Boaty McBoatface

THC 1-8% CBD 3-13%

Boaty McBoatface is a CBD-rich offering from Tweed, with just enough THC for an enjoyable but light buzz. The scent and flavour is dominated by large quantities of myrcene, the terpene that gives mangoes their sweet, earthy scent.


Boaty McBoatface is a Sativa hybrid CBD strain that’s exclusively available from Tweed. The exact ancestry is unknown, but it’s probably closely related — or identical — to another CBD strain, Medihaze. The family includes Super Silver Haze, Neville’s Haze, and some unknown CBD-rich members.

Medihaze usually has a roughly 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, with some offspring doubling it to 1:2. Boaty McBoatface is probably one such child, with a significantly higher CBD ratio. This strain is perfect for medicinal use, with just enough THC to make it enjoyable recreationally as well.

The bud are overflowing with myrcene, the terpene associated with the earthy citrus aroma of mangoes. This transfers over to the light and fruity smoke, which brings a buzzy and bubbly mindset. The gentle high from Boaty McBoatface gives you a few hours of calm focus and social energy, ideal for countering fatigue and stress.


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