Best E-Nail Dab Rigs You Can Buy 2023

An electronic concentrate vaper is called an e-nail. An e-nail is a similar device to a traditional dab rig. It can attach to a regular waterpipe, vape mode, or standalone. Similar to dry herb vaporizers e-nails may be divided into portable or desktop versions.

Use these E-Nails to get perfect dabs every time

E-Nails are concentrated vaporizers that heat the wax with electricity, instead of using a flame. Before the invention of E-Nails, one would need to heat your nails with a blowtorch. The problem was that it was difficult to reach the proper temperature for vaporizing without burning. Not to mention the inconvenience of using a blowtorch.

E-nails are powered by electricity and heat up heating elements to reach the right temperature for vaporization. E-nails have been deemed safer and more efficient than traditional dab rings, making them the preferred choice for vaping concentrates.

If this is the question you have been asking, What is an Enail? You’re in luck. This article will inform you about enails and highlight some the most popular enails. Let’s break down the word in its entirety. Enail is an acronym for electronic. The enail stands for electronic and is one of the most popular and current ways to use concentrates and dabs. Before the electronic nail was introduced, users used a torch or titanium or quartz nails to heat up their dab, wax, or shatter. Then, they could be consumed. You can simply plug and play with an enail. Or should I put it, plug-and-smoke. You can connect an electronic enail to the wall and set the temperature. The unit will then wait for a few seconds or minutes before reaching that temperature. The temperature control keeps the temperature constant so you can use the same enail multiple times. Consistency is the main benefit of dabbing with an electric enail. Your dabbing experience will be smoother because you can control the temperature. Also, the flavor of the concentrate won’t be affected.

Every type of dab-rig is compatible with the best e–nails. We’ve given you a quick introduction. Now let’s get into the best e-nails available this year.

Both types use some kind of electric heating element or power source to attain the ideal temperatures for vaporizing waxy concentrates.

E-nail, also known as e rigs or e-rigs is quickly becoming the most preferred daily driver of dabbing within the THC concentrate communities. Traditional dab rigs used a torch to heat up nails before they came into contact with concentrates. In order to get the perfect dab, a traditional dab rod required some level of expertise.

Overheating can cause combustible dabs. In contrast, too little heat won’t evenly evaporate everything and you will have a messy nail to clean. The problem can be solved with electric dab nails. This will provide some relief from the heat of butane torches. You will also find that low-temperature dabs are gentler on your throat, lungs, and throat.

A typical desktop-e-nail setup employs temperature-sensing technology, paired with a heating component that wraps around each nail. It will maintain the desired temperature until you turn off the unit. Anyone can enjoy a smooth, flavorful, and effective vape with e-rigs without having to have any experience.

Best E-Nail Dab Rigs You Can Buy 2023

Ispire The Wand – Enail Dab Kit

Ispire The Wand - Enail Dab Kit

The Wand Enail dab kit by Ispire will show you what future dabbing looks like. This induction e nail dab kit replaces torch lighters and butane, which are outdated and expensive.

This compact e-nail kit features induction heating. You can set the temperature you prefer for the best dabbing experience. The Wand gives you complete control over your dabbing experience.

The Wand allows you to swab with no fire when you use it. The replaceable dual 18650 batteries power this electronic nail. It can be set to a precise temperature of 250deg to 800degF. For more flexibility in dabbing, the device has both an auto and manual mode.

The Wand makes it easy to dab with one of the included borosilicate glasses bangers. This takes the torch out of your equation, as well as all the wires and coils that are found in other e-nails. The Wand heats the banger precisely to your preference temperature using an induction heating process. When the banger has reached the right temperature for dabbing, you can place the concentrate inside the banger to get the perfect hit.

The included boro-glass bangers have inner cups made from the same material that heats efficiently and is easy to clean. The Wand can be used with almost all bongs. Get the Ispire the Wand Enail Dab Kit to take your dabbing into the future.

