Where To Get The Best Dab Tools [Tips & Guide]

Dab tools are essential for successfully vaping on your oil rig. However, the right dab accessories can also preserve your piece’s longevity, save you money on concentrates, and compliment your personality!

There are many reasons to need a new dab tool. Perhaps you broke your favorite dabber? Maybe you’ve decided to step up your smoking game and invest in a carb cap.

Whatever your reason is for getting new dabbing tools, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best online head shops to get dab tools and some of the best accessories in their catalog.

1. Everything420

Everything420 stays true to its name by offering convenient dabber tools for the low cost of $4.20. This website is an excellent place to get officially licensed gear for some of your favorite cartoons. Some of their most popular dabbers include American Dad, Tony the Tiger, and Mario.

Their website is very friendly for dabbing beginners. They explain the different types of dabbing tool materials and list their most popular items for easier, yet educated decisions.

Pika Dab Tool


Take your favorite Pokémon on-the-go with the Pika Dab Tool. Its oar-like tip is perfect for evenly smearing sticky wax over the top of your banger.

The tool has rivets that make for a non-slip grip. This feature is clutch when you’re getting blazed off fresh vapor.

Pika Dab Tool is made of metal, making it extremely durable and easy for travel. They can go pretty deep into the nail.

However, metal tools might cause some scratches on your rig. So, be careful as you scrape your concentrate!


  • Pikachu Decoration
  • Metal
  • Non-Slip Grip


  • Great Price
  • Study Tool with Oar Tip That Makes Smearing Wax Easier


  • Metal May Scrape Rig

Rick Dab Tool


If you love Rick and Morty, you will love this drooling Rick Dab Tool. This accessory is five inches long, allowing you to get deep enough in the nail’s crevices to clean it out successfully.

Its design is much like the Pika Dab Tool. The Rick Dab Tool offers the same functionality and non-slip grip. The oar tip has a curve that’s perfect for spooning up BHO.

If you are too Type A to have Rick be your dab tool, you can always opt for the Morty Dab Tool. Then, it’ll feel like you’re bossing him around to pack your nail!


  • Rick Decoration
  • Metal
  • Non-Slip Grip


  • Great Price
  • Study Tool with Oar Tip That Makes Smearing Wax Easier


  • Metal May Scrape Rig

2. DankGeek

While Everything420 is great for well-known comic characters, DankGeek offers some unique works of art to add to your collection. While being one of the best websites to buy a bong from, they don’t have as extensive a collection of dabbers as some others. However, DankGeek has a wide variety of other dab tool accessories.

DankGeek carries many carb caps that show off your personal style. They have options that will please everybody from sriracha lovers to alien nerds.

Get everything you need for a lifetime of dabbing at DankGeek. Their catalog boasts an impressive supply of dab mats, bangers, nails, and enail kits.

Samurai Sword Dabber with Carb Cap


Kill two birds with one sword, literally, with the Samurai Sword Dabber with Carb Cap. This bent-tip dabber looks like a sword. However, its shape improves its functionality, as you can work around the underside of your nail with this dabber.

The carb cap is made of titanium. It can be helpful for doming a small nail so that you can clear the rig. Unfortunately, the carb cap can get rather hot, which can make you apprehensive about clearing the apparatus.

While the piece looks great, it does tend to fall apart. It’s common to separate at the base where the cap and dabber meet.


  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • Carb Cap Fits 25mm & 30mm Hybrid Nail & Quartz E-Bangers


  • Easy to Get Underside of Nail
  • Long, Works Great with Large Bangers


  • Carb Cap Gets Really Hot, Can Burn to Use
  • Falls Apart

DankGeek – Ceramic Carb Cap & Dabber for 14/18mm


This piece isn’t the flashiest on the list, but it’s one of the most effective. The DankGeek – Ceramic Carb Cap & Dabber for 14/18mm is the perfect way to salvage any unused vapor until you’re ready for the next hit.

Unlike titanium, ceramic doesn’t conduct heat. So, you shouldn’t experience burnt fingertips as you might with the Samurai Sword Dabber. This feature is further enhanced by the tiny ventilation hole on the cap.

