THC 15-18% CBD <1%

Starburst is exactly as it sounds: very fruity. Bright colors, citrus aromas, and a sweet flavor will leave you thinking it’s candy. The smoke brings on a relaxed happiness and a big appetite.


Starburst is a child of the famously fruity Tangerine Sativa hybrid crossed with an Indica called The Hook. It inherited every possible bit of fruit from its parents, characterized by a strong lemon-lime scent and a noticeably sweet flavor. The strain was developed in Alaska, maybe the breeders were longing for that sweet California citrus.

The moderate levels of THC in Starburst make it a perfect option for cannabis amateurs, keeping the experience comfortable and relaxed. The flavor of this strain seems to spur pure happiness. It can also whet a significant appetite, leaving you craving something just as sweet to eat.

Starburst provides an Indica-driven, stoned body-high with Sativa’s clear-headedness. It will leave you in a well-balanced state of mental and physical calm, brushing away anxiety and stress. This treat works perfectly as dessert after dinner or something to sink your teeth into on a lazy afternoon.


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