Top 7 Best Ice Bongs [List & Guide]

An ice bong is a bong used for smoking weed, tobacco, and other herbs. It is called an ice bong because it has a chamber that can hold ice cubes. The ice helps to cool the smoke as it is inhaled, making for a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience.

To use an ice bong, you fill the chamber with ice and then pack the bowl (the part where the weed is placed). You then light it up and inhale through the mouthpiece. As you inhale, smoke is drawn through the water and ice, which cools and filters the smoke before it is inhaled.

Ice bongs are a popular choice among smokers because they offer a unique and smooth smoking experience. By incorporating ice into the design, these bongs are able to cool the smoke as it is inhaled, resulting in a more enjoyable and potentially less harsh hit. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best and most popular ice bongs on the market. Further on, we’ll also go through a buyer’s guide of what you should keep in mind when buying an ice bong.

We have scoured the internet and tested out multiple options to bring you a list of the top contenders. Whether you are a seasoned smoker or new to the game, we have options for every budget and preference. So sit back, relax, and let us help you find the perfect ice bong for your needs.

Best ice bongs

Glasscity Beaker Ice Bong

Top 7 Best Ice Bongs [List & Guide]

This beaker bong from Glasscity is 10 inches tall and is one of the most affordable yet qualitative bongs from the company. It is made of thick and durable borosilicate glass, making it perfect for travel. It is designed with an 18.8mm female ground joint and has a slitted inside-cut 18.8mm>14.5mm diffuser downstem, allowing for cooler rips. There are ice notches in the bong which makes it possible to add ice when you want a colder and frostier feel.

It comes with a 14.5mm male herb bowl with a handle. Frankly, if you’re looking for a practical, clean, and stylish ice bong, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Lil Zilla Beaker Base Ice Bong

Top 7 Best Ice Bongs [List & Guide]

This practical ice bong is on the smaller side with a height of 7 inches. Thanks to the small size, it is easy to travel with. The bong is equipped with a 3-pinch ice catcher and slitted diffuser downstem. Thanks to this combination, it allows you to take massive rips with a chilled, filtered effect.

The bong is made of high-quality boro glass for long-lasting durability and has colorful accents for a stylish touch.

Glass Beaker Ice Bong – Space

Top 7 Best Ice Bongs [List & Guide]

This stylish space ice bong is made by Famous Brandz and has a stunning, futuristic design. The bong is made of clear borosilicate glass and decorated with a lovely geometric print. The mouthpiece and bowl have black accents which give it a sleek and stylish look.

The bong stands 12 inches tall and has an 18.8mm female joint. Moreover, the bong has an inside-cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted diffuser. The slits in the submerged downstems will filter the smoke before it goes up the straight tube. This allows for a smoother, water-filtered hit that’s easier on your throat and lungs.

If you want more filtration and a cooling sensation, just add a few ice cubes into the bong and the ice-catcher will do its job. When the smoke comes in contact with the ice, it will cool it down for a more refreshing experience.

Glass Beaker Base Ice Bong with Metallic Finish

Top 7 Best Ice Bongs [List & Guide]

This stylish and unique beaker bong is made of high-quality 3mm thick glass and has a metallic finish. Its design certainly stands out from the ordinary.

The bong has a slitted diffuser downstem and ice notches allowing you to take chilling rips when you want. Moreover, they allow for massive clouds and filtered smoke.

This ice bong comes with a male herb bowl with a handle and the mouthpiece is rimmed which provides extra comfort.

Excellent performance and a striking design, what more could you ask for? Oh, and it’s available in multiple colors as well!

Rock Legends “Jimi Rainbow Haze” Beaker Ice Bong

Top 7 Best Ice Bongs [List & Guide]

This ice bong certainly stands out from the ordinary with its funky and unique design. It has a stunning rock star design by Famous Brandz. It is a bong with a height of 12 inches that features an 18.8 ground joint as well as an inside-cut 18.8mm > 14,5mm slitted diffuser. It comes with a 14.5mm male herb bowl with a roll-stopper-style handle.

The bong is made of 5mm thick borosilicate glass and on the glass is a nice design featuring musical legend Jimi Hendrix above the purple haze as well as a rainbow pattern. The mouthpiece and bowl have black glass accents for a stylish touch.

Lastly, the bong has ice notches built into the straight tube for when you want to rip with a chilling effect. Moreover, the rimmed mouthpiece allows for excellent comfort and allows for a tight seal.

Beaker Ice Bong – Snoochie Boochies

Top 7 Best Ice Bongs [List & Guide]

This 12 inches tall beaker ice bong is named Snoochie Boochies and is made for Jay and Silent Bob fans. It has comic book-style decals on the glass which creates a unique and eye-catching design. The bong is made from high-quality 5mm thick hand-blown borosilicate glass and features an ice catcher and a slitted diffuser downstem. These filter and chill the smoke for monster rips with excellent flavor and chilling effects.

The mouthpiece has a rimmed design which allows for extra comfort. It is also complemented by a splashguard.

Lastly, the bong has a 14.5mm bubble-style male bowl that can pack a lot of herbs. All in all, this is an excellent bong that you cannot go wrong with.

Minilla Straight Mini Rig Ice Bong

Top 7 Best Ice Bongs [List & Guide]

This cool and funky mini rig ice bong certainly stands out from the ordinary and is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a small yet functional ice bong. The bong measures only 3.75 inches tall, but unlike traditional hand pipes, this bong allows you to enjoy water-filtered hits wherever you go.

