The 10 Best Weed Dispensaries in Spokane

In 2013, Washington became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, even if it was the second to make an official recreational sale. However, cannabis advocacy has long been a staple in the culture of Spokane, Washington.

Back in 1979, A Spokane man with multiple sclerosis got his arrest overturned on the grounds that marijuana helped his condition. Now, the 217,000+ that live in Spokane can enjoy marijuana legally.

Here are the best cannabis dispensaries in Spokane, Washington!

1. Lucid Cannabis Company


A Great Pot-Stop Cabin During Your Travels To and From Idaho

Travelers will love a pot-stop at the Lucid Cannabis Company. This North Spokane dispensary is an ideal stop for many vacationers coming over from Idaho or those driving through the Lilac City on their way to Silver Sands Beach.

Plus, it’s right near a Chick-Fil-A. So, your munchies are covered, too!


This dispensary is actually a cabin; the only of its kind in Spokane. A gorgeous cabin front isn’t the only thing that’s charming about Lucid Cannabis Company.

Their team is awesome. They have great knowledge of their products and make excellent recommendations for both medical and recreational users.

Lucid has some of the best prices for weed in Spokane. You can get some excellent deals on flower, prerolls, and certain concentrates.

Topical users will definitely want to check out their menu. They have the largest selection in Spokane. The prices are also really competitive, so you might not need to shop around.


  • Great Team, Excellent Products, and Awesome Deals
  • Love the Whole Cabin Vibe
  • Really Convenient Stop for Drive-Byers
  • Who Doesn’t Want to Swing By A Chick-Fil-A After A Weed Pickup?


  • Not the Best Quality Accessories, Stick to A Headshop Unless You’re In A Pinch


2. Piece of Mind Cannabis


The Costco of Cannabis, Mix and Match Strains to Buy in Bulk, Save & Earn Rewards

Want some of the best deals in North and South Spokane. Pop by either Piece of Mind Cannabis (POMC) location to see what they’re offering today!


While sales are always changing, they tend to be mix-and-match bulk sales on the same types of cannabis products. For instance, you get a percentage off when you buy four eighths of different strains or get four different topicals.

These are great deals for people who want to stock up on weed while having different strains to try out. It’s also perfect for new users who want to experiment with tinctures, salves, and edibles while they find the right product to add to their routine.

POMC is all about the savings. They have deals for medical patients and veterans.

Also, make sure you enroll in their rewards program. Every dollar equals a point to bank and cash in on for future discounts.

While their products are top notch, their customer service is spotty. This Spokane dispensary is best for experienced cannabis users who don’t come with questions.


  • The Best Marijuana Sales in Spokane, Washington
  • A Decent Reward Program
  • Competitively Priced Products


  • Inconsistent Customer Service, Doesn’t Offer Recommendations, Might Feel Rushed
  • Long Waits on Curbside


3. Cannabis & Glass


The Best Cannabis Shop for New Users, Come with Questions!

The goal of Cannabis & Glass is to be the most user-friendly cannabis shop in the Spokane-Ontario area. We must say, they do a pretty seamless job.


This website is one of the sleekest and easiest to navigate. We also appreciate that they can hail an Uber for you through their site, too!

Cannabis & Glass is all about customer service. They encourage people to call and ask about orders over the phone rather than online. Their team is dedicated to getting new cannabis users the products they truly need.

In addition to a great team, they have one of the largest selection of products. They carry products made with over 400 cannabis strains.

You can browse any of their four stores in Washington and Canada. Their team will happily ship the product locally so you can have it.

We also appreciate how easy it is to filter their daily deals. You can find flower for under $10 with the click of a button. You’ll definitely want to browse their deals because their regular-priced products can get up there.

Just don’t rely on the thumbnail to help you make a final decision. Most thumbnails are just brand logos. While you might save a few dollars, you could end up with something you’d otherwise pass on.


  • New Loyalty Program That Accumulates Points Quicker Than POMC
  • Easy to Navigate Website, Love the Uber Feature
  • Excellent Customer Service, Willing to Go Above and Beyond


  • Terrible Cart Interface for Online Shopping
  • With A Name Like Cannabis & Glass, They’re Severely Missing Out On Glass Products


4. Smokane


Concentrate On These Concentrates, You’ll Get the Best Variety AND Deals

Smokane is the most popular East Washington dispensary. They specialize in recreational marijuana, with budtenders who really know how to show you a good time.


That doesn’t mean Smokane isn’t adequate for medical patients. Along with veterans, they get 15% off.