Freeze Pipe E-Nail

Freeze Pipe E-Nail

The Freeze Pipe ENail can be used with any Freeze Pipe bong or recycling device that has a 14.5mm to 18.8mm bowl. The electronic nail heats in seconds between 200F – 700F. It easily adjusts to fit any 14.5mm, 18.8mm, or 17.8mm bowl.

Instead of wasting time with a stopwatch/blow torch, this Freeze Pipe ENail will make it safer, faster, easier, and more enjoyable to concentrate. This e nail features a safety shut off that turns the unit off when the desired temp has been reached after 60 seconds.

The LED screen in the electronic nails shows the temperature, battery life, and time left before cooling off. The chamber flips open so that you can easily insert your waxes and not burn yourself. It is lightweight and portable and can fit right into your palm.


Galaxy Quartz E-Banger Complete E-Nail Kit

Galaxy Quartz E-Banger Complete E-Nail Kit

Galaxy is a leading name in the e nail world. The latest product from their ongoing effort to improve and perfect the e-nail technology is this Quartz E-Banger kit.

This eliminates the guesswork, hassle and bulkiness of heating a dab.You can now eliminate the need to use a torch and set the temperature at which you wish to enjoy your concentrates by pressing a button.

For optimal heat retention, the coil is wrapped from wall-to-wall.


Galaxy E-Nail “Odyssey” Quartz Infused All Ceramic Airway USA Made Enail

Galaxy E-Nail "Odyssey" Quartz Infused All Ceramic Airway USA Made Enail

Galaxy E-Nail was the first e-nail. These electric nails were handcrafted in Santa Cruz, CA using the finest materials sourced from the USA. Because they have an all-ceramic air pathway, they take pride in their nails. These enails are designed to perform and be safe to use.

This e-nail can be used for any size or gender of pieces by using a quartz-coated ceramic dish and a universal adapter made from titanium.


Kromedome Enail and Electronic Nectar Collector – The Nomad

Kromedome Enail and Electronic Nectar Collector - The Nomad

The 4-in-1 Nomad by Kromedome device is innovative and can be used to meet all your concentrate consumption needs. The Nomad is a handheld device that can be used as a cartridge battery or a cartridge to-rig device. It also acts as a nectar collector and portable e-nail.

Concentrated extracts can be used to get faster, cleaner and more intense results, no matter if you are using them medicinally or for recreational purposes. The Nomad can be used in all situations, so you can get the full benefits of your favorite concentrates wherever you are.

The Nomad is extremely versatile and can be used in any way you like. It can be used as a regular hand-held vaporizer. Simply attach a 510-cartridge and spillproof mouthpiece to the battery, and take a spin.

You can connect the Nomad to an oil rig’s joint, and it will act as a cartridge device.

The Nomad can be used as an e-nail for quick and easy vaping. Simply drop your concentrate into the top and hold the button down to heat it up. Then, you can enjoy your hit.

You can use the quartz tip to make the Nomad an electronic nectar collector.

The Nomad features an auto-heating function, and a ceramic coil that is self-cleaning. You can enjoy your favorite concentrates in any way that you like.


Pulsar Axial Mini eNail Kit

Pulsar Axial Mini eNail Kit

These Pulsar Axial Mini eNail Sets are ideal for all types of titanium and quartz nails. This heating design heats the sides and bottom of each nail to create even heating.

These parts are compatible to a variety of Pulsar Elite Series and eNail products. The set includes a removable power cable, as well as a heating and titanium carb cap.

A digital display with push button buttons allows for simple and quick adjustments. Built-in surge protector increases safety and prevents potential injuries from dabbing.


Traditional dab rigs and E-nails

The torch heats the nail and can sometimes be used to ignite concentrates. You can waste a lot if you don’t do it correctly. This is why the e-nail became so popular in the cannabis community. It’s especially popular among serious concentrate fans.