It has a classic straight tube design which allows for powerful rips and it makes it possible to boost filtration by adding a couple of ice cubes in the notches.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a slitted downstem and has a male quartz banger with a 14.5mm male joint.

All in all, if you’re looking for a small, functional, and stylish mini ice bong, this is a great choice.

Best ice bongs – buyer’s guide

If you want to smoke weed with a smooth, cool, and delicious hit, you might want to think about an ice bong. This bong uses a technique that combines water and ice to cool the water in the chamber, as well as the smoke. These methods allow the smoker to enjoy the smoke at a cooler temperature, which helps reduce irritation and coughing. Plus, smoother smoke means bigger hits.

There are several different types of ice bongs. Some of them are made of glass. Others are made of acrylic. Acrylic bongs are more durable, as they resist physical force better. Regardless of which type of ice bong you choose, you can be sure of one thing: it will look great.

Ice catchers are a popular feature on bongs. Basically, they act as a splash guard, preventing ice cubes from falling into the main chamber. They also make the bong smoother, as they allow the smoke to sit while it cools. However, if the ice catch gets clogged, it will limit airflow. You can avoid this problem by waiting for the ice cubes to melt slightly before taking a hit.

Another way to ensure a better smoking experience is to use a dab rig. These devices are similar to bongs, except that they use a thinner tube to hold the herb. They also come with a special ice pinch. When the coils are placed in the neck of the bong instead of the chamber, they are more likely to freeze and stay in place. The coils can cost hundreds of dollars, but a dab rig with an ice pinch is much more affordable.

Using an ice catcher in a dab rig can help the weed to burn faster, and the smoke to be smoother. In addition to this, a higher-quality dab rig will filter the weed better. A good ice catcher can even allow you to convert a bong into a dab rig!

Another method of achieving smoother smoke is to use glycerine coils. Glycerine is an artificial substance, made from fatty acids. It is also a great alternative to ice, as glycerine is not as prone to melting. Many glycerine coils are removable and are made of acrylic. Unlike ice, glycerine coils are very slow to melt, so you won’t need to worry about it getting in the chamber of the bong.

If you’re still on the fence about a bong upgrade, consider an ice catcher. It’s easy to use and provides smoother hits. Even though it costs a little extra money, the benefits of using a bong with an ice catcher are worth it. Just remember to watch your water level in the chamber, and you’ll be fine.

Whether you choose a bong with an ice-catching mechanism or not, remember to clean it regularly. Not cleaning the apparatus can lead to the buildup of impurities, which can ruin your smoking experience. To keep it clean, you’ll need a clean tray to put the ice in.

What is an ice bong?

Ice bongs are a new way to improve the smoking experience. Aside from providing a smoother hit, ice bongs also cool the smoke. They offer an excellent visual display as well. Unlike regular bongs, they are able to hold ice cubes and they have an ice catcher. Using an ice bong can help you achieve the best hits of your life. It can also provide more room for larger hits.

Choosing the right type of ice bong is important. Some types of bongs may not be suitable for certain temperatures, and other features might not work as well as they should. Fortunately, there are many options that can be found on the market. These include ice catcher bongs, ice chamber bongs, and dual chamber bongs. While all ice bongs are similar, each will have its own unique qualities.

In general, ice bongs are made out of three pieces of glass. These are the mouthpiece, the downstem, and the base. Depending on your needs, the mouthpiece might come with a hole that is large enough to hold ice cubes. The downstem and base usually come with small rivets on the neck.

You can also get a bong with a splash guard. This will prevent ice from splashing back into the water. This is especially helpful for people with asthma. Whether you choose a regular bong or an ice bong, the best way to ensure that your smoke is as clean as possible is to use a premium-quality filter.

Many of the ice bongs are also made out of borosilicate glass. This type of glass is known for its strength and durability. If you are looking for a bong that can last for years, a glass ice bong might be a perfect choice.

Another great option for an ice bong is a glass bong with ice catchers. This type of bong allows users to drop ice cubes into the bong, which helps to make the smoke less harsh. Glass bongs with ice catchers are meant to produce ultra-cool hits.

However, you should be aware that ice catcher bongs can be dangerous. If you are a novice smoker, you should not try using an ice catcher. An ice catcher works by filtering the smoke before it reaches the mouthpiece, reducing the temperature of the smoke. Also, if you use an ice catcher, you might cough more.

If you want the best experience possible, you should invest in a premium ice bong. Premium ice bongs have a downstem and a premium-quality filter. Both of these features can make the whole process of smoking much more enjoyable. Furthermore, they can ensure that you get consistent quality hits every time. Besides, they are worth the money.

There are also ways to make the ice bong you already have more comfortable. For example, you can add big chunks of ice, and use it in a way that is more convenient for you. And there are a lot of other methods you can use to increase your bong’s hits.

What is an ice catcher in a bong?

An ice catcher is a feature found on some bongs that allow users to add ice to the smoke path. It is typically a small glass chamber or perforated glass divider located near the top of the bong. The ice catcher sits above the water and below the bowl, so as the smoke travels up the bong, it passes through the ice before being inhaled.

The purpose of an ice catcher is to further cool the smoke before it is inhaled. Many people find that this can make for a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience, particularly if they are using a bong with a larger diameter or a more potent substance.

It is important to note that ice catchers are not present on all bongs, and not everyone prefers to use them. Some people find that the ice dilutes the flavor of the smoke, or that it makes the bong more difficult to clean. Ultimately, whether or not to use an ice catcher is a personal preference.

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