Which is the Best Ash Catcher to Use 2023?

January 29, 2023by cannabunga

Ash catchers revolutionized the glass game.

Just when it seemed like perc bongs couldn’t be any cooler, the ash catcher is here.

Bong Ash Catchers/Precoolers can be used between your downstem, bowl, and other creative items. While originally created to catch the ash to make your main piece cleaner, Ash Catchers or Precoolers can be used as an additional cooling device and filtration.

These water pipe additions attach at the spot where you would normally insert your slide. Ashcatchers are available in many shapes and sizes. Choose the size that best suits your pipe.

Why not get an ash catcher for your bong

  • To keep your percolators and pipes clean
  • To improve your inhale quality, add more water filtration
  • To increase the perc power of an attachment, it is simpler to clean than when it’s within your water pipe

Also, ash catchers definitely make an impact! Ash catchers can make a pipe look like a piece of science experiment art. They are a great way of trying out new percs and features, such glycerin chilleding, without having to buy a full-size model.

Your choice of ashcatcher is based on your personal preferences. You may prefer a lighter, smaller ashcatcher for a smaller bong. For your big double chamber bong, however, you may choose to get something more complicated.

It is very important to choose the right ash catchersize. Your bowl should be the same size as the ashcatcher. The 45 degree angle ash catcher is for the beaker-bongs. A 90 degree Ash Catcher is necessary if your waterpipe joint is vertically straight.

You want to be able to clear the bong while using an ashcatcher that is easy and not too difficult. Most beaker ash catchers will work with a 14mm 45 degrees ashcatcher. A 14mm 45° Ash Catcher by Diamond Glass can be seen in the above photo.

This Recycler Ash Catcher by Diamond Glass is our favorite ash trap for bongs. Nothing is worse than a dirty waterpipe. This amazing ash catcher will keep your bongs clean and your dab rigs tidy. The percolator diffuses smoking for a smoother experience. This ashcatcher ensures that water moves between its chambers during each hit. This increases filtration and reduces splashback to the bong.

It doesn’t matter if it spits out dirty water. Recycler ash catchers are great because dirty water is not sprayed into your bong. For continuous percolation and no splash back, the water flows upwards through the percolator before returning to the bottom.

Diamond Glass’s recycling ash catcher has a unique percolating design with flame polished, slits that filter the smoke. The Ash Catchers percolator allows airflow to move downward, allowing some of the smoke for recycling while the remainder flows into your smoking device. This feature keeps your device clean and makes it easy to enjoy the smoke. This is the best ashcatcher available.

A good bong ash catcher will save you time, keep it clean and add more filtration. There are many options available for ash catchers. We love the tree perc (showerhead), and the hammerhead. These percs all disperse well with very little splash back.

This piece needs a minimum of a 90 degree angle ash catcher. We paired it up with this Diamond Glass 90 degree Ash Catcher because it’s lightweight and will be easy to support the bong.

Showerhead Percolator. – This perc makes a great ash catcher because of its smooth, even diffusion, low drag, and low splashback.

Hammerhead Percolator — The HammerheadPercolator is a percolator that features slits on each side of the hammerhead. This design is very efficient in ensuring that there is minimal splash back and good diffusion.

Moonrock Percolator. This design features multiple holes and a widened stem. This design is excellent for collecting ash from your waterpipe and keeping it out. It bubbles easily and stays low, which prevents the dirty water leaking into your item.

You have many choices when it is time to buy ash catchers. You have many options when it comes to choosing an ash catcher. You can opt for a fancy or basic model of ash catcher made from diamond glass.

Let’s look at some bong Ash Catchers that are currently available.

Pulsar Egg Perc Ash Catcher

Pulsar Egg Perc Ash CatcherYou can’t pick between the most functional and cool design. With the Pulsar Egg Ash Catcher, you can have them both.

This ash catcher is made with thick borosilicate glasses and comes in a wide range of colors.This unique design will keep your pipes clean and provide excellent filtration for the smoothest hits.

This male joint is available in sizes 14mm and 19, and can be used with bangers, bowls and pipes.

Pulsar 8-Arm 45° Ash Catcher

Pulsar 8-Arm 45° Ash CatcherThis Pulsar 8 Arm Ash Catcher has an arm-treepercolator for maximum filtering. Each tree perc arm is precision cut to allow your smoke to flow through and cool down. The ashcatcher features a 14mm male and 14mm female joint to accommodate a 14mm male bowl

This ash catcher is built to last. It is made of strong borosilicate glass and has frosted joints. It can fit water pipes and rigs with a 45-degree angle. The 8-arm ash catch will keep your smoking apparatus clean so that you don’t spend a lot of time cleaning it.

It has superior cleaning power and filtration and delivers smoother hits with a clean, pure taste. The Pulsar logo is engraved on the side.

Pulsar High Class Ash Catcher – 45 Degree

Pulsar High Class Ash Catcher - 45 DegreeHigh Class Ash Catcher by Pulsar can boost the performance and appearance of your favorite piece.

This premium accessory was designed to improve the filtration of water pipes and prolong the life of your pipes. It features a large main chamber and colored disc perc, which provide powerful filtration before the smoke gets to your pipe.

You can choose from a 14mm or 19mm option. It fits female joined pipes with a 45-degree orientation. It can accept male herb slides and is 5.5 inches in height.

Pulsar Simple Drop Ash Catcher

Pulsar Simple Drop Ash CatcherDo you want your water pipes to last longer? This Pulsar Ash Catcher can help.

