Kimbo Kush

THC 18-29% CBD <1%

Frosty, fruity buds that will leave you relaxed and locked to the couch – perfect for insomnia, muscle spasms, and anxiety. Named after famed MMA fighter Kimbo Slice, Kimbo Kush is a THC-heavy Indica hybrid that packs a punch.


Kimbo Kush is a frosty strain with fruity and sweet tones, dominated by aromas of berry and citrus. It has a dank presence – inherited from its grandparent OG Kush – that can fill a room. The initial flavor is smooth and even a little sour, but the sweetness comes through on the exhale. Despite being mainly Indica, the chunky, pale green buds are relatively loose and fluffy.

A cross between Starfighter and BlackBerry Kush, the strain inherited a heavy body buzz from it’s Kush ancestors. Kimbo consistently ranks high when it comes to THC levels, but it feels more balanced than strains that top the charts.

Kimbo Kush has the power to knock out anxiety, stress, and insomnia without an overwhelming headspace. It has a way of sneaking up on you, you’ll be giggling your way into complete couch-lock before you even notice. Kimbo is best enjoyed after hours, its relaxing effect is like being tucked into bed.


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