Ghost Train Haze

THC 18% CBD <1%

Initially developed by Rare Dankness, Ghost Train Haze (GTH) is a Sativa strain that crosses both Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck. Most Sativas offer fluffy buds, but Ghost Train Haze gives smokers access to dense buds that are completely covered in white crystals and orange hairs.


The sour citrus aroma associated with Ghost Train Haze is what people love most, especially when you get that hint of floral undertone. Ghost Train Haze is also a cannabis strain that focuses on THC levels. This means it will be optimal should you be looking to treat the likes of anxiety or pain! Lower doses can still be great for remaining focused and goal-oriented throughout the day as well.

If you plan on growing weed outdoors, this is the perfect strain to consider. It’s suitable for anyone located in warm climates, making it easy to grow and harvest for beginners – it also only has a 65 to 80-day waiting time before flowering occurs while growing indoors.

Many of the people who have smoked this strain in the past have nothing but good things to say, as it allowed them to feel chill and carefree without becoming “too high”. Then again, if that’s your end-game, you could always smoke more GTH per session!


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