This catcher is made of thick borosilicate glasses and serves one purpose: to prevent ash or other material from getting into your water pipe. This catcher produces a cleaner piece of pipe water, which is more flavorful and smokier.

The bottom of this catcher has a fun zigzag pattern. It comes in different colors. The frosted male joints are added to complete the look.

Pulsar Swiss Perc Ash Catcher

Which is the Best Ash Catcher to Use 2023?The Swiss Ash Catcher By Pulsar can spice up your glass collection.

This water pipe is constructed with thick borosilicate borosilicate glass to prevent any ash and debris from entering your water pipes. The Swiss Style percolator cools and filters your hits to ensure smooth smoking. It connects at an angle of 90 degrees, making it ideal for straight tube water pipes.

For increased stability, the ashcatcher comes with small feet.

Rebel Initiate Glassworks Double Showerhead Perc Ashcatcher

Rebel Initiate Glassworks Double Showerhead Perc AshcatcherRebel Initiate glassworks 14mm Perc Ashcatcher lets you blow some smoke into your ash. The perfect fit is possible with both the 45-degree angle and 90-degree angles.

There are many benefits to using an Ashcatcher. If you have ever smoked out of water pipes, you are familiar with the horrible reality of particles falling into your bong water. As you light your bowl, an ashcatcher will prevent this from happening. This ensures that your smoke remains pure and your piece stays clean.

The RIG Perc Ashcatcher can also be used as an accessory for any water pipe that has a 45 degree or 90 degree joint


Pulsar 5-Arm Tree Perc Ash Catcher

Pulsar 5-Arm Tree Perc Ash CatcherDo you hate cleaning? Although you can’t avoid it, you can make your cleaning more efficient with an ashcatcher.

Pulsar’s 5-Arm Ash Catcher makes a great choice. It is well-designed, durable and serves a dual purpose. It works as an ashcatcher, stopping ash from getting into your pipes. The second feature is the 5-arm perc which cools down and filters smoke to give smoother hits.

This Ash Catcher features a 14 mm male 45 degree joint. It is perfect for water pipes of mid-size with an angled joint.


Pulsar 2 Tone Ash Catcher

Pulsar 2 Tone Ash CatcherYou don’t want your ash catcher to be boring. This Pulsar bell-bottom flared ashcatcher features two eye-pleasing colours. The thick, lab-gradeborosilicate glass used to make it has a 45-degree curving neck. It is a great looking, durable ashcatcher and a joy to use.

It comes with a male fitting for your water pipe and a female fitting to your herb slide. This ash catcher will catch any ash or gunk that is pulled through your bowl, slide, or pipe while you take a rip.

You won’t have to clean your smoking device as often because the ash catcher keeps it cleaner. It will also cool down your draw and improve its smoothness.


Calibear Seed of Life Perc Ashcatcher

Calibear Seed of Life Perc AshcatcherAlthough the “Seed of Life”, as the name suggests, isn’t the actual seed of life that grows inside us all. It’s the tiny seed of life within.

It serves as a midpoint between the bowl, bong and the bowl. By attaching to the joint, any ash is captured in the seed perc before it passes through the bong.



Pulsar Bent Drop Down Ash Catcher

Pulsar Bent Drop Down Ash CatcherIt is not fun to clean a dirty pipe. If you don’t clean your pipes, your pipes and hits will look awful. This Bent Dropdown Ash Catcher from Pulsar can make all this possible.

This ash catcher is made from durable borosilicate glasses. It can be filled with water to catch any ash that has made its way into your pipe. This will reduce the frequency you have to clean your pipes and give you smoother, more delicious hits.

The Pulsar Benton Drop Down Ash Catcher is approximately 4 inches high. It comes with a 14mm male joint to allow for a 90-degree water pipe, and a 14mm female joint to allow for a bowl or slide. This makes cleaning much easier and provides water filtration.



How do I choose an ash catcher?

To choose an ash catcher:

  1. Determine the size and type of joint on your water pipe
  2. Select ash catcher with compatible joint size and type
  3. Consider the number of percolators and its design
  4. Decide on desired angle (45 or 90 degrees)
  5. Check the size and capacity of the ash catcher’s catcher bowl.

Are Ash catchers worth it?

Yes, ash catchers are worth it as they serve several purposes:

  1. They prevent ash and debris from entering your water pipe, keeping it clean.
  2. Ash catchers often have percolators that improve filtration and cooling of smoke.
  3. They can add an extra level of filtration for a smoother hit.
  4. They provide a convenient way to empty ash without having to disassemble the entire water pipe.

Is a dry ash catcher better?

It depends on personal preference and the specific use case. Dry ash catchers can be easier to clean and maintain, while wet ash catchers can help filter and cool the smoke. Ultimately, the choice between a dry or wet ash catcher depends on individual needs and preferences.

Do I fill ash catcher with water?

Yes, some ash catchers are designed to be filled with water, which helps to filter and cool the smoke before it reaches the water pipe. These are called wet ash catchers. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper use and maintenance.

Should I clean my ash catcher?

Yes, cleaning your ash catcher regularly will help maintain the efficiency of your smoking device and prevent unwanted buildup of ash and residue.

Additionally, cleaning the ash catcher can also help prevent the spread of any potentially harmful substances and prolong the life of the device. A regular cleaning schedule will also ensure that your device is always ready for use when you need it.

Can you dab with an ash catcher?

Yes, an ash catcher can be used with dabbing. An ash catcher is a device that fits between a bong and a nail, and it’s used to catch any ash or debris produced during the dabbing process. This helps keep the bong cleaner and makes it easier to maintain. Some ash catchers also have additional features, such as percolators, to enhance the dabbing experience.

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