God’s Green Crack

THC 16% CBD <1%

God’s Green Crack is a perfectly balanced marijuana strain that was developed by Jordan of the Islands and is ideal for both beginners’ and experienced smokers. This strain was created to try and remove some of the heavier effects associated with God Bud (Indica) while blending in the mellow mind high that comes with Green Crack (Sativa).


Both parent strains seamlessly combine to create a heady high that still offers a reasonable physical sensation. The buds themselves will sport a purplish hue when the plant has reached maturity, and this will be especially prominent when it’s grown in a warmer climate.

It offers an earthy aroma that users often compare to the woods, and its bright orange hairs tend to welcome smokers with open arms.

Most users have said that God’s Green Crack offers them a feeling of happiness, as well as a euphoric sensation to keep them in high spirits.

Typically, any strain that features such a potent Indica parent (in God Bud) will often leave the user feeling tired after prolonged use; but God’s Green Crack is different in that regard.

The Green Crack parent cannabis strain prevents the God Bud from getting users “too high”, but will still effectively manage the likes of anxiety, stress, depression, pain, or even sleep in some cases.


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