10 Best Silicone Weed Pipes You Can Buy Right Now

You may be in love with your glass pipe for its outstanding toke but silicone pipes have some undeniable merit over it. The material is virtually accident-proof. Makers have also become so well-versed with it that they can give you as good quality a toke as glass ones do.

And because silicone is so easy to work with, designers have also been able to mold it into an endless variety of shapes and sizes. From ice cream cones to elephants, there’s plenty to choose from. In this list, we’ve gathered all the best silicone weed pipes we’ve found on the internet so you don’t have to.

Top picks

Two-in-One Ultimate Pipe

10 Best Silicone Weed Pipes You Can Buy Right Now
10 Best Silicone Weed Pipes You Can Buy Right Now

If you can’t just settle for one way of getting toked, then this weed pipe and dab rig combo should be your go-to.

The genius elephant design isn’t just a work of art. Although you may find it too pretty to use.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice quality for convenience. These silicone pipes, however, aren’t one of those. We only picked out the ones that you can enjoy like glass pipes with the durability of silicone.

What to expect:

  • High-quality silicone or hybrid weed pipes so you’re assured of the indestructibility of each one

1. Silicone Spoon Pipe Glass Bowl and Hidden Stash Compartment


Simple always works so you’re sure that this one from Grass City will definitely give you both the toke and durability that you’re looking for in a silicone weed pipe. It’s a no-frills pipe that you can rely on.


  • Simple traditional shape and design make it one of the most reliable silicone pipes on this list.
  • Funky colorways are always a great way to brighten up your day.
  • A secret stash compartment helps you keep things in one place.
  • At just 4-inches, it’s a perfect portable pipe.


  • You don’t need to find tutorials just to learn how to use this thing because the design is so simple
  • Having the secret stash compartment can allow you find everything you need quickly and efficiently. No more need to fumble around in your bag looking for your stash.
  • An affordable quality piece that can serve as a gateway gear for beginners


  • You’re going to have to keep reloading because the bowl can be too small.
  • It’s also quite easy to lose track of it in your bag

2. Freezable Pipe – Silicone Ice Pipe


Whoever thought of fitting the ice chamber underneath the bowl is an absolute genius. And because this pipe is made of silicone, there’s no chance of over freezing it; just don’t forget to take out the glass bowl before you put it in the freezer.


  • The ice chamber on this pipe gives it one of the smoothest tokes you can have on a pipe.
  • At 4-inches, it’s still compact even with a built-in ice chamber.


  • The ice chamber really makes a difference in the smoothness of each hit.
  • Small and portable enough to bring around with you.
  • For the smooth toke, the price is unbeatable.


  • While it’s portable, you won’t be able to make full use of the ice chamber when you’re out and about without a freezer to put it in.

3. Hybrid Silicone and Glass Spoon Pipe


Get the best of both worlds with this silicone and borosilicate glass hybrid pipe. It gets the unbreakable quality of silicone and the easy-to-wash properties of glass. It’s also got a couple of tricks like the hidden stash compartment and the built-in poker tool.

There’s a reason why it made our list of best weed pipes.


  • Hybrid glass and silicone give you the best of both worlds.
  • Poker tool and stash compartment make it one of the most complete smoking rigs out there.


  • It’s a complete system. You won’t need to buy or improvise a separate poking tool.
  • The stash compartment makes it a great go-anywhere piece


  • While the main pipe is made of indestructible silicone, the other parts are not, so be careful while handling it especially when inside your bag.

4. GRAV – Steamroller with Silicone Skin

10 Best Silicone Weed Pipes You Can Buy Right Now

This steamroller from Grav Labs has silicone skin so your glass weed pipe is protected from the elements. With it, you don’t need to worry about chucking it in your pocket or bag. It’s just a great grab-and-go type of piece.


  • A glass pipe with a sleek silicone protective covering that prevents it from scratches and low falls.


  • The silicone protector on the full glass construction makes it a bit more fall-proof so even your clumsiest friend won’t be able to break it.
  • Silicone mouthpiece ensures a full-bodied hit from a full glass construction.


  • Diminished durability due to the predominantly glass construction.

5. “Ellie” The Silicone Elephant Bubbler Pipe


With this elephant-shaped weed pipe, having a boring toke is almost an impossibility. What’s really surprising with this one is that it also gives you one of the smoothest hits despite the complicated shape and construction.


