The 10 Best Weed Dispensaries in Ottawa

It’s taken Ottawa a little longer than other Canadian provinces to get onboard with legalized cannabis. After years of annual 4/20 rallies on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, “The City That Fun Forgot,” had to acquiesce when weed became legal nationally.

Since then, Ottawans have come a long way. Now, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun or get high enough to forget you’re having fun!

There are almost two dozen weed dispensaries in the capital city of Canada. Here are the 10 best cannabis dispensaries in Ottawa, Ontario!

Here are the top 10 best weed dispensaries in Ottawa!

1. Dutch Love


The Best Cannabis Dispensary in Ottawa for Wake and Bakers

Nothing infuses fun into a city more than happy hours. So, if random sales throughout the week are your thing, then show some love for Dutch Love.


This growing cannabis franchise has a different deal every day from store opening until noon. That way, you start your day off right!

Speaking of the early bird getting the worm, Dutch Love also hosts a Breakfast Club. Members will get exclusive deals that complement the Happy Hour deals everyone else is enjoying. So, signing up and getting their daily email blast can’t hurt!

Their website has a pickup feature. However, it comes with many malfunctions. There have been several instances where orders end up at the wrong location.

Otherwise, Dutch Love has some excellent selections. They carry a wide variety of herbs, concentrates, and edibles. So, if you’re comfortable shopping in-person, you’re guaranteed a good experience.


  • Amazing Deals Daily
  • Breakfast Club Is A Great Way to Save and Learn About New Products
  • Nice Selection of Cannabis Items


  • Glitchy Website Fumbles Orders
  • Team Can Be A Bit Sales-y


  • 1642 Merivale Rd Space
  • 208 Bank St
  • 121 Clarence St

2. The Stash & Co.


As Personalized As Cannabis Can Get, Find Your Dream Strain Today!

The future is here for Ottawa dispensaries with The Stash & Co. This interactive website has an AI budtender that helps you choose the best strain. Choose between the high you want, flavors you like, and potency you desire!


If talking to a human is your thing, they have you covered here, too. Their cannabis connoisseurs are highly-trained in each strain and the effects they provide.

While The Stash & Co has only two dispensaries in Ottawa, they are opened from 9 AM until 11 PM. So, there’s plenty of time to hit them up when you’re in need of some bud.

Not many dispensaries in Canada have an extensive collection of topicals. The Stash & Co. has some of the largest selections and is competitively priced.

They have a really solid click-and-collect service. However, be sure to place your orders via a computer. Their mobile site is prone to loading issues.


  • A Really Unique, Interactive Experience for Choosing Strains
  • Great Hours
  • Excellent Topical Options


  • Large Selection of Pipes and Bongs, But Expensive
  • Issues with Mobile Ordering


  • 1445 Merivale Road
  • 391 Bank Street

3. Superette


A Whole Vibe, In Fact, Might Be More of A Vibe Than Cannabis Dispensary

Having a bunch of flower is useless if you have nothing to smoke it out of. Superette has you covered! This place is a one-stop-shop for cones, rolling trays, bongs, and more.


Superette is extremely branded. They are a lifestyle company that has tons of apparel, candles, and other unique items.

You can really get a sense of their vibe through their website. While it’s fun, it’s also a bit overwhelming.

They have a supersized mouse cursor, tons of color, and many pop-ups. So, make sure you’re smoking an Indica while shopping their pages.

This Ottawan dispensary has many specials running at all times. However, their prices are already high. Many of these deals are comparable to everyday prices at other dispensaries.


  • Awesome Vibe, Great Apparel
  • Wide Variety of Smoking Accessories
  • Very Large Selection of Edibles


  • Website Is Stressful to Navigate
  • Really Expensive, Even with Daily Sales


  • 1306 Wellington St W

4. Spiritleaf


Most Budget-Friendly Daily Deals with Several Locations to Save

Ottawa has some of the fewest total dispensaries in Ontario. Spiritleaf is a chain cannabis dispensary that is starting to grow a strong foothold in Bytown. They have four locations, with hopes of opening more in the near future.


They run daily specials, where you can get a few dollars off select strains or products. These deals are some of the best in Ottawa.

This dispensary also has some of the most competitive prices when it comes to edibles. However, you might want to shop around for vapes due to their moderate-to-high prices.

For those new to CBD, Spiritleaf is increasing its product line. They’re starting an educational program called The Leaf to help promote CBD use in Ottawa.


  • More Locations Than Some Other Dispensaries Makes for Easier Accessibility
  • Great Selection of Edibles At Affordable Prices
  • Some of the Best Daily Deals
  • Outstanding Education Program About CBD


  • Moderate-to-High Priced Cartridges
  • Not Many Unique Options Compared to Other Dispensaries


  • 1200B Wellington Street W
  • 888 Meadowlands Drive E
  • Unit B2, 2150 Robertson Road
  • Unit C10, 1250 Stittsville Main Street

5. Cannabis Emporium


One of the Best Head Shops in Ottawa with a Solid Seed Game

Looking to have some fun in O-Town? Step right up to the Cannabis Emporium! This dispensary is the largest cannabis lifestyle brand in the Capital Region.


We love the consistency in dispensary hours. They are open seven days per week from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Their website is a little challenging to navigate. They bombard you with various thumbnails of products, forcing you to scramble for the filter.

Cannabis Emporium has a comparable topical selection to The Stash & Co. While their offerings are different, the prices are higher. So, you might want to comparatively shop.

This dispensary has the smallest edible selection in Ottawa. However, their seed options are the widest variety. So, growers might want to browse this shop.