The problem with blowtorch use is that it is difficult to determine the temperature of your nail at any particular moment. Using a traditional rig is a more precise method. The temperature of E-nails can also be adjusted to lower temperatures, which allows for a more complex terpene profile. This highlights the flavors and psychoactive effects of each strain. It doesn’t take a lot of experience to use an e-cigarette. Portable e-nails

E-nails for portable use are smaller versions of larger desktop units. These two rigs have a lot of similarities. They both use some kind of heating element, glass mouthpiece, or power source. However, these rigs are great for traveling. Many portable e-nails can be powered by internal or rechargeable batteries, such as the Dr. Dabber Boost. Or, they can attach directly to your vape mod’s 510 connection, such as the Kandypens Icon.

Desktop e-nails

Desktop e-nails come in a variety of forms and are more complicated. Each one has the same essential components. These include a box that acts as the brain for the operation, a cable with a heating component on one end, and an XLR Cable on the other. Then there are the main stars of this show, the nail or water pipe. Bangers are the most common type of nail and they can be made out of many materials.

Many desktop erigs boxes include an LED screen to display your temperature in realtime. They can plug into your wall and run on AC power, which is not the case with portable devices. Although they are not recommended for traveling, they are great for home use.

How to use an E-nail

These devices should not be intimidating. An electric dab-rig is simple to use.

You can adjust the temperature by turning on your eNail. Allow it to heat up. You can also apply a bit of concentrate to the nail by inhaling through your pipe. If you have a carbcap, place it on top of your nail and take a puff. That’s it.

Because it increases the flavor and production of e-liquids, many users prefer to use a carb cover while taking a hit. The majority of carb caps can be attached to a dab instrument so that you don’t have to worry about it. Domed nails used to be popular in the past, but these days they are slowly being replaced by carb caps. Materials for common E-nails



  • Material most commonly used for its durability and quick heat-up


  • Flavor is not the best.

Titanium is the most widely used material for e nails. It’s durable, inexpensive and safe to inhale (as far as it is not below Grade 2). Titanium nails have the advantage of being durable, and they can last for many years if taken care of properly. However, they don’t have the best taste.



  • Excellent flavor does not retain heat and is easy to use


  • Long heat-up time, breakable

The e-nail world’s flavor hunters have moved away form titanium to discover that ceramic has a better taste and is more expensive. Ceramic can be harder to restore to its original state.



  • Food safe, high flavor material with low heat retention


  • You can break, but not the fastest heat up

Quartz nails are the preferred method of dabbing, especially for flavor chasers. Quartz nails are much more durable and versatile than ceramic. Although the jury is still out as to which one has the better flavor, it could just be personal preference. They’re close.

Understanding E-Nail Dab Rigs

Dabbing, the consumption of concentrates, has gained significant popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. While traditional dab rigs have been the go-to method, they come with certain limitations. However, E-Nail dab rigs have emerged as a revolutionary alternative, providing an elevated experience to concentrate aficionados.

Limitations of Traditional Methods

Traditional dab rigs often require the use of a torch and butane to heat the nail or banger. This process can be inconsistent, leading to variations in temperature and subsequent effects on the flavor and potency of the concentrate. Moreover, the manual heating process may pose safety risks, especially for inexperienced users.

Advantages of E-Nail Dab Rigs

E-Nail dab rigs address these limitations by offering several noteworthy advantages. Firstly, they provide precise temperature control, allowing users to set and maintain the desired temperature consistently throughout the dabbing session. This level of control ensures optimal vaporization and extraction of the concentrates, resulting in enhanced flavor profiles and maximum potency. Additionally, E-Nail dab rigs eliminate the need for torches and butane, making the dabbing process more convenient, efficient, and safer.

Components of an E-Nail Dab Rig

To fully understand E-Nail dab rigs, let’s delve into their key components and how they work together to deliver a seamless dabbing experience.

