The 10 Best Weed Dispensaries in Hamilton

When it comes to cannabis dispensaries in Canada, Ontario has a step up on other provinces. As recreational cannabis was becoming popularized throughout the country in 2018, Hamilton had about 80 black market dispensaries.

Today, Hamsterdam is home to dozens of legal pot shops. Here are the 10 best cannabis dispensaries in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada!

1. Canna Cabana


Come Once for the View, Keep Coming Back for the Loyalty Rewards!

Do you like to get high and talk nice hikes overlooking the beautiful lakeshores of Hamilton? Then swing by the Barton Street location for Canna Cabana. You’ll get some excellent daily deals to enjoy as you conquer Dundurn’s Castle nearby!


Canna Cabana is a haven for daily smokers. You can get 5% off everyday when you join the Canna Club. Plus, you’ll be the first to know when new products are in the store.

This loyalty program gives you excellent discounts on regularly-priced items. However, they are known to have higher prices.

Essentially, they break even. Patient and diligent researchers will be able to maximize their savings by choosing some more competitively-priced products.

You get free delivery on orders over $20. So, if you’re getting a few items, might as well save yourself a trip.

Currently, Canna Cabana has just one Hamilton location. So, they might not be the most convenient chain. However, with their acquisition of New Leaf, you might see more Canna Cabanas popping up soon.


  • Nice Loyalty Program That Can Help You Get Some Deals
  • Really Efficient Pickup and Delivery Services
  • Really Easy to Get Free Delivery


  • Inventory Stock is Hit or Miss, Might Not Get Your Faves
  • On the Expensive Side with No Discount
  • Buds Tend to Be Dry


2. Mountain Greenery


The First Dispensary in Hamilton That You Never Had to Leave the Couch For

Want to get as high as the mountains with some high-quality greens? Then we highly recommend hiking on over to the Mountain Greenery website.

Notice we said the website and not the actual store? This dispensary is strictly a Hamilton weed delivery service!

Mountain Greenery has followed the delivery-only business model long before the pandemic. They have four years of experience providing Hamilton cannabis delivery. Their team is one of the most efficient dispensaries in Ontario.

Mountain Greenery also offers very competitive prices on edibles, beverages, and capsules. They have a really good collection of vapes that are moderately-priced.

Unless you’re willing to pay a couple extra dollars for convenience, we’d recommend stocking up on edibles here and shopping around for vapes elsewhere.

Their bud selection is decent. It’s usually pretty fresh but you might find some dry batches here and there.

Just don’t get your heart set on pre-rolls. Their supplies are always very limited.

We also appreciate how easy they make it to research the products. Reviews on items are easily accessible. These reviews appear honest and truly help the shopper make more educated decisions.


  • Weed Delivered to Your Door, What More Can I Say?
  • Some of the Best Prices for Consumables
  • Really Smooth Process, Very Efficient Team
  • Very Transparent with Customer Testimonials


  • New Smokers Might Want to Go Into A Dispensary to Chat About Products
  • Barely Any Pre-Rolls
  • Flower Inventory Can Go Through Periods Where It’s Not Fresh


3. 420 Love


The Best Bang for Your Buck in Ontario, and They’ll Make Sure of It!

Everybody needs 420 and love. If you’re part of that crowd, then you should definitely check out 420 Love.


This place is ideal for the go-with-flow cannabis consumer who likes a little bit of everything. They have daily deals on all types of products.

You can save serious dinero everyday. So, be sure to check in every morning to see what they’re offering.

Also, if you find the same product elsewhere for cheaper, 420 Love will price-match. So, shop around confidently that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

420 Love offers free delivery. There is no price limit. So, you can easily refill whatever you need and go about your day.

Just make sure you’re patient. Their delivery driver’s been known to get lost or mix-up orders.

Their team is very friendly and knowledgeable. They make pretty flawless recommendations and are able to get you in and out quickly.


  • Free Delivery Is A No-Brainer
  • The Best Deals On All Types of Cannabis Products AND Willing to Price-Match
  • Awesome Team That Make Fantastic Recommendations


  • Delivery Can Be Hit or Miss


4. Hamilton Cannabis Co.


Accessible, Friendly Neighborhood Cannabis Dispensary in Hamilton

We are absolutely in love with the gorgeous view outside of Hamilton Cannabis Co. HCC is proud to be from the Ambitious City. They only hire ambitious Hamiltonians to work in their dispensary.


This spot is in a super convenient location, right neat Wal-Mart. You can easily walk to the area or take public transportation.

