The 11 Best Weed Dispensaries in Winnipeg

Since recreational cannabis became legal in Canada, Manitoba has seen many new dispensaries open up. According to the Manitoba government, the long-term goal is for there to be a dispensary within a  30-minute drive for all Winnipeggers.

As of June 2023, there are over 30 cannabis dispensaries in Winnipeg!

With no shortage of weed dispensaries in Winnipeg, Winnipeggers can tailor each visit to meet their unique needs. Winnipeg dispensaries operate as hybrid shops, offering recreational and medical marijuana options.

Whether you’re looking for vapes, flower, or edibles, here are some of the top cannabis dispensaries in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!

1. Garden Variety


Best Website Interface for Store Curbside Cannabis Pickups in Winnipeg

When it comes to convenience, you can’t get much better than Garden Variety. One of their two dispensary locations is in the heart of the St. James Industrial section and the closest dispensary to Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

Plus, it’s right near McDonald’s. Swing through the drive-thru before packing your bong when you get home!


Their team of Mood Makers are highly-trained to help you find the right strain to best meet your needs. However, if pick-up is your jam, you can easily tailor the search on their website to filter viable products.

Garden Variety also has delivery options. They offer anywhere from same-day to three-day deliveries. However, product demands and staffing issues can cause delays on shipments.


  • Excellent Staff
  • Great Layout
  • Easy Access from Anywhere in Winnipeg
  • Plenty of Product


  • Not All Items Are Priced
  • Delivery Times Can Get Delayed


2. Delta 9


Personalized Cannabis Recommendations with a Specialty in Small-Batch Offerings

With a name like Delta 9, you can be sure to get your THC fix at this Winnipeg dispensary. This dispensary just landed a landmark deal with Alicanto Gardens in December 2020.

Alicanto Gardens recently acquired a Health Canada license for micro cultivation. The two cannabis entities plan on partnering to come up with small-batch, high-end cannabis products. Since they can grow strains on smaller scales, Delta 9 can experiment with strains to help create more tailored cannabis care.


If you are considering investing in the cannabis business, Delta 9 has many unique opportunities, including in the micro cultivation sector. You can get involved in wholesale opportunities, storefront execution, or their grow pods initiative.

This dispensary has an extensive line of Delta 9 products and other smoking accessories. If you are hoping to buy cannabis from different farms, this Winnipeg dispensary is not for you.

If edibles and beverages are your preferred cannabis method, they’re catalog is chock full of options. They carry everything from dark chocolate salted caramels to lemon black tea.

Budtenders at Delta 9 are highly trained in all things cannabis and can help you tailor your order to meet your preferences. However, many reviews do indicate that this isn’t the friendly staff. Maybe they should try some of their own product?


  • Extensive Collection of High-Quality Products
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Same-Day Delivery
  • Wide Variety of Edibles
  • Plenty of Investment Opportunities


  • Not the Friendliest Staff
  • Only One Brand of Products


3. Farmer Jane


Most Cost-Efficient Winnipeg Dispensary with a Bomb Gummy Selection

Buying weed is pointless if you don’t have the accessories to smoke it. Farmer Jane has you covered with one of the largest smoking accessory catalogs in Winnipeg. Not to mention, their smoking apparatuses are competitively priced, making Farmer Jane one of the more affordable dispensaries.


This dispensary has a small inventory of loose flowers, and while these buds are carefully curated and cultivated, they aren’t the same strains offered in pre-rolls. So, many people who don’t know how to roll joints will have to buy a bowl to try some specific strains.

Farmer Jane has a pretty robust line of specific edibles and beverages. Delta 9 had a bunch of different types of foods and drinks, running the gamut of chocolates, teas, candies, etc. Whereas, Farmer Jane has more flavor varieties of popular items, such as gummies and sodas.


  • Very Friendly Staff
  • Great Options for Gummies and Sodas
  • Excellent Prices for Accessories
  • Good Specials on Eighths


  • Sometimes Buds Are Mixed In with Shake


4. Tokyo Smoke


Premiere Vaping Products That Can Be Tailored Through 1-on-1 Sessions

There are four Tokyo Smoke locations in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Tokyo Smoke in Dominion Centre on Goulet has the most amenities of the four. They have a wider range of products and offer click and collect pickup options.


Tokyo Smoke Dominion is an ideal for medical patients because it’s the only one with wheelchair access. This location is also a stop for multiple bus lines, making this shop convenient for public transit commuters.

Education is essential, especially for new cannabis users. The Tokyo Smoke team is highly-trained to help you find the right products. They also offer 1-on-1 consults and host “Group Info Seshes.”

Tokyo Smoke is branching out with their signature vaporizer pen and cartridges. Their Luma line is made with start-of-the-art ceramic heating technology. Plus, they have uniquely contoured mouthpieces on their carts that make for a comfy and enjoyable vaping experience.