  1. Electronic Nail (E-Nail) Controller: The E-Nail controller serves as the central unit of the setup. It is responsible for regulating the temperature of the heating element. Equipped with a digital display and controls, users can easily set and adjust the desired temperature according to their preferences and the characteristics of the concentrates being used. Some E-Nail controllers also offer advanced features such as timers, presets, and temperature profiles for added convenience and customization.
  2. Heating Element: The heating element is a crucial component that directly affects the performance of an E-Nail dab rig. Typically made of titanium, ceramic, or quartz, the heating element is responsible for heating the nail or banger to the desired temperature. It connects to the E-Nail controller and utilizes electric power to reach and maintain the set temperature consistently.
  3. Water Pipe or Dab Rig Attachment: E-Nail dab rigs come in various configurations, but they all feature a water pipe or dab rig attachment. This component is similar to what you would find in a traditional dab rig, providing the necessary filtration and cooling for the vapor produced. The water pipe or dab rig attachment connects to the E-Nail setup, ensuring a seamless flow of vapor from the heated nail to the user.
  4. Dabbing Accessories: To complete the E-Nail dab rig setup, several essential accessories are required. These include the nail or banger, which serves as the surface on which the concentrate is placed and vaporized. Additionally, a carb cap is used to cover the nail or banger during the dabbing process, helping to regulate airflow and maximize vaporization. Lastly, a dab tool is used to handle and transfer the concentrate onto the heated surface.

Advantages of E-Nail Dab Rigs

Temperature Control and Consistency

Unleashing the Full Flavor and Potency One of the significant advantages of E-Nail dab rigs is their precise temperature control, which allows users to dial in the perfect temperature for their concentrates. This level of control ensures optimal vaporization and extraction, resulting in an enhanced flavor profile and maximum potency.

  1. Customizable Temperature Settings: Tailoring the Experience E-Nail dab rigs enable users to customize the temperature settings based on the specific concentrate being used. Different concentrates have different boiling points, and finding the ideal temperature can unlock their unique flavors and effects. With an E-Nail dab rig, users can experiment with a range of temperatures to discover the perfect balance that suits their preferences.
  2. Avoidance of Overheating or Underheating: Consistency is Key Maintaining consistent temperatures is crucial when dabbing concentrates. Traditional methods relying on torches can lead to temperature fluctuations and inconsistency in vapor production. E-Nail dab rigs provide stable and accurate temperatures throughout the dabbing session, eliminating the risk of overheating or underheating. This ensures consistent vapor production and a more enjoyable dabbing experience.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Streamlining the Dabbing Process E-Nail dab rigs offer unparalleled convenience and ease of use, simplifying the dabbing process for both beginners and experienced users.

  1. Quick Heat-Up Time and Constant Temperature: No More Waiting With E-Nail dab rigs, waiting for torches to heat up the nail is a thing of the past. These rigs boast rapid heat-up times, allowing users to start dabbing immediately. Once the desired temperature is set, the E-Nail dab rig maintains a constant temperature, eliminating the need for frequent reheating. This efficiency saves time and ensures consistent performance.
  2. Elimination of the Need for Torches: Safe and Convenient E-Nail dab rigs eliminate the need for torches and butane, making the dabbing process safer and more convenient. Torches can pose safety hazards, especially for those unfamiliar with handling them. With an E-Nail dab rig, the heating process is electrically powered and controlled, removing the risk of accidental burns or exposure to hazardous materials.
  3. No More Waiting for Cooldowns: Seamless Sessions Traditional dab rigs require a cooldown period after each dab to prevent accidental burns. E-Nail dab rigs eliminate this waiting time as the temperature can be precisely controlled. Users can enjoy consecutive dabs without interruptions, resulting in a more efficient and uninterrupted session.

Safety Features and Enhanced User Experience

Prioritizing Safety and Comfort E-Nail dab rigs come equipped with safety features and provide an overall enhanced user experience, combining safety and comfort in one package.

