The 10 Best Weed Dispensaries in Victoria

Victoria has always been one of the most progressive cannabis cities in British Columbia, with many residents leading the charge in marijuana legalization. Now, the pot business is booming in the Garden City.

There are many legal cannabis dispensaries in the capital city of British Columbia.

Here are the top 10 dispensaries in Victoria!

1. Cloud Nine Collective


At-Home Cannabis Growers Will Be On Cloud 9 with These Seeds!

Want to check out Victoria’ first licensed cannabis shop? They float on over to Cloud Nine Collective.


While they’ve been a medical dispensary in Victoria since 2015, Their website proudly boasts, “Victoria, B.C.’s oldest legal cannabis retail store.”

That’s an impressive feat, considering they opened their doors on April 14, 2019. Hopefully, Cloud Nine can hold that claim forever because they’re an awesome dispensary in British Columbia.

This outlet has the most extensive catalog of cannabis seeds on this list! While their seeds can get a bit expensive, Cloud Nine Collective has some excellent deals on flower.

Their marijuana inventory is pretty large, coming at various price points. You can comfortably splurge on one strain while loading up on some budget buds for a more cost-efficient purchase.

Cloud Nine Collective offers many affordable accessories. Unfortunately, the majority of their thumbnails in this section show a picture of the same bong for everything from metal screens to rolling machines.

If you aren’t satisfied with what you end up with, just let the team know. They go above and beyond to accommodate their customers.


  • Very Nice Staff Who Are Interested In Helping You
  • Sweet Deals on Accessories Even if Choosing Them Is A Crapshoot
  • Best Selection of Seeds
  • Nice Bud Offerings At Reasonable Prices


  • Online Shop Thumbnails Are Inconsistent, Make Shopping A Bit Challenging
  • Some Budget Strain Buds Are Street Quality


2. The Original FARM


OGs Still Holding Down the Game When It Comes to Number of Strains

The Original FARM is an OG BC medical dispensary. They’ve been in business since April 2015 and now offer over 130 strains of recreational cannabis.


Walking in can be a bit overwhelming. There is a lot of product on display, even if it’s neat. Thankfully, their team is very patient and well-educated.

We love how they promote professional consultations. The Original FARM has stayed true to their original mission of educating about cannabis health programs.

While they specialize in medical cannabis and have a CBD section, it is very small. CBD users might want to scope out other dispensaries.

Their menu can be a bit pricey, especially for flower. However, they have a sales page with decent deals that is updated every Thursday.

Covering Downtown, Duncan, Langford, and Hillside, The Original FARM franchise is conveniently placed throughout Victoria. You can easily access their locations by foot or public transit.


  • One of the Most Impressive Flower Menus
  • Bicycle-Friendly, Offers Racks
  • Really Knowledgeable Staff and Offers Professional Consultations
  • Easy Public Access


  • Parking At Some Locations Can Be A Nightmare
  • Very Small CBD Section Despite Being Medicinally-Focused
  • Overwhelming Displays, So Much Inventory
  • Expensive Prices on Some Products


3. High5 Retail


High-Quality Products with Even Higher Customer Service Deserves A Serious High5!

High5 Retail is still figuring their foothold in Victoria, which is evident by their website. Between the underlined product types and thumbnails that you’d find the menu right away. However, if you squint, you’ll find the real link in the header.


Once you get through, you enter a standard cannabis menu interface. You’ll see their daily deals first, which are satisfactory.

They have a carefully-selected catalog of products that are moderate-to-pricey. Be sure to shop around for particular strains prior to committing to a purchase here.

Their staff is really where High5 Retail shines. They are extremely friendly.

The team uses the products. So, they offer firsthand recommendations that really resonate with their patrons.

Plus, their curbside is perhaps the most organized in Victoria. They always have your order on time and filled correctly.


  • Some of the Best Customer Service in Victoria
  • High-Quality Products, Can’t Go Wrong
  • Decent Daily Deals


  • Small Selections and Moderate to High Prices Might Not Make This A Good Stop for Everyone
  • Messy and Confusing Landing Page


4. Kiaro


Where the Community Gets Together to Chat Over Dozens of Strains

The name Kiaro translates to “light.” As the people at Kiaro explains, cannabis is illuminating. We love to get illuminated.


Kairo stresses the importance of community and education. They host “Ask Kiaro Anything” sessions and have a very in-depth blog that Kiaro updates regularly.

They have a very impressive list of cannabis strains and products. Some of their offerings are unique to their store.

Just beware. Sometimes their product can be a bit dry. If you get a bad batch, your bud can turn into powder with enough force!

Kiaro has one of the more extensive vape collections. They are moderately-priced to expensive. Comparison shop with other places to make sure you can’t find a cart cheaper elsewhere.


  • Really Great Community Vibe, Promotes Interaction and Education
  • Have a Large Collection of Cannabis Strains and Vapes
  • Computers On-Site to Place Orders
  • Nice Parking Lot


  • Prices Can Be Expensive, Especially for Some Vape Cartridges
  • Bud Can Be Dried Out At Times


5. Pineapple Express


Eclectic Products and Boujee Prices, Pineapple Express Is A Whole Experience

You know you’re in for some good stuff when you’re named after a movie that’s named after a strain. Victorians must come aboard the Pineapple Express.


Pineapple Express hosts Happy Hour twice per day, from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. However, you can’t include these deals in your online order.

We love Pineapple Express’ eclectic products. They have sex oils, apple cider vinegar chews, and more.

Those sound boujee? Well, the prices match.

You’re going to get high-quality products at Pineapple Express, but you might leave a bit broke. The cost of one preroll here might equal a three-pack elsewhere!

