Banana Split

THC 16% CBD <1%

Like a dessert, Banana Split is a strain that you’re going to want to smoke to top off a good dinner. It gives you a subtle relaxing body high without making you feel like you need to doze off. This makes Banana Split the perfect nightcap after a long day of hard work or for calming you down when you feel particularly worked up.


The Banana Split marijuana strain is a crossbreed of Banana Sherbet and Tangie of Crockett Farms. Because it’s a sativa dominant strain, smoking it gives you a relaxing level-headed high.

As you would expect, these buds have a fruity aroma mixed with lime and berries. It just makes “Banana Split” even more apt a name for this strain. As for the flavor, there is only a subtle hint of banana. The taste that’s going to leave a mark on you, however, is a sweet citrusy flavor that lingers in your mouth.

When you take a hit of this delicious bud, there’s a slight couch-lock. It’s not strong enough to prevent anyone from moving though. You’ll still be able to get chores done even after smoking it. You may even be inclined to do things as it gives off a positive vibe that puts you in an uplifting mood and puts your mind at peace.


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