  1. Automatic Shutoff and Safety Timers: Peace of Mind To prevent overheating or accidents, many E-Nail dab rigs are designed with built-in safety features. These features include automatic shutoff mechanisms and safety timers that power down the rig after a specified period or when a temperature threshold is reached. These safety measures provide peace of mind, ensuring worry-free dabbing sessions.
  2. Stable and Controlled Heating Environment: Consistency and Control E-Nail dab rigs create a stable and controlled heating environment, resulting in consistent vapor production. The stable temperature allows users to focus on enjoying their concentrates without worrying about fluctuations. This controlled heating environment also enhances the overall experience by maximizing the flavor, potency, and smoothness of each dab.
  3. Enhanced Flavor and Vapor Production: A Flavorful Journey Precise temperature control in E-Nail dab rigs enables optimal vaporization of concentrates, unlocking their full flavor potential. By hitting the ideal temperature range, users can experience the nuances and intricate flavors of their concentrates. The controlled heating environment ensures that the concentrates are heated evenly and at the right temperature, leading to a more flavorful and enjoyable dabbing experience. The flavors are preserved, and the terpenes, which contribute to the unique aroma and taste of the concentrate, are released in their full spectrum.

Moreover, E-Nail dab rigs are designed to maximize vapor production. The precise temperature control allows for efficient vaporization of the concentrates, producing thick, dense clouds of vapor. This enhances the overall sensory experience, providing satisfying hits and ensuring that you get the most out of your concentrates.

Choosing the Right E-Nail Dab Rig

Choosing the right E-Nail dab rig involves considering several factors to ensure it meets your specific needs and preferences. By keeping these factors in mind, you can find the perfect E-Nail dab rig that enhances your dabbing experience.

  1. Budget Considerations: Begin by determining your budget range for an E-Nail dab rig. Prices can vary based on factors such as brand, features, and build quality. It’s essential to strike a balance between your budget and the quality and functionality you desire.
  2. Size and Portability: Consider the size and portability of the E-Nail dab rig. If you plan to use it mainly at home, a larger rig with more advanced features might be suitable. However, if you prefer to dab on the go or value portability, look for smaller, travel-friendly options that are easier to transport.
  3. Temperature Control Options: Evaluate the temperature control options offered by different E-Nail dab rigs. Some models provide basic temperature control, allowing you to set the desired temperature manually. Others offer more advanced features like precise temperature adjustment, pre-set temperature profiles, or even smartphone app integration. Choose a rig that provides the level of temperature control that aligns with your preferences.
  4. Material and Build Quality: The material and build quality of an E-Nail dab rig play a significant role in its durability, performance, and overall experience. Look for rigs made from high-quality materials like borosilicate glass or durable metals. Ensure that the heating element and other components are reliable and well-constructed to withstand prolonged use.

Popular E-Nail Dab Rig Brands and Models in the Market

To aid your decision-making process, consider exploring popular E-Nail dab rig brands and models that have gained recognition and positive reviews from users. Research and compare different options based on their reputation, customer feedback, and features. Some well-regarded brands include Puffco, G9, D-Nail, and Auber Instruments. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from experienced dabbers can provide valuable insights.

  1. Comparison of Different Brands and Models: Compare the features, price points, and customer reviews of various E-Nail dab rig brands and models. Look for consistency in performance, temperature accuracy, build quality, and customer satisfaction. This comparison will help narrow down your choices and find a reliable and reputable brand that aligns with your preferences.
  2. Reviews and Recommendations: Seek out reviews and recommendations from trusted sources, online communities, and fellow dabbing enthusiasts. Real-life experiences and firsthand accounts can offer valuable insights into the performance, usability, and durability of different E-Nail dab rig models. Consider the feedback provided by others to make a well-informed decision.

Setting Up and Using an E-Nail Dab Rig

Getting Ready for Dabbing Setting up an E-Nail dab rig involves a few simple steps to ensure proper assembly and preparation before you start enjoying your concentrates.