  • Extremely Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff
  • Consistent Hours Seven Days Per Week
  • Great Selection of Accessories At An Affordable Price
  • Best Offerings of Seeds for Cannabis Cultivators


  • Most Products Are More Expensive Here Than Other Dispensaries
  • Least Edible Options
  • Shop Page is Jarring and Hard to Navigate


  • 245 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON

6. Tokyo Smoke


Tokyo Smoke is a cannabis dispensary and manufacturer. Their horticulturists grow strains and create products to best suit their customers’ needs. These are some of the highest potency strains in Ontario.


We love the design and interactiveness of their online shop. Each strain is graded and branded to help the user identify the effects and potency quickly.

If only pickups were that quick. You might be waiting up to 15 minutes at times!

As you order online, they also let you know what kind of products feature this strain. For instance, if you love how calming of a high that a strain of flower creates, then you might want to try out an edible made with this strain too.

The edible can cause this calming effect over a more extended period. Little tidbits of information like this can really help someone monitor their cannabis consumption.

Tokyo Smoke also features a variety of lifestyle products, including books, candles, and clothes. Also, be sure to check out their extensive catalog of smoking apparatuses!

You get what you pay for sometimes. While Tokyo Smoke has high-quality products, they come with a higher price tag.


  • Best Selection of High-Quality Strains
  • Highly Interactive Website That Helps Users Make Educated Decisions
  • Very Attractive Website That Makes Great Recommendations Based On Your Order
  • Wide Variety of Smoking Accessories and Cannabis Lifestyle Items


  • Some of the Most Expensive Cannabis Products in Ottawa
  • Pickup Times Can Be Pretty Long When You Click and Collect


  • 1000 Wellington Street West Unit #101

7. Chrontact


New Kids on the Block Are Killing the Curbside Service

Ottawa weed smokers, prepare for Chrontact! This dispensary is the new kid in O-Town and is looking to create a name for itself.


This store was founded by Daniel Telio, one of the winners of the Ontario Cannabis Retail Lottery. While this venture was deemed a flop, Telio made the best of it. He partnered with Spiritleaf to bring Chrontact to life.

Since they’re new, Chrontact is trying to grow their mailing list. If you join, you will receive an automatic discount on your first order!

For fans of curbside, check this place out. They fill your order within ten minutes of ordering!

Chrontact has a lot of high-quality strains of flowers and concentrates at relatively high prices. If you’re willing to splurge, you’ll love their selections.

However, edible lovers will want to make Chrontact. They have a vast catalog with extremely competitive prices. In fact, their drinks are some of the cheapest in Ottawa!


  • Neat Story, Nice to Support
  • Impressively Fast Curbside Service
  • Some of the Best Selections of Edibles
  • Cheapest THC Drinks in Ottawa


  • Expensive Flower, Even More Expensive Concentrates


  • 2280 Carling Ave

8. One Plant


The Best Deal on Flowers, Just Don’t Get Your Hopes Up for A Pic of It Online

If marijuana is the one plant for you, then One Plant will be one of your favorite dispensaries in Ottawa. This website has one of the simplest interfaces for its online shop.


There are fewer options in the filters, which can make it an easier experience for newer shoppers. A lack of customization might peeve cannabis pros. They’ll get over it when they start scoping out the products!

This dispensary has some of the lowest prices for flower and really competitive prices for vaporizers. However, some strains and products don’t have a picture. So, online window shopping to see if these deals are worth it might be challenging.


  • Some of the Best Prices for Flower and Vapes
  • Simple Interface Might Be Ideal for Beginners
  • One of the Few Cannabis Dispensaries in Ottawa to Sell Cookies


  • Lack of Customization on Site Can Be Challenging
  • Some Products Don’t Have Pictures


  • 4240 Innes Road

9. pureLeaf Cannabis


The Little Dispensary That Could That Carries Bomb Bath Bombs


pureLeaf Cannabis specializes in customer service, especially when it comes to CBD. Their team is extensively trained on using cannabis for wellness. They love talking to their customers about each person’s unique goals to help them make the best decision for their daily routine.

This fairly new dispensary is still adding to its growing collection of cannabis items. While they have a smaller selection of flower than most, they have prices competitive with One Plant’s deals.

Contrarily, their edibles are some of the most expensive. Sodas are almost one-fourth more in price than their competitors.

If you’re looking to unwind after a long day, be sure to check out their bath bomb selection. pureLeaf Cannabis has the largest variety of these types of topicals. They’re not overly priced, either!


  • Very Good and Compassionate Customer Service
  • Bath Bomb Selections Are Da Bomb
  • Wonderful Prices on Flower
  • Great CBD Options
  • One of the Few Dispensaries to Accept Cash


  • Extremely Expensive Edibles
  • Not A Lot of Options


  • 2027 Robertson Rd

10. Shop the Good Cannabis Company


Fall in love with the throwback vibe of the Shop the Good Cannabis Company. It is a surf shop-inspired cannabis dispensary that stands out from other cookie-and-cutter storefronts.


Their staff is amicable and eager to help. They are well-versed in all of their products and how they can complement your unique needs.

This dispensary has a large collection of flowers that run the gamut in prices. Therefore, all economic brackets can find high-quality buds here.

Their edible selection is small. However, the Shop the Good Cannabis Company has some of the best prices on these goodies.

If you need some rolling papers, a cheap pipe, or chillum, this dispensary has you covered. However, they’re also clutch for some of the most inexpensive vaporizers too. So, if you forget your pen at home, you won’t break the bank popping in and getting an extra.


  • Nice Staff That Put Off A Great Vibe
  • Great Selection of Bud, Something for Everyone
  • Best Prices on Edibles
  • Cheap Vape Batteries FTW


  • Very Small Edible Section


  • 809 Bank St W
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