Space Candy

THC 18-22% CBD <1%

Space Candy has the power to leave you feeling weightless, amidst a carnival of scents and flavors. Candied apples, sweet berries, sour citrus: with a high that’s best enjoyed among friends. Cut through depression and stress while you float into space.


Space Candy received its power from two formidable parents: Space Queen and Cotton Candy. Combined, they provide the hallmarks of their genetics; sweet scents and flavors that harken to childhood, along with a transcendental experience that lifts your soul. While the strain is rare outside of its home state of Colorado, it’s well worth searching for.

As a 50/50 hybrid strain, Space Candy leans toward Sativa without losing its Indica charms. This makes it perfect for daytime use, especially in social settings, without risk of losing energy or looking for a couch. Stress, depression and anxiety melt away into a happy, but relaxed, euphoria.

The buds are unassuming, but the scent and flavors are unparalleled. Sour cherries are intermingled with sweet, candied apples; earthy notes and notions of skunk keep the mix from an overwhelming sweetness. The combination is a memorable mix of sensations that can only be described as ‘Space Candy’.


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