  1. Attaching the E-Nail Controller: Begin by connecting the E-Nail controller to a power source. Ensure that the power cord is securely plugged into the controller and the outlet. Familiarize yourself with the control panel and display, as this is where you’ll adjust the temperature settings.
  2. Connecting the Heating Element: Next, connect the heating element to the E-Nail controller. Most E-Nail dab rigs feature a universal joint or connector that allows for easy attachment of the heating element. Ensure a snug fit, making sure it’s securely connected to the controller and aligned with the nail or banger.
  3. Attaching the Water Pipe or Dab Rig: Once the heating element is properly connected, attach the water pipe or dab rig to the E-Nail setup. Slide the joint of the rig onto the connector or banger hanger on the E-Nail dab rig. Ensure a tight seal to prevent any air or vapor leakage during use.

Tips for Optimal Temperature Settings and Dabbing Techniques

Achieving the Perfect Dab Mastering the temperature settings and dabbing techniques will help you achieve the best flavor, vapor production, and overall dabbing experience with your E-Nail dab rig.

  1. Finding the Ideal Temperature: Experiment with different temperature settings to find the sweet spot that works best for your concentrates. Lower temperatures (around 315-400°F or 157-204°C) tend to preserve the flavor profile, while higher temperatures (around 450-600°F or 232-315°C) can produce larger vapor clouds. It’s a matter of personal preference, so start with lower temperatures and gradually increase to find what suits your taste.
  2. Proper Loading and Dabbing Techniques: When loading your concentrate onto the nail or banger, use a dab tool to place a small amount onto the heated surface. Take care not to overload it, as it may result in wastage or difficulty in vaporization. Once loaded, cover the nail or banger with a carb cap to maximize vaporization and control airflow. Take slow, steady inhales to draw the vapor into the rig and enjoy your dab.

Maintenance and Cleaning Recommendations

Keeping Your E-Nail Dab Rig in Top Shape Proper maintenance and cleaning of your E-Nail dab rig are essential to ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

  1. Regular Cleaning of the Nail and Dab Rig: After each dabbing session, clean the nail or banger with a cotton swab or dab tool while it’s still warm. This helps remove any residue and maintains the flavor quality. Additionally, regularly clean the water pipe or dab rig by rinsing it with warm water or using specialized cleaning solutions designed for glassware. Ensure all components are thoroughly dry before reassembling.
  2. Replacing or Cleaning the Heating Element: Over time, the heating element may accumulate residue or become less efficient. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean or replace the heating element when necessary. Regular maintenance of the heating element ensures consistent heat distribution and optimal performance of your E-Nail dab rig.

E-Nail Dab Rig Accessories and Enhancements

To enhance your E-Nail dab rig experience, various accessories are available that can improve vapor production, flavor, and overall enjoyment. These accessories complement your rig and allow for a more personalized and satisfying dabbing session.

  1. Carb Caps for Improved Vaporization: Carb caps are accessories designed to cover the nail or banger during the dabbing process. By covering the heated surface, carb caps help retain heat, promote even vaporization, and enhance flavor. They also regulate airflow, allowing for more controlled hits and better utilization of your concentrates.
  2. Quartz Bangers for Better Flavor: Quartz bangers have become increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional titanium or ceramic nails. Quartz offers superior heat retention and distribution, resulting in more efficient and flavorful vaporization. The clean taste and smooth hits provided by quartz bangers make them a favorite among dabbing enthusiasts.
  3. Dab Tools for Handling Concentrates: Dab tools, also known as dabbers, are essential accessories for handling concentrates. They come in various shapes and sizes, typically made from materials like glass, titanium, or stainless steel. Dab tools allow you to easily scoop, pick up, and transfer your concentrates onto the heated nail or banger, ensuring precision and minimal waste.

Recommended Enhancements for E-Nail Dab Rigs

Taking It to the Next Level Beyond basic accessories, several enhancements can take your E-Nail dab rig to the next level, providing enhanced filtration, cooling, and diffusion for an unparalleled dabbing experience.