When it comes to weed quality, some of the options aren’t the best, with some reviewers preferring their “street weed”. But they do have some of the best selection of high CBD strains in Canada. Prices are also a little higher at Tokyo Smoke when compared to other Winnipeg dispensaries.


  • Community Vibe and Good Educational Resources
  • Wheelchair Access and Ease of Access to Bus Line Is Great for Medicinal Patients
  • A Large Variety in Cannabis Products and Smoking Accessories
  • Excellent Vape Products


  • A Little Pricier Than Other Stores
  • Not the Highest-Quality Marijuana


5. Flint & Embers Cannabis Company


The Best Sales and Contactless Options

If you’re into daily sales, you will want to check the website of Flint & Embers every morning. They have a steady rotation of unique sales that can be as high as 50% off select kush products!


We also like how convenient they make shopping online. This shop encourages curbside pickup with discounts.

They also have same-day delivery services. If you spend over $100, delivery is free!

With that said, you better stock up before nightfall. They close at 9:00 during the week, which is earlier than competitors. Plus, this store is closed on Sundays.

The Flint & Embers Cannabis Company is proudly owned by the Peguis First Nation.


  • Great Sales
  • Excellent Curbside and Same-Delivery Services


  • Store Hours Are More Limited
  • While They Have Great Sales, Non-Sale Items Are Rather High In Price


6. Tweed


Fast-Growing Company with Coast-to-Coast Domination

Tweed took over the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory in Smith Halls and started selling fire products that would make you want to snack on some chocolates! Since opening four years ago, they’ve grown to cover Canada from coast to coast.


This growing company became the first licensed cannabis store in Canada to offer multiple brands through the same shop. Today, they have mastered the art of delivery and curbside pickup. Their orders are efficiently placed and handled with excellent care!

They partnered with Canopy Growth to become the first dispensary to market cannabis softgels to consumers. All products manufactured and sold by Tweed undergo three rigorous testing protocols.

Tweed is all about education and the future. Their shops have a Visitor’s Centre where people can get educated about cannabis. They also have 7 million acres of legally licensed land to cultivate cannabis products for decades to come!


  • A Goal-Oriented Company That Does A Lot for Cannabis in Canada
  • Very Transparent About Practices and Partnerships
  • Carefully Curated Products That Can Be Tailored To Your Needs


  • Not As Large Of An Inventory As Other Winnipeg Dispensaries
  • Must Go Through A Few Pages On Website to See Inventory for Click & Collect


7. The Joint Cannabis


A Dab Rig and Bong Museum That Helps to Sell Cannabis!

When it comes to accessories and smoking apparatuses, your best selections live at The Joint Cannabis. They have a very impressive collection of dab rigs, cleaning supplies, and even candles!


We also love their DIY edible kits section. They have everything you need to make gummies at-home. From molds to spatulas to candy refills, you will have the tools necessary to become a culinary whiz!

The Joint is one of the largest cannabis outlets in Winnipeg, boasting seven locations! The St Mary’s Rd location is one of the most popular.

It is booming with beautiful rigs on display and a highly-knowledge staff. Sometimes you think you’re walking through a glass museum instead of a Winnipeg cannabis shop!


  • Great Selection of Smoking Accessories, Especially Dab Rigs
  • Has A Lot of Maintenance Items, Including Humidifiers, Cleaning Supplies, and Candles
  • Many Locations with Highly-Trained Staff


  • One of the Most Expensive Stores, Especially for Accessories
  • Small Supply of Bowls, Chillums, or Stems That’s Not Always in Stock


8. Star Buds


The Underdog You Root for Who Provides Excellent Cannabis Education in Winnipeg


With many Winnipeg dispensaries having multiple locations, Star Buds is a much more intimate operation, with a shop on Portage Ave. Besides this Birchwood location, they’ll be planning on opening another dispensary on Pembina Highway soon!

While they have pre-rolls, carts, and edibles, their specialty is loose buds. They are competitively priced to other cannabis dispensaries in Winnipeg.

This location offers curbside and delivery. Ordering on their website is simpler than some other dispensaries. For one, they have a smaller inventory. There’s also less filtering options, making it a less overwhelming experience for less experienced online cannabis shoppers.


  • Has A Mom-And-Pop Feel
  • Website Is More Straightforward Than Some Competitors
  • Nice Selection of Buds At Competitive Prices


  • Very Limited Selection in Edibles and Vapes
  • No Accessories, So You’ll Need to Go to a Head Shop


9. META Cannabis


Come Hungry, Your One-Stop-Shop for Edibles in Winnipeg!

META Cannabis is a powerhouse of cannabis stores in Canada. They have five locations in Winnipeg alone.


Starting in 2014, META helped roll out the Canada recreational marijuana initiative. They were able to navigate dynamic regulations and keep up high demand with a new program. All of these years later, they’re still offering top-quality products and great customer service.

