 inches tall with a 2.50-inch base or 11.5 inches tall with a 3.75-inch base.

Both options are made with borosilicate glass. The solid base on both also guarantees Mr. Wild Elbows doesn’t knock over the bong when he’s grabbing his Powerade.


  • 2 Size Options (8” x 2.5” or 11.5” x 3.75”)
  • 14mm Male Joint
  • 14mm Female Bowl
  • 5mm Borosilicate Glass
  • Multiple Hole Poke Percolator


  • Pretty Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • Comes in Two Sizes


  • Not the Strongest Percolator
  • More Expensive Than Other Options

3. Fat Buddha Glass 12’’ Lava Lamp Bong

This piece isn’t your run-of-the-mill lava lamp bong. Its chic design and articulate color scheme also make the Fat Buddha Glass 12″ Lava Lamp Bong an excellent addition to your decor.

The 5 Best Lava Lamp Bongs and Where to Get Them!We absolutely love the bowl. It comes with an elegant handle, curved to fit perfectly in between your fingers as you clear the pipe. Pair this bong with the Lava Cake strain for the perfect combo.

Plus, the bowl comes with a built-in screen. This filter will save bud from going swimming. Having a screen will also cut down on cleaning time!

That doesn’t mean you get away scot-free. The thin joint lends itself to clogging. So, be ready to clear that out before clearing your next bong hit.

This water pipe doesn’t come with a percolator. That makes this one of the easiest lava lamp bongs to clean. However, it also produces the warmest smoke.


  • 12 Inches Tall
  • Bowl Comes with Handle and Screen
  • Vase Design


  • Really Attractive Piece
  • Built-In Screen Saves Money and Cleaning Time
  • Handle on Bowl Makes for Easy Clearing
  • Plenty of Colors to Choose From


  • Joint Gets Clogged
  • No Percolator

4. The Lava Lamp Water Pipe

Like the Hemper’s 70’s Bong, The Lava Lamp Water Pipe is a small but functional bong. However, it is a little less thick than the Hemper’s 70 Bong.

The 5 Best Lava Lamp Bongs and Where to Get Them!The glass used to make The Lava Lamp Water Pipe has a 3.175mm thick. Comparatively, other bongs on this list are 5mm. So, this lava lamp bong is more prone to breaking.

It’s also not the most aesthetically-pleasing. The lava bubbles in the middle more resemble human organs.

This decor makes cleaning a bit of a challenge but not as hard as it can be maintaining the Hemper.

While small in stature, this water bong has one of the best filtration systems. It’s a puck percolator with four slits that disperse smoke in multiple directions. Each rip is cool to the taste buds, so you can enjoy every flavor profile in your bud.


  • 7.25 Inches Tall
  • 2.75 Inch Base
  • 7.9 Ounces
  • 3.175mm Thick Glass
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 14mm Male Bowl
  • 4-Slit Puck Percolator


  • Strong Filtration System Allows for Cooler Puffs
  • Easy to Travel With
  • Easier to Clean Than Other Lava Lamp Bongs


  • Thinner Glass Than Others
  • Doesn’t Look Much Like Lava Bubbles

5. Lava Lamp Silicone Water Pipe

Take your psychedelic experience on-the-go with the Lava Lamp Silicone Water Pipe. This item is one of the most popular silicone bongs on Smoke Cartel.

The 5 Best Lava Lamp Bongs and Where to Get Them!Silicone is near indestructible. While that means this bong travels well, it’s also taller than some of the other lava lamp bongs on this list.

While the bong’s body is made of silicone, the water chamber is still made of borosilicate glass. This thick glass does travel well, but you can’t treat this lava lamp bong like other foldable silicone bongs.

There is very little space between the two lava decals in the middle. That makes cleaning this piece a bit difficult.

It also allows little room for smoke diffusion. Thankfully, the Lava Lamp Silicone Water Pipe also comes with an inline percolator.


  • 8.5 Inches Tall
  • 14.5mm Female Bowl
  • BPA-free grade V1 Platinum Cured Silicone
  • Inline Percolator


  • Silicone Base is Almost Indestructible
  • Inline Percolator is Effective for Such a Small Chamber
  • Really Awesome Looking


  • Still Contains Glass
  • Very Hard to Clean
  • Taller Than Other Portable Bongs

Final Verdict

All of these lava lamp bongs will surely provide you with a shagadelic experience. Of the five, Mathematix Glass Groovy Tube Dab Rig might be the best. While it’s a little more money, it’s the easiest to clean. Therefore, you’re less likely to replace it due to mold growth.

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