Island Pink

THC 19-27% CBD <1%

Island Pink is an Indica-dominant strain with strikingly beautiful buds, bearing an aroma and flavour that’s subtly sweet and a little skunky. It brings a fast and strong high that can replace anxiety and stress with happiness and relaxation.


Island Pink is a cross between the mighty Pink Kush and an unknown Sativa, assumed to be Island Sweet Skunk. The Kush really comes through and dominates the experience, but the Sativa aspects provide a balanced level of clearheadedness.

These buds have a tendency to look almost too good to be true; neon green, flecks of purple, frosty with crystals and with pinkish pistils that earned its name. The aroma is subtle, somewhere between sweet and skunky, with some floral notes. Island Pink has a smooth flavour that’s light and fresh, leaving almost nothing behind.

The effects come on fast and strong, with waves of happiness and stimulation. This flows into a tranquil state of relaxation and mental focus. For these reasons, Island Pink often ranks well among medicinal users who suffer from stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia.


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