The base is connected securely so you can assure your dabber and carb cap are always together. Its dabber is angled so you can get deep into the residues that build up on your nail’s underside.


  • Universal 14mm/18mm Use
  • Airflow Hole
  • High-Quality Ceramic
  • Angled Dabber


  • Ceramic Doesn’t Get Too Hot to Handle
  • Very Effective Carb Cap
  • Dabber and Carb Cap Remain Together


  • Dabber Is A Little Short

3. DankStop

Next stop for dabbing accessories is DankStop. DankStop has an extensive variety of scientific glass bangers and nails.

They also contain many e-nail controllers. So, if you’re looking to manage the temperature of your vapes, DankStop has the best options for you to choose from.

Dream Pipes Liquid Glitter Glass Dabber


While nails are their thing, DankStop still has the most beautiful dabber on this list. They carry the Dream Pipes Liquid Glitter Glass Dabber.

Dream Pipes are the originators of the liquid-filled dabber. Watch the colors shimmer on your dabber as you work your concentrate around the nail.

Also, this dabber glows in the dark. Just shine your phone on it for 30 seconds, and it’s charged and ready to go.

This piece is made with borosilicate glass, popular with many types of bongs. You don’t have to worry about it breaking or contaminating your hot wax, even in the dark!

It also has pinched glass on the side for a finger rest. You can get to work on the wax without losing your grip.

With that said, the dabber is short and stout at the bottom. It might be hard getting deep into the nail for getting hidden honey.


  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Liquid-Filled Dabber
  • Glows in the Dark


  • Glows in the Dark Activates Fast and Looks Awesome
  • Finger Rest Allows For Controlled Movement


  • Short and Stout, May Have Trouble Accessing Nooks and Crannies

LavaTech Reacher Double Sided Dabber


At six inches, the LavaTech Reacher Double Sided Dabber is longer than many of the other tools on this list. This length provides adequate distance from your nose and the hot nail.

One side has a scoop-like end. This tip is perfect for picking up hash oil and putting it on your nail. You can then flip it over to the flat side to smooth out sticky waxes.

The flat side also has a sharp edge. Therefore, you can break up rosin and honey with ease.

This tool is made with functionality in mind. It’s sleek with a no-slip grip that allows for easy vape sessions. In the middle is a silicone sleeve to accentuate comfort when using this tool.


  • 6 Inches Long
  • Double Sided Tip
  • Non-Slip Grip and Silicone Sleeved Center


  • Sleek and Easy to Grip
  • Versatile with Many Types of Concentrates
  • Perfect Distance for Safe Vaping


  • Silicon Sleeve Sometimes Moves
  • Knife-Edge Might Not Be Sharp Enough to Cut Thicker Wax

4. Smoke Cartel

Smoke Cartel offers a wide variety of dab tools, including nectar collectors. However, their webpage can be a bit overwhelming.

It’s set up with blog articles alongside products, causing more scrolling for someone looking to browse. Plus, many of the products are glass on a background, making them hard to see.

With that said, Smoke Cartel does offer excellent variety for many types of dabbing accessories, alongside some of the best dab rig brands. Their catalog has pages of nails and bangers. Plus, you can find plenty of e-nail tools.

“Chompers” The Crocodile Glass Dab Tool


This dab tool is definitely a conversation starter amongst friends. Just like the real thing, this one’s tail comes to a pointy end that serves to break up hard wax around your nail.

We do appreciate the scales serving as grips. Not only is it non-slip, but the bubbles feel like a tiny finger massage!

This tool is made of borosilicate glass, making it hard to break. Just be careful not to chip the croc’s tooth.

“Chompers” The Crocodile Glass Dab Tool is specialized for quartz bangers. The end doesn’t have any curvature like the others, so it might be challenging to scoop concentrates.


  • 5 Inches Long
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Made for Quartz Bangers


  • Really Cute
  • Non-Slip and Comfy Grip


  • Very Small Tip Compared to Other 5 Inch Dab Tools
  • Bad for Breaking Up Concentrates

Skilletools Classic Series Metal Dab Tools

Where To Get The Best Dab Tools [Tips & Guide]

are versatile, reliable, and fun. This unique series of dabbing instruments allows you to pick the right accessory for the right occasion.

