Ninja Fruit

THC 14-18% CBD <1%

This Ninja will sneak up on your twice: first with creative energy, and later leaving you relaxed and hungry. This strain takes fruit to a new level, with generations of grape aroma and flavor in its history.


Ninja Fruit comes from a long line of fruity ancestors, it’s a cross between Grapefruit Haze and Grape Ape. The grape scent and flavor really shines through and it’s not uncommon for buds to have a violet tint. More generally, nugs are large and frosty, with a deep forest green color.

The aroma of Haze is usually detectable under the grape, along with sweet citrus. A slightly sour taste develops on the exhale, but it’s a nice counterpoint to Ninja Fruit’s sweetness. The smoke is so enjoyable that you don’t usually notice the high creeping in; you’ll find yourself chatting and giggling while stress melts away.

Although Ninja Fruit is a hybrid, it leans toward Sativa with a nice balance. The initial high is uplifting, cerebral, energetic, and even euphoric. It works wonders for depression and chronic pain. Eventually, you’ll find yourself relaxed and lazy, with a serious case of the munchies.


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