Industry workers will also enjoy a sweet 20% discount. So, farmers and lab workers, make sure to bring your badge.

Smokane also gives back to their loyalty customers. They have a pretty solid reward program and give you 15% off on your birthday.

Smokane is pickup only, which makes things challenging when it comes to ordering. Almost no products are shown in their thumbnails.

Everything is a logo. So, you can’t differentiate between any products.

They have some of the largest selections of concentrates in Spokane. Their prices are affordable to premium. So, you’ll definitely want to make time to shop inside and check things out in person.


  • Your Best Shop for Wax in Spokane
  • Excellent Discount Programs for All Types of People
  • Really Nice Team, Willing to Work with You to Get the Right Products


  • The Worst Online Shopping Cart, Need to Constantly Reactivate Filters, Can’t See Products
  • Always Pretty Busy, So Come with Some Time to Spare


5. Spokane Green Leaf


Everyday Is A Reason to Celebrate With Their Daily Deals and Handy Price Matching

Want to experience a piece of history? Step into the first cannabis dispensary in Lilac City by checking out Spokane Green Leaf.


Spokane Green Leaf is one of the few Spokane cannabis dispensaries to price match. So, if you see something you like elsewhere, check to see if they have it here. You can then stock up on their other competitively priced items!

In addition to price matching, you get daily deals that are branded in ways that you won’t forget:

  • Munchie Monday – 20% Off Most Edibles
  • Doobie Tuesday – 20% Off Most Joints
  • Wax Wednesday – 20% Off Most Concentrates, Vape Carts and Infused Joints
  • Top Shelf Thursday – 20% Off Select Premium Flower Brands
  • Friday Pandamonium – 20% Off Select Phat Panda Products
  • Shatter Saturday – 25% Off Concentrates, Vape Carts and Infused Joints
  • Self-Care Sunday – 15% Off Flower Ounces, 20% Off CBD Topicals

Their thumbnails are all over the place. Sometimes you see the bud, other times you get the lab report. This online shop is still easier to shop than Smokane, but it might still be a bit of a crapshoot.


  • Great Daily Deals, Gives You Something to Look Forward To
  • Price Match Is Clutch, Spoiler: Cannabis & Glass Has Same Banger For Cheaper
  • All High-Quality Products That Are Moderately Priced
  • Carries CBD Pet Products


  • Messy and Clunky Online Shop
  • Limited Concentrate Selection


6. Royals Cannabis


A Great Stop for New Users, Experienced Smokers Might Want to Venture Elsewhere

We may never be Royals, but we can smoke like them at Royals Cannabis. They have a highly-educated staff who specializes in creating the ultimate smoking experience.


First timers should feel comfortable in the hands of budtenders at Royal Cannabis. Their team promotes their First Time FAQ and encourage you to stop in and chat with them about it.

Royal Cannabis has rewards and discounts, but they are the worst deals in Spokane. You earn 1 point for every $10 you spend.

Payouts are strange, breaking down as:

  • 39 Points – 10% Off One Item
  • 58 Points – 15% Off One Item
  • 76 Points – 20% Off One Item
  • 93 Points – 25% Off One Item

Also, veterans and seniors are entitled to 12% off, another unique number, yet less than the typical 15% at other dispensaries.

When it comes to online window shopping, Royals pulls you in with a false sense of security. Each product type has a zoomed in picture that brilliantly shows off flower trichomes and sugary edibles.

However, they use the same high-res picture for EVERY product. Unless you know the name brand, you will have to go based on the verbal descriptions.


  • Very New User-Friendly
  • Smart Staff Who Are Great At Pairing Products to Desired Effects
  • Offers A Rewards Program, Daily Deals, and Discounts for Seniors & Vets
  • Smooth Pickup Service, Always On Time, Usually Right


  • Not the Best Rewards or Discounts
  • Uses the Same Stock Photo for All Products


7. Lucky Leaf Co.


Where Midnighters Go to Toke Up, Just Show Up At 11:50!

Work late or realize last minute that you need to stock up? You’re in luck. The Lucky Leaf Co. is open until midnight seven days per week!


You won’t be able to pickup that late. You’ll have to stop in and shop. While convenient, you will miss out on the 15% discount offered on all online orders.

Online orders can be a bit tricky, though. They’re not always in stock with the items you order. So, you’ll show up to an unpleasant surprise.

Lucky Leaf Co. has a wide variety of cannabis products that run the gamut in terms of prices and potency. All types of smokers with different budgets can leave without going broke.

