The 10 Best Weed Dispensaries in Calgary

Calgary, Alberta is no stranger to good weed. Alberta has the third highest supply of marijuana and fourth highest ratio of smokers in Canada.

With Calgary being the largest city in Alberta, it’s also the Sunshine Province’s marijuana metropolis. In fact, Calgary has the largest number of cannabis retailers in Canada.

This high supply of marijuana suppliers in Calgary can make choosing the right dispensary near you difficult. So, we narrowed down the 10 best weed dispensaries in Calgary, Alberta!

Here are the top 10 best weed dispensaries in Calgary!

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1. New Leaf Cannabis


Where Premium Vapes and Edible-Worthy Grind Meet

If you are an everyday smoker, you will want to get some rewards for your loyalty. New Leaf Cannabis recently partnered with Canna Cabana to transform their loyalty program.


By switching to a Canna Cabana account, you can get 5% off of every order you make! Plus, you will get exclusive access to new products, as well as potential discounts.

New Leaf Cannabis has some competitively priced flower buds. However, many complain about their dryness. So, if you’re looking for cheap bud to cook up some edibles with, New Leaf might be a great option.

This Calgary dispensary has an impressive collection of vaporizers and cartridges. These items are a lot more expensive than flower. However, the quality is much better.

There are 11 New Leaf Cannabis shops in Calgary, with more on the way. Their accessibility and loyalty program are convenient. However, they lack some of the strengths that other dispensaries have, which we’ll discuss throughout this review.


  • Good Price Weed, Ideal for Baking or Bowls
  • 11 Shops Conveniently Placed Throughout Calgary
  • Nice Rewards Program That Gives You A Discount Every Time You Shop


  • Not the Best Quality Weed
  • Great Selection of Vaporizer Products, But Also Very Pricey
  • Inconsistent Customer Service


2. Spiritleaf


The Reliable Cannabis Franchise with A Calgary Neighborhood Vibe

Spiritleaf is a growing Canadian marijuana dispensary franchise. They are popping up everywhere from the small business district of Kensington to the arts & entertainment hub of 17th Ave.


This dispensary has a neighborhood vibe. Each location is always running daily deals. So, no need to stock up in one visit!

Their close proximity to neighborhoods also makes this place clutch for grabbing last-minute accessories. They have a pretty extensive collection of bowls, rolling papers, or vapes for those in-a-pinch moments where you need a light or broke your favorite bong.

Lastly, Spiritleaf has a really large collection of edibles. While none of their offerings are anything unique, they are some of the most competitively priced THC edibles in Calgary.


  • Great Catalog of Competitively-Priced Edibles
  • Perfect Quick Stop to Replace An Accessory
  • Conveniently Placed Shops


  • Products Are Very Run-of-the-Mill, No Stand-Outs
  • Weak Topical Selections


3. Canna Cabana


The Best Cannabis Rewards Program in Calgary with Most Convenient Store Hours

As we mentioned, Canna Cabana recently acquired some New Leaf Cannabis Calgary stores. However, there are some Canna Cabana standalone outlets in Calgary, as well.


Canna Cabana revolutionized the loyalty program for Calgary marijuana users. They offer the same $5 off every purchase offered by New Leaf Cannabis.

This Calgary dispensary has some of the most robust accessory offerings. You can get new grinders, glass cleaners, and dab tools at one place.

Inventory across different Canna Cabana dispensaries vary. For instance, some have a few topicals, while others carry none at all. So, be sure to shop around to see which location works best to meet your needs.


  • Excellent Rewards Program That Really Helps With Savings
  • Plenty of Accessories That Make for a One-Stop-Shop Experience
  • Knowledgeable and Helpful Staff
  • Some Stores Open Until 2:00 AM


  • Inconsistent Inventory Across Dispensaries
  • Not the Most Competitive Prices


4. Queen of Bud


A Cannabis Boutique with Small Batch Selections Ideal for New Cannabis Users

While there are numerous cannabis dispensaries in Calgary, Queen of Bud was one the first. They are committed to high-quality standards, maintaining just two shops — one in Calgary and one dispensary in Toronto.


