Super Sour Diesel

THC 18-24% CBD <1%

Super Sour Diesel has some famous parents, and inherited the best of each. This pure Sativa is not for beginners and will leave you energized and ready to mingle. The aroma is one you’ll never forget, a sure sign that a dose of cerebral creativity is nearby.


Super Sour Diesel is the love-child of two massively impactful strains in modern cannabis culture: Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel. Depending on how you ‘prefer’ your genetics, this makes Super Sour Diesel at least 85% Sativa but is one of the best examples of this energetic family of strains.

Like many Sativas, Super Sour Diesel is best enjoyed during the day, or when you want to amp up your social game at night. The high is cerebral and overflowing with creativity; too much and you may find yourself a little paranoid. After the first potent puff, stress and pain will melt away into euphoria.

The nugs are classically Diesel: bright green and covered in hazy crystals, with bright orange pistils bursting through. The pungent citrus and earth aromas are equally familiar, blossoming into the tangy chemical flavor of Sour Diesel. The haze component both lessens and accentuates the traditional notes—this strain is a match made in cannabis heaven, and it can definitely take you there.


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