While this place is lucky with leaves, their accessories selection leaves a lot to be desired. They only offer rolling papers. So, swing by a nearby headshop to get your dab rig or bowl.


  • Really Convenient Hours, Great for Night Owls
  • 15% Off Online Orders Is A Sweet Deal
  • Broad Collection of Cannabis Products At Various Prices


  • No One Communicates When An Item Is Out of Stock During Pickup Orders
  • No Accessories to Choose From, So Google the Closest Headshop
  • Known to Lock Up A Few Minutes Prior To Midnight


8. The Green Nugget


The Green Nugget is Spokane’s largest cannabis dispensary. They have over 2,000 products in their catalog!


This impressive catalog makes it easier to create marketable daily deals:

  • Monday Funday – 20% Off All Flower
  • Twisted Tuesday – 20% Off All Pre-Rolls, Including Twax
  • Wax Wednesday – 20% Off Most Concentrates, Vape Carts and Infused Joints
  • Top Shelf Thursday – 20% Off All Premium Marijuana Brands, 25% Off Accessories
  • Phat Friday – 20% Off All Phat Panda Products
  • Shatter Saturday – 25% Off Concentrates, Vape Carts and Infused Joints
  • Stock-Up Sunday – 25% Off Edibles & Topicals, 15% Off Pre-Roll Multipacks & Flower Ounces

Many of these deals are identical to Spokane Green Leaf. Since Spokane price matches, you might want to check out what the better deal is.

If you are heading to Green Leaf anyway, you might want to see what The Green Nugget is offering that day to get an equal price.

The Green Nugget has a rewards program. However, they don’t divulge what is involved until you sign up. So, you will automatically enter their marketing database.


  • So Many Opportunities to Save, Besides Daily Deals, They Have Bulk Discounts
  • Very Competitive Prices on Pre-Rolls
  • Largest Selection of Cannabis Products in Spokane
  • Great CBD Selection


  • Commonly Messes Up Pickup Orders
  • Might Be Better Off Using Their Prices to Go to Spokane Green Leaf to Price Match
  • Rewards Program Seems Like Marketing Scheme
  • Some Really Expensive Flower


9. 420-Friendly


Community Vibe with A Curated Selection of High-Quality Products

Need to get high right after you land? Swing by the closest dispensary to the Spokane International Airport by visiting 420-Friendly.


We love the grassroots and community vibe of this dispensary. They were founded by a veterinarian and small business accountant. Both were passionate cannabis users and fought hard for marijuana legalization in Washington.

Most of their products are made with Washington-cultivated marijuana. That makes their flowers and pre-rolls some of the most flavorful and potent.

With that said, they have the smallest selection in Spokane. Their products are carefully selected.

While effective products, this dispensary isn’t ideal for someone who wants to get a smorgasbord of cannabis products to experiment with. You should have a clear plan of what you want.

They don’t have many product pictures and you’re asked age verification on every page. So, it’s best if you just stop in and see what they’re selling in person.


  • Great Community Vibe with An Awesome Team
  • Really Effective Products At Moderate Prices
  • Mostly Made with Washington-Grown Cannabis for Freshest Buds
  • Super Close to Airport
  • Excellent Parking, Plenty of Room for Your Truck!


  • Smallest Inventory of Spokane Weed Dispensaries
  • Age Verification On Every Page Is Aggravating
  • Inconsistent Thumbnails Makes Window Shopping Hard, Just Stop In


10. Kush21


When Done Strategically, Their Price Matching and Deals Can Make for Nice Hauls

Kush21 caters to the Seattle area, especially being the closest dispensary to SeaTac Airport. Now, they’re expanding into Spokane with their brand new dispensary.


Like Lucky Leaf, Kush21 price matches. So, make sure you compare with other dispensaries before planning your trip.

Many prices are high. So, you will probably find other deals elsewhere.

Your best bet is to comparative shop and piggyback your purchase at Kush21 with whatever monthly or weekly deal they’re currently running.

Their best bang(er) for the buck is concentrates. They have a large inventory and are competitively priced. Some can get up there, so again, make sure to look at other sites.

Kush21 has a great pickup service going. They’re always ast and get your product right. Plus, you get 10% off when you preorder.


  • Price Matches, Which Is Helpful Due to Their High Prices
  • Good Deals On Many Concentrates
  • Weekly and Monthly Deals with Good Savings
  • Excellent Pickup Service, Always On Time and Right
  • Save When You Preorder


  • A Pretty Expensive Inventory, Especially On Bud
  • Website Doesn’t Have Pics Of All Products


By cannabunga

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