However, we will say their edible prices are pretty competitive If you’re into gummies, then Pineapple Express is your jam.


  • Some of the Most Outrageously Awesome Cannabis Products
  • Really High-Quality Stuff
  • Happy Hour Deals Are Worth Stopping By And Checking Out
  • Great Beverages List
  • Some of the Best Prices for Cannabis Gummies in Victoria, BC


  • Pretty Darn Expensive on Many Items
  • Can’t Get Happy Hour Deals With Online Orders


6. Trees Cannabis


Most. Edibles. Ever. You’re Like a Kid In A Candy Cannabis Shop

Anyone looking to stock up on some greens can’t go wrong swinging by a place called Trees Cannabis.


Much like trees, Tree Cannabis is growing throughout Victoria. They have one location open, with at least four scheduled to open in Victoria in 2021.

When it comes to cannabis price and selections, Tree Cannabis is straight down the middle.

You might not get blown away by a particular product or deal, but it wouldn’t stop you from coming back again.

However, they have the largest selection of edibles in Victoria, BC. Their products are also among some of the cheapest.


  • Hands-Down Best Victoria Edibles
  • Fair Prices on Quality Cannabis Flowers
  • Nice Team and Very Well-Organized Store


  • Won’t Be Blown Away By Any Prices, Might Want to Shop Around
  • Weight Has Been Off On Bud In Past


  • 230 Cook St
  • 369 Columbia St (COMING SOON)
  • 1545 Fort St (COMING SOON)
  • Downtown (Location – TBD- COMING SOON)
  • 695 Alpha St (COMING SOON)

7. Alternative Aromatics


A (Literal) Hidden Gem in the Victoria Cannabis Edibles Community

Looking for bud teeming with terps that taste delicious. Get your mitts on some marijuana from Alternative Aromatics.


They have very competitively-priced and high-quality flowers. Alternative Aromatics has a decent amount of varieties. Yet, they have a pretty limited preroll selection.

Their edible offerings are pretty small. However, they have unique products that are worth checking out, including candy cane milk chocolate.

The Alternative Aromatics website isn’t the most seamless experience. Every page you click requires validation that are 19-years-old. This might be the first time we recommend cookies.

We love the neighborhood vibe of Alternative Aromatics, especially the Quadra location. However, if you don’t know it’s there, you might miss it. Even Google Maps can’t figure them out.


  • Pretty Good Deals on Decent Quality Cannabis
  • Great Rolling Paper Options
  • Unique Edible Selections


  • Little Preroll Catalog Despite So Much Flower
  • Weight in Grams Has Been Shorted on Multiple Occasions
  • Locating the Building Is Challenging
  • Website Is Wonky As Hell


8. Pacificanna


The Most Relaxing Cannabis Dispensary in The Capital City

Pacificanna is a growing cannabis franchise in Canada, with spots dispensaries in Port Hardy, Williams Lake, and Victoria.


They are a family-owned and operated business. You experience that friendliness the moment you walk in the door.

This dispensary has beautiful displays that are adequately spaced out. You can browse without feeling overwhelmed. Plus, their team is always excited to talk about cannabis with you.

Pacificanna is like a Mecca for concentrates. While they’re not the cheapest, their selection is fire. You will get high-quality shatter at a reasonable price.

Also, if you want to switch up some of the strains you’re growing with your Cloud Nine Collective haul, swing by Pacificanna. They have the second largest inventory of cannabis seeds in Victoria.


  • A Really Pleasant and Calming Shopping Experience Due to Layout and Staff
  • Reasonable Prices on High-Quality Concentrates in Victoria
  • Good Cannabis Seed Inventory


  • Some Concentrates Can Get Really Up Their In Price
  • Solid But Super-Expensive CBD Selection


9. Clarity Cannabis


The Best Cannabis Dispensary to Carry CBD Products in Victoria

Clarity Cannabis is trying to become the face of cannabis education in Victoria. This operation was founded by a pharmacist. You can definitely see his influence by how the lobby looks like a waiting room!


Clarity Cannabis has the best CBD inventory at budget-friendly prices. Oh, and they even carry CBN oil!

We’re also all about their topicals. While some can be a bit pricey, Clarity Cannabis has some competitive deals.

This dispensary has a rotation of sales every day. You have to check daily because deals vary in how good they are.

Their team is very helpful in picking out products. However, there are no menus while you wait. So, you might want to look over their menu online before heading to the dispensary.


  • The Best CBD in Victoria
  • Really Smart Staff That Offers Great Advice
  • Daily Sales Always Switching, Keeps Things Interesting
  • CBN Oil – Need We Say More?


  • Has A Doctor’s Office Vibe That Is Hard to Shake
  • No Menu In Line Can Make for A Long Visit When You’re Indecisive


10. Misty Mountain Cannabis


A Little Bit of Everything, Definitely Worth Checking Out This Small Dispensary

If you need to stock up on accessories like torches, bongs, and lighters, then check out Misty Mountain Cannabis. They have a unique variety of affordable accessories suitable for all types of cannabis consumers.


This Victoria dispensary is a new kid on the block. It’s very small, with a carefully-curated selection of high-quality marijuana products.

They have competitive-to-cheap prices on flowers. These good prices also carry over into their impressive capsules collection.

We love the little banner updates within their catalog. They let you know when a product is new or back in stock, rather than throwing it back on coldly.

These little nuances are excellent for creating customer loyalty, especially for those who are aware of what your inventory is missing.


  • Nice Mom-and-Pop Feel In An Era Where Cannabis Franchises in Victoria Are Taking Over
  • Very Competitive Prices on Most Items
  • Excellent Capsules Selections
  • Dynamic Banner Notifications Are Nice Touch for Regulars


  • Prone to Running Out of Popular Items


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