The 10 Best Weed Dispensaries in Phoenix

Marijuana legalization hasn’t always been widely welcomed throughout Arizona. However, Phoenix was always one of the more open-minded cities.

In fact, the founder of the University of Phoenix, Jon Sterling, was a leader supporter of Proposition 200 that decriminalized marijuana back in 1996. In the last 25 years, Phoenix has embraced marijuana wholeheartedly.

Today, there is no shortage of cannabis dispensaries in the Valley of the Sun.

Here are the top 10 cannabis dispensaries in Phoenix, Arizona!

1. Sunnyside


Support the Future of Cannabis While Buying High-Quality Marijuana Products

Need a little brightening up? Look at the sunnyside of life with Sunnyside in Phoenix.


Sunnyside is a retail chain by the Chicago, Illinois-based Cresco Labs. This growing operation works closely with the SEED Initiative.

Sales at Sunnyside support SEED’s mission to add cannabis curriculums to schools. They work with local governments to promote educational events that spread the importance of farming, as well as medical and recreational marijuana.

Cresco Labs also make their own products. Sunnyside is your exclusive Cresco Labs retailer in Phoenix. They also have an extensive line of other top name cannabis brands.

This spot used to be called Encanto and had a loyal following. Many are unhappy with the quality of cannabis and increase in prices since Sunnyside took over.


  • Has High-End Edibles and Concentrates That Are Very Effective
  • Highly-Trained Staff That Offers Consistent Experiences
  • Proceeds Go to SEED Initiative to Help Cannabis Education


  • One of the More Expensive Dispensaries
  • Quality Has Declined in Buds Over Last Couple Months
  • Not All Products Are Shown in Thumbnail On Online Shop


  • 2620 W Encanto Blvd

2. The Phoenix


Hit this Morning Drive-Thru Before Hitting Your Breakfast Drive-Thru!

If you’re looking for marijuana in Phoenix, might as well go to a cannabis shop that goes by the city’s name. Swing by The Phoenix to cop some quality buds.

We love how simple the curbside ordering is. Just swing past NAPA Auto Parts and get into The Phoenix’s drive-thru.

You’ll be in and out way quicker than a White Castle drive-thru! Their team is highly organized and typically completes your order in time.

This dispensary is perfect for wake-and-bakers who are running low. They open at 7:00 AM seven days per week!

Medical patients also get a great hookup. Non-sale items are 15% off between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM on weekdays. First time medical buyers also get swag from The Phoenix.

Recreational users aren’t left out in the dust. They have an excellent loyalty program where you earn 1 point per $1.00 spent. Every 200 points, you receive $10 off!


  • Sweet Drive-Thru Curbside
  • Really Extensive Catalog That Runs the Gamut of Prices
  • Some of the Best Priced Edibles in Phoenix
  • Excellent Deals for Phoenix Medical Marijuana Patients
  • Loyalty Points Add Up Quickly to Earn Savings


  • Staff’s Knowledge Base and Friendliness Varies
  • Has Some Pretty Pricey Bud


  • W McDowell Rd #720

3. TruMed


Specializes in Medical Patients, Come With Your Questions, They’re Happy to Help!

Don’t let the name fool you. While TruMed specializes in medical marijuana, they received their Arizona recreational marijuana license in early March 2021.


The TruMed team is highly trained in medical marijuana needs. They can help you discover the right strain and product to create your desired effect.

TruMed isn’t just a dispensary, it’s an experience. They display local art work and host education nights.

This dispensary has one of the largest edibles inventory in the Valley. Their prices range from moderate to high. So, you might want to shop around before getting caught up like a kid in a candy store.

The price increase seems to be since the recreational side opened. Medical patients might find better deals at places that offer them exclusive sales, like The Phoenix.

Tincture users, be sure to check out their inventory. They have the most options with pretty affordable prices.

Just make sure you order online ahead of time. Also, give yourself a buffer in time while you go to collect. There are extremely long waits in this dispensary.


  • Real Great Collection of Edibles
  • Affordable Tinctures with Multiple Varieties to Choose Amongst
  • Very Well-Trained Staff In Medical Needs


  • Prices Continue to Rise
  • Some of the Most Expensive Edibles, So Shop Around
  • Longest Wait Times in Phoenix


  • 1613 N 40th St

4. Bloom Dispensary


Support Your Community While Smoking Premium AZ Maryjane

Bloom is an Arizona-based dispensary, with four locations in The Grand Canyon State, including one in Phoenix.


