Banana Punch

THC 18-22% CBD <1%

Banana Punch comes in swinging and never stops; intense tropical aroma with a flavour to match, and a high that feels like you’re melting into a warm, sandy beach. Copious resin production makes it perfect for hash, and the strain cuts through anxiety and pain in any form.


Banana Punch, also known as Banana 9, is a cross between two strains that are already known for their tropical and pungent personalities: Banana OG and Purple Punch. This makes Banana Punch a 50% hybrid, but the experience definitely leans toward a heavy indica high.

The buds can range from bright green to shades of purples and blues. Almost always it’s covered in a thick layer of bright trichomes, making it famous for an incredibly-scented hash. The smell matches exactly what you’d want Banana Punch to be: hazy, tropical, sweetly spiced, and mixed with fresh banana and pineapple.

The flavor copies the scent profile, making it ideal for vaping. The resin production may make a bong or joint a little harsh, but worth it. The heavy indica stone is long-lasting and tranquilizing, usually ending on the couch with relaxed giggles, feelings of anxiety and stress long forgotten. Patients with chronic pain and insomnia are sure to be familiar with the tropical intoxication of Banana Punch.


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