Choose from:

  • Dr. Dab (5.5 Inches) – Single-Ended with Shovel Tip
  • Flexy (6 Inches) – More Flexible Tip for Soft Surfaces
  • Honeybun (6 Inches) Double-Sided – Pointed Tip and Rounded Scoop
  • Scoop Dog (4.5 Inches) Scoop End for Concentrates

There’s a use for these tools for every situation, whether you’re a novice or pro. You can get these tools individually for replacements.

However, buying in various “bulk” amounts come with increased discounts. It might be worth getting them all!

5. GrassCity

GrassCity has a very limited selection of dab tools. Most of the products are pokers. However, they have a keychain dab tool, which isn’t available on most online head shops.

The majority of their dab tools are made of titanium. Its wide variety of titanium options might make GrassCity the first stop for those who want this type of dab poker.

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Concentrate Tool for Essential Oil with Spoon End


If you’re looking for the greatest benefits in the most compact tool, then check out the Concentrate Tool for Essential Oil with Spoon End. It’s just 4.1 inches long but efficient as hell.

For such a small accessory, it looks extremely durable. Yet, it’s super lightweight.

It contains two sides, one with a spoon-like bottom for scoping. We appreciate the extra hard piece at the end of the shovel. It makes breaking up the concentrate and scooping simultaneously much easier.

Both sides have spiraled metal grips that make it slip-resistant. That’s essential because it’s small size puts you much closer to the nail than these other options.


  • 4.1 Inches Tall
  • Stainless Steel
  • Double-Sided – Poker and Scoop
  • Non-Slip Grip


  • Very Durable and Easy to Travel
  • Heat Resistant and Efficient for Spreading Wax


  • May Be Too Close to Nail for Novices to Use

Titanium Sword Dabber Carb Cap

Where To Get The Best Dab Tools [Tips & Guide]

The Titanium Sword Dabber Carb Cap is a more functional version of the Samurai Sword Dabber with Carb Cap. It’s not as chic but also not as flimsy.

So, it won’t come apart at the base as easily as its predecessor. However, the sword is not impervious from becoming separated.

This piece is made of titanium, which preserves the flavor of your dab as it spirals through the carb cap and into your mouth.

The pointed end of the poker is sharp enough to break dabs. However, the curvature in the sword can also serve as a scoop. We love that they used this design feature as a way to improve this accessory’s functionality.


  • 4.3 Inches
  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • Dual Purpose
  • Carb Cap


  • Small and Durable
  • Carb Cap Helps Preserve Flavor
  • Sword Serves Dual Purposes for Poker and Makeshift Scoop


  • Sword Can Still Detach

6. Badass Glass

Badass Glass features one of the most extensive collections of dabbing tools. Some of these pieces will take your breath away with their beauty, as they are handblown by local California artists.

This online smoke shop features the popular Skilletools accessories featured at Smoke Cartel. They also have some fun animated characters that rival DankGeek.

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Glass Shovel Dabber With Bubble Cap


Okay, this accessory might look like a butt plug, but don’t let it fool you. The Glass Shovel Dabber With Bubble Cap is the real deal for dabbing.

We love the long shovel at the end. You can move concentrates around without fear of dropping it in the carpet fibers below.

The bubbled grips are awesome for maneuvering the tool. It’s comfortable, heat resistant, and assists in cooling down the vape.

Without a doubt, the carb cap is its best feature. Being attached to the scoop, you can just drop the concentrate and get to dabbing.


  • 5.5. Inches Tall
  • Large Scoop
  • Directional Carb Cap
  • Bubbled Grip


  • Very Comfortable to Hold
  • Easy to Scoop a Lot of Wax At Once
  • Directional Carb Makes for Great Vaping


  • Accidentally Suggestive Looking

Titanium Dabber


If you need something simple and effective, then try out the Titanium Dabber. One end has a ball tip that’s ideal for moving little wax pieces around the ring of the nail.

The other side contains a flat scooper that resembles a screwdriver. You can slightly stab your concentrate and push it along to get a decent scoop. Plus, it prevents a huge mess!

This tool is lightweight but sturdy. It has a grip in the middle that makes it harder for those who prefer a closer grip to the side they’re working with. Otherwise, it’s an excellent tool.