Additionally, META works with Opaskwayak Cree Nation, Long Plain First Nation, and Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation to help provide economic opportunities for indigenous communities.

If you’re into edibles, this is the shop for you. They have an extensive collection of chocolates as it is. However, you can also stock up on various gummies, teas, and soft chews.

Their online shop is a bit confusing for curbside and delivery orders. You must go through a lot of pages before looking over the inventory. However, it’s worth the work!


  • Good Variety of High-Quality Products
  • Really Good Prices for Edibles
  • Awesome Variety of Chocolates
  • Forefront of Canadian Cannabis Movement


  • Curbside and Delivery Ordering Is Hard to Navigate
  • Can Run Low on Certain Strains


10. Up in Smoke


A Winnipeg Smoke Shop Meets Dispensary

Up in Smoke is the smallest cannabis operation in Winnipeg. They specialize in marijuana flower, vape cartridges, tobacco cigarettes and cigars.


If you inhale your cannabis or tobacco, Up in Smoke has everything you need. This location has an extensive line of rolling papers, vaporizers, and hookahs.

While smoking and vaping is their M.O., don’t sleep on their edibles. They have a vast line of food and drinks made by a wide variety of local cannabis brands.

Up in Smoke offers delivery, but times are limited. Monday through Friday, they deliver from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Thankfully, weekend delivery hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM!

Their website takes a lot of patience. They hit you with a lot of pop-ups when you first go to it. However, you might catch some pretty good daily specials.


  • Large Inventory of Cigarettes and Cigars, If You’re Into It
  • Great Selection of All Smoking Paraphernalia That Contributes to Vaping or Smoking
  • Nice Line of Edibles


  • Not the Best Delivery Hours
  • Website Feels Really Spammy


11. BZAM


Highly Concentrated on the Concentrates for a Dabbing Good Time!

BZAM offers a wide variety of flowers at some of the best prices in Winnipeg. Their inventory spans many uses and strengths.


Additionally, BZAM has a robust inventory of concentrates. Their selection of waxes, shatter, and BHO is unparalleled.

While their staff is highly-trained in cannabis, they specialize in recreational use. Medical card holders can purchase as a recreational user and discuss their needs with a budtender. However, it’s not their specialty. Therefore, medical pickup is not an option for this location.

Currently, BZAM doesn’t offer delivery options. However, they do allow for in-store pickup. Their website is easy-to-navigate, which makes ordering a breeze.


  • Some of the Best Prices for Flower
  • Comprehensive Collection of Concentrates
  • Nice Website, Easy-to-Use


  • Recreational Only
  • No Delivery Options
  • Little Information About Them Online


A Guide to Weed Dispensaries in Winnipeg

Since recreational cannabis became legal in Canada, Manitoba has seen many new dispensaries open up, with the long-term goal being to have a dispensary within a 30-minute drive for all Winnipeggers. As of February 2023, there are over 30 cannabis dispensaries in Winnipeg, offering a wide range of options to cater to different individual needs. Whether you’re seeking vapes, flower, or edibles, Winnipeg dispensaries operate as hybrid shops, offering both recreational and medical marijuana options​1​.

Products Offered at Winnipeg Dispensaries

Dispensaries in Winnipeg offer a variety of cannabis products to suit different preferences and needs. Here are some of the most common:

  1. Joints: Perfect for those who prefer the traditional method of smoking.
  2. Dry Herb: Ideal for those looking for a stronger, more direct hit.
  3. Edibles: These can provide a lasting effect, with the potential to last up to 8 hours.
  4. Cannabis Oil: A versatile product that can be applied to food or drink.
  5. Tinctures: These are alcohol-based cannabis extracts that are highly concentrated and potent.
  6. Topicals: These are creams, lotions, and balms infused with cannabis that can be applied directly to the skin for localized relief of pain and inflammation.

As for the legalities and regulations in Manitoba:

  • You must be 19 or older to purchase or consume cannabis or enter a cannabis store.
  • You can possess up to 30 grams of dried flower in public, with no limit on possession in your home.
  • Cannabis can be transported in a vehicle if it is stored in a space that is not readily accessible to the driver or passengers.
  • Consuming cannabis by vaping or smoking is generally prohibited in public areas but permitted in private residences and on private property.
  • Building owners may designate an outdoor area where residents may smoke or vape, providing it is located a minimum of 8 meters from the building and/or any swimming pools.

Cannabis in Manitoba can be purchased from licensed, independent retailers across the province, both in-person and online. Some retailers also offer delivery, provided they have a delivery license​. However, it is currently illegal to grow non-medical cannabis at home in Manitoba.

For mail order options, KushMapper is a platform that connects dispensaries and customers. They allow you to browse and discover various cannabis-related products from local dispensaries and offer mail order cannabis​.

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