THC 8-14% CBD 7-13%

Penelope is the perfect marijuana strain for anybody who prefers an optimal balance of both mind and body highs. The buds of this strain tend to be very dense but sport brightly colored hairs with a rich green hue.

Penelope is a cannabis strain that was developed by Tweed, a Canadian company that has been dedicated to innovating the cannabis industry for quite some time. They use an exclusive refining technique to make strains found all over the world into a version of their own! It’s not a common sight, which is likely why so many people are holding Penelope high on their “smoke list”.

The scent of this strain has been described as woodsy since it offers a gradual pine-like scent that is pleasing to most. The terpene pinene is responsible for that, while the terpene myrcene offers up an additional note of cloves. An almost even blend of THC and CBD also makes this a strain that can be enjoyed by anybody!

Penelope is a hybrid marijuana strain that is known for its balanced effects and unique flavor profile. It is a cross between Mendo Breath and Face Off OG, two popular strains in their own right. Penelope has become a popular choice among recreational and medicinal users alike, thanks to its well-rounded effects and desirable aroma.

The aroma of Penelope is one of its standout features. It has a pungent, earthy scent with hints of wood, lemon, and diesel. The flavor profile is similarly well-balanced, with notes of pine, lemon, and earthiness that are sure to please the palate.

When it comes to the effects of Penelope, users can expect a balanced high that is both relaxing and uplifting. The high starts with a euphoric buzz that is accompanied by a sense of creativity and focus. This makes Penelope a great choice for creative activities, such as writing, drawing, or even cooking. As the high progresses, the relaxing effects of the strain begin to set in, helping to reduce stress and ease tension. This makes Penelope a great choice for anyone looking to unwind after a long day.

In terms of its medical applications, Penelope has been found to be effective for treating a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia. Its well-rounded effects make it a versatile option for patients who are looking for a strain that can help them manage multiple symptoms at once.

Penelope is known to be a relatively easy strain to grow, making it a great choice for both beginner and experienced growers. It is a hearty plant that is resistant to pests and diseases, and it typically has a high yield.

If you’re looking for an ideal introduction to the world of cannabis, Penelope might be the strain for you. It won’t set you crashing down on the couch like an Indica, and it isn’t going to have your mind racing like some Sativa strains – it’s a balanced high that can be enjoyed by everybody.


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