This dispensary specializes in formulating their own products, under the Infinity label. They follow all of their cannabis strains, seed to sale. So, you are guaranteed a high quality product every time you shop at Bloom Dispensary.

Supporting Bloom Dispensary also means you support the state of Arizona. They work closely with the food bank and Phoenix adopt-a-street initiatives.

We love the alternating deals that Bloom hosts every day. Each day has multiple offerings that change weekly. So, always browse these deals to plan your shopping week accordingly!

Be patient when you come. While their customer service is stepping up, they’re known to have some long wait times.


  • Works with the Arizona Community Through Volunteering Initiatives
  • Has Really High-Quality Products With a Premium Price Point
  • Alternating Deals Come In Handy


  • Items That Aren’t A Deal Might Be Too Expensive for Some People
  • Prices Continue to Increase
  • Long Wait Time, Although Improving


  • 14 S. 41st Pl

5. Emerald Dispensary


A Smorgasbord of Cannabis Brands That Allows You to Try New Things

Sleep in past when The Phoenix opens? Then be the first in line at Emerald Dispensary. They open up at 7:30 everyday.


You’ll definitely want to check out their early bird special. Depending on what they decide, you can get great deals, such as a free preroll with your purchase!

Additionally, Emerald Dispensary has amazing flash deals. These savings are typically on expiring stock or when they plan on changing inventory. Check in daily to see what’s being marked down!

Emerald Dispensary has one of the largest collections of name brand cannabis items. You won’t be pigeonholed into a particular dispensary’s choice brand. This freedom allows you to tailor your smoke sessions to meet your unique preferences.

Emerald only serves medical patients. So, recreational users must look elsewhere.


  • Widest Variety of Cannabis Brands, Not Beholden to the Dispensary’s Brand
  • Amazing Deals Daily
  • Opens Early for Wake and Bakers, Plus Rewards Them Will Excellent Deals


  • Medical Only, Recreational Must Shop Somewhere Else
  • Very Strict On Returns, Even When It’s the Shops’ Error and Products Are Unopened


  • 4244 W Dunlap Ave



The Best Deals on High-Quality Cannabis Products for Arizona MMJ Patients

MÜV AZ is a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary that has a distinct head shop look. Those who like the underground culture of cannabis will love this Phoenix dispensary’s vibe.


This chain is a subset of Alternative Medical Enterprises, a cannabis outlet based out of Sarasota, Florida. They are heavily based in cannabis science, creating products with high-potency that can be tailored to users’ unique needs.

MÜV AZ has daily specials for medical marijuana users. They have 20% off tiered cannabis flower daily.

Additionally, they have birthday, senior, and daily specials. These deals are important because prices have skyrocketed since recreational became legal.

Recreational users aren’t completely ignored. You get 20% off your entire purchase on your first visit.


  • Really Solid Collection of Carefully Curated Cannabis Products
  • Great Staff That Offers Good Recommendations
  • Daily Deals That Are Clutch for Medical Marijuana Patients
  • A Head Shop Vibe That Might Resonate with Some Smokers


  • Inventory Tends to Run Out of Stock
  • Prices Have Risen Steadily Since Recreational Legalization


  • 12620 North Cave Creek Road, Suite 1



One of the Most Seamless Medical Cannabis Curbside Programs, with Great Deals on Topicals and Concentrates

JARS is one of the easiest accessible cannabis dispensaries in Phoenix, being located at the Metro Center Mall. They open up bright-and-early at 7:00 AM, with pickups already ready.


Place your order the night before and you’ll be good to go! Never worry, because they have one of the smoothest curbside cannabis programs in metro Phoenix.

This dispensary has daily deals that might bleed over into the whole week. Their sales are the most extensive in Phoenix. So, medical patients should browse their deals prior to placing an order with any dispensary.

Just make sure to read the fine print. Many items you believe to qualify for deals are omitted. Double check your total before confirming.

While their flowers and edibles can be expensive, JARS is competitively priced for carts and concentrates. They also have the best deals on cannabis topicals in Phoenix, even if their inventory is on the smaller side.


