13 Best Weed Pipes for Every Smoker

January 15, 2022by cannabunga0

Rolling a joint can get a bit messy while ripping a bong might get a bit complicated. Weed pipes are a surefire way to get your smoke on. Whether you’re new to smoking up or broke your favorite pipe for the umpteenth time, there’s always a good reason to get a new pipe!

You can stop in almost any gas station and get a pipe that will do an okay job.. However, online head shops are booming with the best weed pipes available. Here are the top 13 pipes for weed for any scenario and every type of smoker.


Want all the benefits of smoking a blunt without having to roll it? This glass pipe can also easily transform into a one-hitter with the slide of a gasket!


Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe

13 Best Weed Pipes for Every Smoker

This borosilicate glass pipe is ensconced in silicone to make it damn-near unbreakable. However, we love the underside bud storage and metal tool beneath the chamber!

Here Are The 13 Best Weed Pipes Online

Getting a new pipe is a personal choice for newbies and expert smokers alike. Our smoking needs and experience is unique. So, we chose the 13 best weed pipes to help narrow the field down.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • What are the best weed pipes to buy online?
  • Which pipes are better to travel with?
  • Which pipe is the most indestructible?

1. The Everyman’s Bowl – Simple Swirl Glass Spoon Hand Pipe

13 Best Weed Pipes for Every Smoker

If ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Same goes for pipes you like. Just get another one just like it!

The Everyman’s Bowl – Simple Swirl Glass Spoon Hand Pipe is that bowl that we’ve broken time and time again. It works like a charm every time. So well that we have a hard time holding onto it as we’re toking away.

Its round basin fits perfectly in your palm as you chill between puffs. This particular bowl is made with borosilicate glass, so if it does slip through the cracks, it’ll survive a few drops!

These bowls are super reliable. They travel well and are easy to clean. You can’t go wrong with this pipe.


  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Spoon Shape


  • Easy to Clean
  • Familiar Pipe
  • Comfortable Grip


  • No Nub Stop From Rolling Over

2. GRAV Labs Mini Sherlock Pipe

13 Best Weed Pipes for Every Smoker

Get down with your Holmes with the GRAV Labs Mini Sherlock Pipe. This retro-looking glass pipe has a deep basin that holds a ton of bud. You’ll be solving and creating mysteries with your partners-in-crime easily with this piece.

Unlike many other Sherlock pipes, this one has a wide chamber. Therefore, cleaning is elementary. Although, you might need a little cleaning solution after long-term use and build-up.

It’s made of thick glass and is quite durable. That’s a good thing.

While it should stand on the bowl end, the mouthpiece begins to curve up there. This bend actually makes it a little unsteady.


  • Thick Glass
  • Deep Bowl
  • Colored Glass


  • Holds A Lot of Herb For Long Sessions
  • Easy to Clean Compared to Other Sherlocks


  • A Bit Unsteady When You Stand It Up

3. Rose Gold Pipe

13 Best Weed Pipes for Every Smoker

If there is one color that has taken over phones, cars, and now pipes, it’s rose gold. The Rose Gold Pipe is a stunning and cute glass pipe that you can take anywhere.

This piece has a hole conveniently placed where your thumb would land as the spoon sits in your hand. It’s the perfect chill, toke, and chat pipe.

At only five inches, this pipe is super discreet. You can easily take a couple of puffs and be on your way anywhere!


  • 5 Inches Long
  • Rose Gold Glass


  • Very Comfortable, Easy to Hit
  • Discreet


  • Colors Get Murky Quick If Not Cleaned Often

4. Digger One Hitter Pipe – Cigarette-Style Bat

13 Best Weed Pipes for Every Smoker

Sometimes you just need a puff to take the edge off. The Digger One Hitter Pipe – Cigarette-Style Bat allows you that opportunity.

This is the best pipe for smoking on-the-go. For one, it looks like a cigarette, which is legal in all 50 states. Also, since it’s a one-hitter, you won’t be puffing long enough to have someone question if that’s tobacco or weed.

Also, breaking up your bud is super easy. This cigarette one-hitter comes with grinder teeth and is compatible with most dugouts.

These classic one-hitters are also extremely durable. They’re ceramic and can stand a few dings and drops.


