3 Kings

THC 15-20% CBD <1%

Three Kings combines the best of 3 cannabis strains, with a high that’s surprisingly potent. A cerebral Sativa-dominated experience will leave you relaxed but focused. Scents and flavors will be familiar to those who’ve smoked the OG parents of Three Kings.


Three Kings gained its royal title from the monarchy of genetics that was crossed to form it; Headband, Sour Diesel and the great OG Kush. The balance of energy and relaxation comes from its Sativa-dominant ancestry, without losing its Indica roots.

The buds could be described as ‘classic’—sage green with a healthy coat of crystals. Light citrus and a sour tang is released when opening a bag of Three Kings; busting a bud immediately reminds you that Sour Diesel is closely related. The dank scents lead into an oddly ‘natural’ flavour that’s woody and earthy, turning hashy as you smoke more.

While THC levels rarely cross 20%, the superior genetics really shine through with a high that borders on overwhelming. The stone mainly stays in your head, floating through energetic clouds of ideas without any heavy body high. Three Kings is ideal for cutting through stress and depressed feelings while remaining functional. A meeting with a King in the morning, let alone Three, is sure to result in a royal day.


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