  • Great Location, Especially for Public Transit
  • The Best Curbside Service in Metro Phoenix
  • Excellent Deals on Less Popular Cannabis Items, like Waxes and Topicals
  • Really Large List of Deals Updated Daily


  • Medical Only
  • Deals Can Be Confusing, Causing You to Order Non-Discounted Items
  • Not Good About Exchanges on Mistakenly Ordered Items


  • 10040 N Metro Pkwy W

8. Urban Greenhouse


A Fun Rewards Program and Excellent Deals For First-Time Shoppers

This Phoenix dispensary is one of the prettiest. It’s newly-renovated with beautiful wooden trim. You’ll feel like you’re walking into a spa rather than a dispensary.


Urban Greenhouse has a fun rewards program. You can get up to 5% back on all items purchased. Plus, you earn 1 point for every $1.00 spent to redeem on Urban Greenhouse swag.

Joining their Cannaseur’s Club also gives you exclusive access to deals. So, check your inbox before placing an order!

Figuring out your allotment can be challenging. We love how easy Urban Greenhouse makes it with their online allotment checker. It really helps you ration your finances and weed allotment for the month.

Urban Greenhouse loves new guests. They have three deals to create loyal customers that change with each visit.

  • 1st Visit – BOGO on Any Item Up to an 8th Flower & Gram Concentrate – Select Brands)
  • 2nd Visit – $10 off $50
  • 3rd Visit – 20% off Entire Order

Once they hook you, you’ll keep coming back. They have competitively priced flowers that makes shopping here almost a no-brainer.


  • Some of the Best Priced Marijuana in Phoenix
  • Cannaseur’s Club Has Great Deals and Good Rewards
  • First Three Visits Reap Sweet Rewards
  • Allotment Tool is Handy
  • Really Friendly Team That’s Passionate About Cannabis


  • Not All Thumbnails Have Product Pictures Online, Makes Shopping Challenging
  • Common Issues with Mistakes on Delivery and Pickup Orders


  • 2630 West Indian School Rd

9. Harvest


Where Concentrate Users Go to Get More Bang for Their Dollar

Wax and vape users will love Harvest. They have the best selection of affordable concentrates and carts.


They have a loyalty club where you earn points per purchase. However, they don’t explain what you earn and what you can redeem these points on. You do get a special coupon on your birthday as a member, though!

Harvest creates four distinct brands:

  • Roll One
  • Modern Flower
  • EvoLab
  • Colors

While these are high-quality products, they take up most of the inventory at Harvest. If you like more variety, consider checking out a place like Emerald Dispensary.

The staff at Harvest is hands-down the friendliest in Phoenix. They use these products and know how they impact the body to help you meet your recreational and medical needs.


  • Great Team Who Are Extremely Helpful
  • The Best Deals on Concentrates and Vape Cartridges in Phoenix
  • One of the Nicest Websites


  • Small Selection of Brands, Stuck with Mainly Harvest Originals
  • Rewards Program Doesn’t Seem Entirely Fleshed Out
  • Some Cheaper Vapes Can Be A Bit Harsh on the Lungs


  • 2017 W Peoria Ave

10. Nature’s Medicine


Where Variety and Careful Selection Intersect to Make A Solid Inventory of Cannabis Products

Medical and recreational smokers are in good hands at Nature’s Medicine. They have moderately priced strains and tons to choose from. You’re bound to find something affordable that you can enjoy.


Nature’s Medicine creates three distinct brands:

  • Phoenix Cannabis Co.
  • Reefer Gladness
  • Nature’s Every Day

Nature’s Every Day is very high-quality cannabis. They have won 20 awards for their various flower and concentrate products.

They also have unique edible options that you can’t find anywhere else. Stock up on grape THC syrup or maple syrup when you stop in.

Staying true to their name, Nature’s Medicine has the best CBD selection. While their CBD products aren’t the cheapest, you’ll discover the greatest variety.


  • Some of the Highest-Quality Cannabis Products in Phoenix
  • Great Array of Affordable Products
  • Excellent CBD Selections


  • Very Long Wait Times for Recreational Walk-Ins
  • Many Mix-Ups with Medical Pickup Orders, Check Your Bag Prior to Leaving!


  • 2439 W McDowell Rd
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