  1. Recycler Attachments for Smoother Hits: Recycler attachments are innovative additions that enhance the filtration and cooling of your E-Nail dab rig. These attachments utilize a unique water circulation system that continuously recycles the water, creating a smooth and pleasant hit. The recycling action also helps prevent splashback and reduces the chances of water reaching your mouth.
  2. Percolators for Additional Filtration: Percolators, or “percs,” are additional filtration features that can be added to your water pipe or dab rig. They come in various styles, such as tree percs, honeycomb percs, or showerhead percs. Percolators provide extra diffusion, breaking down the vapor into smaller bubbles, resulting in improved filtration and smoother hits. They can significantly enhance the overall smoking experience.


What is an E-Nail Dab Rig?

An E-Nail dab rig is a device used to vaporize concentrated cannabis extracts to create a powerful, flavorful, and potent vapour. This device consists of a water pipe, usually a bong, with an electric heating element connected to a temperature controller.

The temperature controller is connected to the heating element, which is usually made of titanium or quartz. The temperature controller allows the user to select a specific temperature, which will heat the heating element to that temperature. The heating element then vaporizes the concentrate, creating a powerful and flavorful vapor.

The E-Nail dab rig has become increasingly popular among cannabis users due to its ability to maintain a consistent temperature while dabbing. This eliminates the risk of burning the concentrate, which can result in an unpleasant taste. Additionally, E-Nail dab rigs are portable and require little setup, making them ideal for on-the-go dabbing.

E-Nail dab rigs are also often used in combination with other devices, such as bubblers or recyclers, to create a more complex setup. This allows users to customize their experience, and even add additional filtration and cooling to the vapour. Overall, E-Nail dab rigs are a great way for cannabis users to enjoy a flavorful and powerful dab experience. They are easy to use, portable, and can be customized to fit any user’s preference.

How do you use an e-nail dab rig?

An e-nail dab rig, also known as an electronic nail dab rig, is a type of dab rig that uses electricity to heat the nail instead of a traditional torch. To use an e-nail dab rig, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Plug in the e-nail and set the desired temperature using the controller.
  2. Allow the nail to heat up to the desired temperature. This can take several minutes depending on the size of the nail.
  3. Once the nail is heated, use a dabber tool to place a small amount of concentrate onto the nail.
  4. Use a carb cap to cover the nail and inhale through the mouthpiece.
  5. Enjoy your dab and repeat the process as desired.
  6. Always remember to clean your e-nail rig and all the components regularly.

It is important to be aware that e-nail dab rigs require a bit more knowledge and attention than traditional dab rigs and you should always read the instruction manual before using it.

Why is it called E-nail?

The term E-nail is an abbreviation of “electronic nail,” which is a device that is used to vaporize cannabis concentrates. The device is an electronic version of the traditional titanium nail used in dabbing. It is a heating element that uses an electrical current to heat up to a desired temperature and keep that temperature consistent.

The device is powered by a battery, so it is portable and convenient. Additionally, the device is safer than a traditional titanium nail because it does not require an open flame to heat up. This device has become increasingly popular for its convenience, safety, and temperature accuracy.

Is an e-nail worth it?

The e-nail is a great investment for cannabis consumers who are looking for a convenient and consistent vaping experience. The e-nail eliminates the need for a traditional butane torch which can be inconvenient and dangerous. Butane torches also require frequent refilling, and the user must be careful to heat the nail to the right temperature in order to achieve the desired vaporization.

With an e-nail, you can set the temperature to the exact degree that you want, and it will maintain that temperature throughout your session. This ensures a consistent vaping experience and eliminates the guesswork of trying to find the right temperature with a butane torch.

The e-nail is also great for those who want to keep their cannabis products at a consistent temperature. This allows them to get the most out of their material by ensuring that the desired compounds are vaporized at the right temperature. This also helps to preserve the flavor and aroma of the cannabis for a more enjoyable experience.

Overall, an e-nail is a great investment for cannabis consumers who want a convenient and consistent vaping experience. With its precise temperature control, it eliminates the guesswork of trying to find the right temperature with a butane torch, and it helps to preserve the flavor and aroma of the cannabis for a more enjoyable experience.

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