  • 2 or 3 Inches Long
  • Grinder Teeth
  • Compatible with Most Dugouts


  • Grinder and Smoking Apparatus All In One!
  • Looks Like a Cigarette, Making It Discreet
  • Perfect For One Hit…Or a Couple


  • Looks Like a Cigarette, Which Isn’t As Cool As Weed!
  • Grinder Teeth Can Be A Little Alarming In the Pocket

5. Genius Pipe

Everything you need in a pipe has arrived with the Genius Pipe. This amazing contraption is indestructible, never clogs, and is the easiest to clean.

13 Best Weed Pipes for Every SmokerOf all smoking accessories, weed pipes are the harshest on the lungs. There’s very little room to cool down the heat. This metal pipe has cooling ridges along the way that make for the smoothest hits on this list.

This pipe also serves as a container for your weed. One bowl equals ten hits. So, just fill up your bud and slide the Genius Pipe close.

Throw it in your pocket. Don’t worry about any weed trickling out into your pocket because this piece has four strong magnetic snaps to hold it in place. Like you wouldn’t just take the lint off and smoke it anyway!

Also, this pipe doesn’t look like a pipe. Just slide the top forward and light. When you’re done, slide the Genius Pipe back into place to snuff the flame.

Lastly, we love how simple the Genius Pipe is to clean. Just take the filter and bowl out and place it in rubbing alcohol for five minutes. Dab the inserts with a paper towel and allow it to dry.


  • Metal
  • Mesh Bowl
  • Magnetic Snaps to Lock In Weed
  • Portable
  • Spoon


  • Best Metal Pipe Ever for Cleaning
  • Cooling Ridges Makes Smoke Less Harsh on the Lungs
  • Most Discreet Pipe on the List
  • Mesh Bowl Stops Weed From Falling Through


  • One of the Most Expensive Pipes
  • Only Holds Ten Hits, Will Still Need to Bring Some Extra Bud

6. Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe

13 Best Weed Pipes for Every Smoker

Want to travel with your pipe but can’t afford the Genius Pipe? Then the Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe is the best one for you!

The outer layer is made of food-grade silicone. It serves as a bumper for a borosilicate glass bowl. So, even if you were to drop it bowl-side down, your piece is good to go.

The bowl is also essential for making sure the silicone doesn’t touch the flame. If it does, please be careful.

This thing is like the Swiss Army knives of silicone weed pipes. There is a small tab on the underside that exposes storage for some extra bud. Beneath the chamber, you’ll also find a metal tool for a little bowl maintenance.


  • Silicone Pipe with Borosilicate Glass Bowl
  • Metal Tool Under Chamber
  • Bud Storage Under Bowl


  • Nearly Indestructible
  • Great Use Of Underside with Tool and Storage
  • Deep Bowl Allows for Long Smoke Sessions


  • Consistent Burning of SIlicone Can Cause Ashing

7. The “Meta-Pipe” Metal Cap Hand Pipe

13 Best Weed Pipes for Every Smoker

There’s something charming about smoking out of a pipe that looks like a spark plug. The “Meta-Pipe” Metal Cap Hand Pipe talks to that group with this new twist on a classic smoking accessory.

This piece is perfect for someone who needs portion control. It’s perfect for a couple of hits or two and then going about your business. In fact, The “Meta-Pipe” Metal Cap Hand Pipe has a cap to place on top for your travels!

Since this piece is metal, it’s almost indestructible. However, the odd drop on the pavement can chip the side. It’ll still be smokeable, though…speaking from experience!


  • Metal
  • Comes with Cap for Travel


  • Perfect for Portion Control or “Take-The-Edge-Off” Hits
  • Cap Is Perfect for Smokes On-the-Go


  • Might Want to Invest in a Screen to Catch Loose Bud
  • Blue Paint Rubs Off After Long-Term Use

8. Tentacle Pipe by SWRV Glass

13 Best Weed Pipes for Every Smoker

Some smokers are fans of the art more than the actual pipe. The Tentacle Pipe by SWRV Glass is a neat addition to anyone’s glass pipe collection.

This masterpiece was handblown in California. The artist pays incredible attention to detail in bringing this serpent to life.