This high-end cannabis boutique really ups the game for customer service. They are the only retailer to offer discounts for veterans, seniors, and medical patients. Queen of Bud is even pet-friendly!

All of their retail managers are certified level II cannabis sommeliers. This education runs down every channel, ensuring that each customer is provided exceptional service at all levels.

Queen of Bud is a very chic experience. Its storefront is even complete with a chandelier. That might explain why they have some pricier products.

There are many overlaps in inventory between Queen of Bud and other dispensaries, especially when it comes to edibles. So, you might want to compare prices before committing to click and collect.


  • Extremely Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff
  • Intimate Experience, Perfect for People on the Fence About Cannabis
  • Carefully Curated Selection Might Make Choosing Easier


  • More Expensive Than Competitors
  • Atmosphere Might Feel Too Chic for Some
  • Small Selection for Those Who Like A Lot of Variety


5. Sweet Tree Cannabis


Sweet Selection of Flower At A Wide Range of Prices That Everyone Can Enjoy

Sweet Tree Cannabis is a growing cannabis outlet in Alberta and Saskatchewan. They currently have four dispensaries in Calgary, and are looking to expand in 2021.


This dispensary offers a wide variety of products made by some of the premier Canadian cannabis manufacturers. They have broken these products into distinct categories that are marketed to their shoppers.

Their four product lines are:

  • Earth – Designed to Promote Grounding
  • Moon – Designed to Promote Stillness
  • Stars – Designed to Promote Creativity and Socialness
  • Sun – Designed to Promote Focus and Good Mood

You must talk to your cannaseur to learn which products are right for you. None of the items in their online shop reflect any affiliation to this type of branding.

Also, their website appears very bulky. It’s not as organized as some of their competitors. It can make ordering for click and collect a little aggravating.

Their flower prices are all over the map. So, Sweet Tree Cannabis is excellent for budget-friendly smokers. However, you can also splurge on some higher-quality bud in the same stop.


  • Nice Marketing
  • Large Selection Featuring Top Canadian Cannabis Brands
  • Cost-Effective and Extravagant Options for Flowers Both Available


  • Marketing Isn’t Congruent with Actual Online Catalog
  • Website Isn’t As Easy to Navigate As Others


6. Four20


Give Back to Calgary While Enjoying Yourself with Edibles

Are you all about savings and trying new products? Then Four20 is your hookup.


They have an Insider’s Club where you get 10% off from the jump when you sign up. You’re also eligible for discounts and news on new products and savings on your birthday.

You don’t need to be a member to save with Four20. They always have a weekly special, that can be as awesome as 30% off of vapes!

Four20 is by the community for the community. Their head office is in Calgary!

They run annual drives to support the homeless, first responders, and other important Calgary initiatives. Pre-COVID, they also held events with local Calgary businesses to drive engagement and growth.

This Calgary dispensary has one of the largest selections of edibles. While they aren’t the most expensive, some of their options (or comparable) are cheaper at other dispensaries.

If you are into cartridges, they have an unbeatable inventory at the best prices. We wish we could say the same for their flower. You might find some good deals, but expect to pay more.


  • Great Weekly Savings
  • Wonderful Community Efforts
  • Pretty Good Membership Program with 10% Off Initial Order
  • Vast Selection of Moderately Priced Edibles


  • Expensive Bud Compared to Other Places
  • Comparable Edibles Might Be Cheaper Elsewhere


7. Bow Cannabis


Wholesome Family Vibes + Large Collection of Cannabis Products = Best Family Reunion Ever

This Bowness-based cannabis operation is looking to extend throughout Calgary and into more of Canada. You’ll want to keep an eye out for Bow Cannabis!


Bow Cannabis is a family-ran operation. They provide their customers with exceptional customer service, with a heavy emphasis on education. Their team is highly trained to handle all of your medical or recreational needs.