  • 5.5 Inches Tall
  • Titanium
  • Ball Point and Flat End


  • Mess-Free, Excellent for Scooping
  • Heat Resistant and Durable
  • Ball Point is Great for Small Wax Pieces on Nail


  • Ends Aren’t Ideal for Spreading Sticky Wax
  • Not the Best Spot for Grip Sleeve

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How to Pick the Best Dab Tool

Dabbing has become an art form. Dabbers have evolved to create some of the most useful tools that will accentuate the flavor of your concentrate and maintain the shelf life of your rig. Here are some tips for picking the right dab tool.


Dabbers and pokers help you move the concentrate around your nail. They come with a variety of tips that help with certain scenarios.

  • Ball-Point: Good for Poking Concentrates, Moving Around Nail
  • Spatula/Flat: Great for Sticky Waxes, Scooping
  • Shovel: Good for Breaking Up Hard Wax and Scooping

Dabbers are made with different materials:

  • Metal: Stainless Steel or Titanium, #1 Choice, Heat-Resistant and Durable
  • Glass/Ceramic: Heat Resistant, Preserves Flavor Better
  • Silicone: Expensive But Won’t Scratch Banger

Carb Caps

Concentrates release the most flavor at high temperatures. However, inhaling right away can be extremely harsh on the lungs.

Carb caps go over your nail to create a dome. That way, the hot vapor can cool down before you inhale.

Dab Mats

Dab mats help preserve your surface from getting ruined by sticky wax residue. They also have a non-slip grip for those who go a little sideways while hitting their dab rig. These tools are also useful for collecting up shatter that you break up with your dabber.

What is a dab kit used for?

A dab kit is a collection of tools and accessories that are used for dabbing concentrates, such as wax or shatter. Dabbing is a method of consuming concentrates by heating them and inhaling the resulting vapor. A typical dab kit includes a dab rig (a specialized water pipe), a nail (a metal or ceramic piece that is heated to vaporize the concentrate), a dabber (a tool used to handle the concentrate), and a torch (a butane lighter used to heat the nail).

The main purpose of a dab kit is to provide everything you need to get started with dabbing. A dab kit typically includes high-quality components that are designed specifically for dabbing, such as borosilicate glass, titanium, or quartz nails that are designed to heat evenly and retain heat. The dabber and torch are also important components of a dab kit, as they help ensure that the concentrate is vaporized efficiently and that the dabbing experience is safe and enjoyable.

Dab kits come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different preferences and budgets. Some dab kits include additional accessories, such as carb caps, quartz bangers, and dab mats, that can help enhance the dabbing experience. It is important to choose a dab kit that is suitable for your experience level and budget, as well as your personal preferences and requirements.

In conclusion, a dab kit is a collection of essential tools and accessories that are used for dabbing concentrates. Whether you are a seasoned dabber or just starting out, a dab kit provides everything you need to get started and enjoy the full dabbing experience. It is important to choose a high-quality dab kit that includes all the essential components, such as a dab rig, nail, dabber, and torch, to ensure a safe and enjoyable dabbing experience.

Is a dab tool necessary?

A dab tool, also known as a dabber, is a tool that is used to handle and place concentrates onto a heated nail for dabbing. While it is not strictly necessary to use a dab tool, it is highly recommended for several reasons.

First, a dab tool provides a safe and hygienic way to handle concentrates. Concentrates can be sticky and difficult to handle with your bare hands, which can result in a mess and can also introduce unwanted contaminants into your concentrates. A dab tool allows you to handle concentrates without having to touch them directly, helping to keep your concentrates clean and pure.

Second, a dab tool can improve the accuracy and efficiency of your dabbing experience. A dab tool provides a precise way to place concentrates onto the nail, which can help ensure that your dabs are consistent and that you are getting the most out of your concentrates. Additionally, some dab tools, such as carb caps, can be used to control the airflow and temperature of your dabs, which can result in a smoother and more flavorful dabbing experience.

Third, a dab tool is a necessary component of a dab kit and is essential for a safe and enjoyable dabbing experience. A dab tool provides a safe and convenient way to handle concentrates, which is especially important if you are new to dabbing or if you are using a hot nail.

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