Their team is perhaps the friendliest in Hamilton. They are highly-trained in all things cannabis and are spot-on with their suggestions.

Good thing you have them to lean on. Hamilton Cannabis Co. has a very large display of products!

Their prices can be moderate to high. HCC tends not to have sales.

Ask about or research the strains to ensure you’re getting the experience you desire. Otherwise, it could be an expensive misstep!


  • Hamilton-Born-and-Bred Team That Cares About Their Customers
  • Really Accessible with a Beautiful View
  • Amazing Inventory, Really Extensive Catalog


  • Some Pretty High Prices, Especially on Flower


5. The Gym Cannabis


Where the Early Bird Gets the Worm, Especially Senior Citizens on Tuesdays!

Workout your lungs properly by getting your good at The Gym Cannabis. Much like gyms, this dispensary is open longer to accommodate all types of hours. Pop in 9am to 11pm seven days per week!


We love how giving The Gym Cannabis is to medical marijuana patients. People over 55-years-old get 15% off every Tuesday.

The Gym Cannabis has a pretty smooth delivery service going. All orders placed before 6pm are guaranteed the same day. They also offer free delivery on purchases of $50 or more.

This dispensary has a very in-depth collection of smoking accessories. You will find whichever vaporizer, bong, or rolling papers that you need.

Just expect to pay a little more for these products than you would at most head shops, especially the vaporizers.


  • Excellent Deals for Seniors on Tuesdays
  • Some of the Best Hours in Hamilton
  • Really Good Same-Day Delivery Service
  • Nice Selection of Accessories and Topicals


  • Things Can Get a Bit Pricey
  • Buds Can Be A Bit Seedy
  • One of the More Expensive Free Delivery Offerings


6. The Hunny Pot


Pre-Rollers Rejoice, The Hunny Pot Has the Best Daily Deals on Three-Packs

Perhaps no dispensary in the Steel City is sweeter than The Hunny Pot. We love the branding, educational resources, and community aspects of this cannabis shop. They have really great clothing to rock, blog articles to read, and an excellent menu rotation.


The Hunny Pot was the first legal cannabis shop in Toronto. Since, they’ve grown to more locations, including two popular spots in Hamilton.

This dispensary has pretty awesome daily deals, especially on pre-rolls. You can really stock up and save, getting a couple of dollars off various three-packs.

While honey is in their name, their concentrate selection isn’t the strongest. They have grown their offerings in the past couple of months. However, their prices are on waxes and shatters are pretty steep.

You will want to check out their flower catalog, though. They have a pretty big catalog to choose from, with products that are competitively-to-moderately priced. You’re bound to find something that will make you happy.

Don’t feel bad asking the crew to help with any suggestions. We love how knowledgeable the team is.

They give you your space as you browse and aren’t overly sales-pitchy. The Hunny Pot crew seem genuinely excited to help you track down the right product.

This dispensary does offer same-day delivery. However, their cut-off is 5:00pm.

Plus, their deliveries are known to be incorrect from time to time. With their strict no refund policies, a few misunderstandings has left the clientele dissatisfied.


  • Awesome Flower Selection with Pretty Good Prices, Enter Confident You Will Find Something
  • Some of the Best Daily Deals, Especially for Pre-Rolls
  • Great Team, Available for Questions but Don’t Helicopter-Help
  • Love the Branding, Really Trendy Clothes


  • Not the Best Delivery Experience
  • Very Little Concentrate Offerings That Are Jacked Up in Price


7. Sessions


The Most Convenient Cannabis Franchise In Ontario That Has Consistent Service and Products

Sessions is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing Hamilton dispensaries. It is very well-lit, with products dispersed in displays throughout.


You will love browsing the countertops while chatting with their budtenders about the right products for you.

Sessions has the most locations in Hamilton, Ontario. All the shops have a consistent experience that includes great customer service and high-quality products.

These dispensaries have some of the freshest buds in the Ambitious City. True marijuana smokers who live for the unique flavors from terpenes will cherish these strains.


  • Multiple Dispensaries Dispersed Throughout Hamilton
  • A High-Quality Experience Every Time
  • The Freshest Bud with Most Robust Flavors in Hamilton
  • Great In-Store Setup That Encourages Stress-Free Browsing


  • Some Staff Recommendations Have Shown to Be Off
  • Carts Can Get A Little Expensive


8. Tokyo Smoke


A Personalized Marijuana Experience Through Many Methods of Cannabis Consumption

Tokyo Smoke is one of the most well-known marijuana franchises in Hamilton. This dispensary has autonomous personalization down pat.