Bow Cannabis has a few unique specials throughout the week including:

  • CBD Mondays: 15% off CBD Products
  • Throwback Thursdays: 15% off Select “Classic” Strains
  • 7 Grams Sundays – $10 off 7 Grams of Dried Flower
  • 10% Student Discounts

They have a very large catalog of flowers, edibles, and oils. Their prices are very middle range. If you have time, you might want to shop around, but you won’t go broke shopping at Bow Cannabis.


  • Some of the Best Weekly Deals
  • Very Large Selection of Cannabis Products At Reasonable Prices
  • Family-Owned with Excellent Customer Service


  • Not the Most Appealing Interface for Their Online Shop


8. Green Earth Cannabis


Where Happy Hour is Seemingly Every Hour!


If you’re into the science behind cannabis, that step right up to Green Earth Cannabis. This Calgary weed dispensary is all about education. They really care to get to know your interests in cannabis to match the right strain and potency up to meet your needs.

We’re all about savings. Green Earth Cannabis has some of the best ongoing sales.

You can expect the following savings:

  • Monday-Sunday 15% off All Pre-RollsBetween 1pm-3pm
  • Monday-Thursday 10% off All Cannabis Products 8pm-9pm
  • Friday-Saturday 10% off All Cannabis Products 9pm-10pm
  • Sunday- Accessories 20% off; Vape Carts, Pens 10% off
  • Wednesday- 10% off all Oils, Caps, and Topicals
  • Saturday- 15% off All Edible Products, (Not Including Oils, Capsules)

While they’re seemingly always running sales, Green Earth Cannabis has competitive prices. Their flower is at an average rate, while their edibles are on the low side.

However, their beverages are among the most expensive. So, you might want to poke around at other shops for your THC drinks.


  • The Best Daily Sales on Cannabis in Calgary
  • Heavy Emphasis on Science, Great Selections for Medical Marijuana Users
  • Competitively Priced Products, with Slightly Inexpensive Edibles
  • Helpful and Friendly Staff


  • The Most Expensive THC Beverages in Calgary
  • Tend to Run Out of Popular Strains Quickly


9. Bud Bar


The Most Transparent Dispensary in Calgary to Offer 1-on-1 Cannabis Education

Personalization is key for many to experience the benefits of marijuana. Bud Bar makes that easier by providing a safe space to discuss your needs. They heavily promote consultations online or in-person to tailor your purchase to meet your preferences.


We also love that they offer a virtual tour on their website. This option can really open the eyes of a person who is skeptical about cannabis care. They can see how clean and professional this establishment is!

Bud Bar offers many of the same high-quality brands as other Calgary cannabis dispensaries. However, they don’t jack the price up like some competitors. This place is nice enough to offer a price-match guarantee!

They also have monthly specials and discounts for veterans and birthdays. These savings are handy because Bud Bar updates their catalog with new products every month.


  • Really Intimate and Hands-On Expertise
  • Offers Price Match Guarantee
  • Nice Virtual Tour for Cannabis Newbies
  • Great Monthly Deals
  • Rotating Selection of Marijuana Products


  • Not the Cheapest for Any Particular Type of Cannabis Product
  • Sometimes Runs Out of Popular Products


10. Value Buds


Value Marijuana Without Compromising the Quality

Value Buds is a growing cannabis business in Calgary. In fact, they are encouraging people to sign up to get email notifications about when a Value Buds dispensary in Calgary opens near them.


As the name implies, Value Buds touts to be the cheapest cannabis in Calgary. You can save a couple of dollars per gram or up to $10 on a quarter.

While they are cheaper, the quality isn’t sacrificed. You get decent buds that are still moist and provide a good high.

Their edibles are also some of the cheapest. You can purchase THC beverages here that are half of the price than drinks at Green Earth Cannabis.

Where they drop the ball is with cartridges. While they are still cheaper than some competitors, others will blow Value Buds out of the water. We suggest stocking up on everything else and getting your vapes elsewhere.


  • The Best Prices for Cannabis Products in Calgary
  • Friendly Staff That Knows A Lot About Cannabis
  • Laid Back Vibe That Makes You Feel Comfortable


  • Can Be Long Wait Times for Pickup
  • Small Selection of Concentrates


By cannabunga

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