  • Predominantly silicone construction that’s sturdy and odor-resistant. The body of the elephant also serves to cushion the borosilicate glass bowl.
  • Since it’s a bubbler, you’ll have a significantly smoother hit compared to traditional pipes.
  • The thin airtight silicone trunk serves as a mouthpiece ensures that you get a pure hit every single time


  • Surprisingly extremely pure hit because of the combination of the bubbler and the thin mouthpiece.
  • The funky design definitely makes it a great conversation piece


  • Make sure to use purified water. Otherwise, cleaning it might be a hassle.

6. Silicone Ice Cream Cone Pipe


Since we’re already on the topic of themed pipes, let’s dig right into this ice-cream shaped silicone pipe. It’s another one of those conversation pieces that you’re going to want to whip out of your bag with a bunch of friends around you.

And if you’re looking for more pipes that are more on the cuter side, check out these girly weed pipes.


  • Intricate and colorful ice cream design makes it an excellent conversation starter among friends.
  • The carb hole is perfectly placed and looks like a sprinkle from afar.


  • Tend to get the munchies when you smoke your weed? Just looking at the ice-cream design might make you full before you even eat anything.
  • The compact design makes it a great piece to take with you on trips.


  • Might be too bright and loud for people who just want to simply chill while smoking weed.

7. Silicone Sherlock Hand Pipe with Insert Bowl


Ever wondered how it is to solve mysteries like Sherlock Holmes?

This hand pipe might just help you realize this little dream because it’s shaped like one of London’s best fictional detective’s hand pipes in the novels.

It’s even got a carb hole on the side to help you control your hit. And since it’s made of silicone, you don’t have to worry about making Dr. Watson buy more of it in case you drop it to the floor.


  • Got a strain that you’re not familiar with yet? Then the carb hole should go a long way in helping you control your hit as you go along.
  • Predominantly silicone construction helps it survive falls and scratches.
  • The shape makes you feel like Sherlock Holmes as you smoke. Maybe you can solve the mysteries of life as you smoke your favorite weed with it.


  • Fully silicone construction makes it incredibly durable.
  • Because of the design, it’s got a deeper bowl than just a straight-up silicone hand pipe.


  • Should be okay for beginners but the extra deep insert bowl might make it difficult to control your hits.

8. Silicone Diamond Hand Pipe with Glass Bowl


Diamonds are forever, the adage goes. This diamond-shaped silicone hand pipe definitely looks and feels like that’s exactly how long it’ll last. The construction feels especially solid compared to the rest of the pipes on this list. It barely even bends.


  • Feels a lot more solid than other silicone pipes in this list because of the diamond shape.
  • Carb hole on the side helps a great deal in controlling your hit.
    Sharp masculine edges.


  • You’ll feel confident about throwing this thing in your bag because of the solid construction and build quality.
  • Compact design means you can even put in your pocket without creating an unsightly bulge.
  • Simple design makes it easier to clean as opposed to other intricately crafted silicone pipes.


  • The glass bowl seems pretty small and can only handle a couple of puffs of the herb.

9. PieceMaker “Karma” Silicone Pipe


Forget the stash compartment, why hasn’t everyone incorporated a built-in bowl cover to bring your weed around? This silicone hand pipe comes with a spill-proof silicone cap. This makes it a great travel piece. It even takes things even further by incorporating a steel bowl that’s impossible to break.


  • The simple hand pipe design makes it a reliable piece that you’ll surely like in your travel pipe.
  • The metal bowl makes it impossible to damage it even when being crushed by books chargers and other hard objects that you might have in your bag.
  • Well-thought-out design because even if the bowl is metal, you won’t feel it heating up because of the dense silicone material that it’s wrapped around in.


  • The spill-proof cap is something that all travel pipes must have built in from now on.
  • Great size for a travel-oriented pipe.


  • Might be too small for an everyday smoke type of set-up.

10. Two-in-One Ultimate Pipe


For people who just can’t decide whether they want oil and concentrates or herbs, then this hybrid dab rig and weed pipe is something that might work.

It’s got a deep bowl for herbs both herbs, oils, and other essences so you don’t have to bring a separate dab rig and silicone weed pipe at the same time. The glass blunt also doubles as a dab straw there’s no need to change anything out when you’re switching from herbs to oils.


  • Hybrid design that lets you smoke weed or dab oils without having to switch gears.
  • Long, dual-purpose glass blunt that makes sure that you get a decent toke with every single hit.


  • If you just can’t make up your mind about what you want, then the hybrid feature is an excellent selling point.
  • Durable because of the predominantly silicone construction.


  • The glass blunt is breakable so it’s not entirely unbreakable.
  • Not the cheapest piece you can buy but, for the right buyer, it’s going to be worth the money.

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