Walter White

THC 15-23% CBD <1%

Walter White is a mysterious strain that seems to unlock a special kind of motivation and focus. It has a classic Sativa essence that relaxes you with a buzzy headspace. Notes of citrus carry over to the thick and creamy smoke.


Walter White – like the character from Breaking Bad that it’s named after – is a mysterious and motivated strain. It was born from a cross between the frosty The White and an unknown Sativa. It inherited The White’s extreme trichome production, making it perfect for hash and other cannabis concentrates.

The large, chunky buds tend to come in strange shapes and sizes, coated in a thick glittery layer. The light citrus and earthy aromas are surprising given the thick and creamy flavour of the smoke. Walter White is not discrete, it has a dank and pungent presence that’s hard to hide.

The high hits quickly like a classic Sativa, though a little gentler than most. It brings along an intense focus and buzzy motivation, along with subtle physical relaxation. Walter White makes you forget about nausea or depressed feelings, it’s a great medicinal choice for the morning.


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