On the side are a bunch of grooves that replicate a tentacle’s suckers. They make for excellent grips while lighting up.

However, they’re also super comfortable when chilling and palming the piece. If you’re anxious like me, you’ll love rubbing your fingers back and forth on the nubs!


  • 5 Inches Long
  • Hand Blown Glass
  • Spoon
  • Tentacle Grip


  • Very Pleasing to Look At
  • Excellent Hand Grip Between the Shape of the Tentacle and Its Suckers
  • Large Bowl is Adequate for Long Smoke Sessions


  • Curves Are A Bit Challenging to Clean

9. Melted Quartz Stone Pipe

13 Best Weed Pipes for Every Smoker

Elevate your consciousness and your high in one with the Melted Quartz Stone Pipe! The colors of this pipe are awe-inspiring and are bound to get a convo going around the peace pipe.

Hits with the Melted Quartz Stone Pipe don’t get as hot as some of the others since stone is less conducive to heat. Its exterior is also almost unbreakable. However, it is more prone to chipping than metal.

This spoon built has a built-in screen. That saves you money on bud and time from having to clean your piece. Less time cleaning the stone means more time stoned!


  • Melted Quartz Stone
  • Built-In Mesh Bowl
  • Small Carb Hole


  • Beautiful
  • Smooth Hits That Are Cooler Than Some Others On This List
  • Mesh Bowl Saves Bud and Cleaning Time


  • Small Carb Hole Is Pretty Ineffective

10. Pyptek Prometheus Pocket Pipe

13 Best Weed Pipes for Every Smoker

The ultimate weed pipe can be built! Well, they certainly tried with the Pyptek Prometheus Pocket Pipe. This thing looks like a cyborg and hits like one, too.

It’s made with 6061 aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. That means this baby ain’t breaking! It’s further fortified with shock-proof silicone O-rings around the tube.

The outer shell covers a borosilicate glass bowl that maintains the delicious flavors of your herb. This piece comes with a 20mm metal screen that prevents weed from going to waste.

We also love the simplicity of cleaning this piece. All of the glass pieces come out, making getting every last inch of resin simple.

However, if you do break them, don’t go buying a new pipe. The glass pieces are replaceable, which is a nice breath of fresh air in the smoking world!


  • 4 Inches Long
  • 6061 Aircraft-Grade Anodized Aluminum
  • Shock-Proof Silicone O-Rings
  • Borosilicate Glass Spoon Bowl with 20mm Metal Screen
  • Carb Hole


  • The Sturdiest Glass Pipe Of the Bunch
  • Replaceable Glass Parts
  • Fine-Mesh Screen Makes Sure You Smoke Every Last Bud


  • A Little More Expensive Than Other Pipes On This List

11. GRAV Labs Colored Glass Mini Steamroller

13 Best Weed Pipes for Every Smoker

The GRAV Labs Colored Glass Mini Steamroller is essentially a one-hitter. Of the pipes on the list, this one will take up the least amount of real estate in your pocket as you travel.

This piece doesn’t have a large basin that makes walking with a bowl on your person uncomfortable. Plus, it’s about the size and shape of a dog whistle!

It does have two nubs on each side that aren’t noticeable in your travels. They also serve as stands for your pipe when you’re filling it.

Thanks to these pinches, you can also bump the table with confidence that the GRAV Labs Colored Glass Mini Steamroller won’t topple over!


  • 4.5 Inches Long
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Sleek, Colored Glass


  • Has Nubs That Make For A Sturdier Stand
  • Very Comfortable In Pocket
  • Great One-Hitter
  • Discreet


  • Can’t Fit A Lot Of Weed

12. GRAV Labs Glass Blunt w/ Silicone Grommet

13 Best Weed Pipes for Every Smoker

Love the idea of the GRAV Labs Colored Glass Mini Steamroller but need a little more out of your weed pipe? Then the GRAV Labs Glass Blunt w/ Silicone Grommet is one of the best weed pipes for you.

This pipe is ideal for the blunt smoker who doesn’t feel like rolling up or bought the last couple of wraps at the corner store yesterday.

This chamber is our inches long, in case you want a long blunt session. However, you can easily make the GRAV Labs Glass Blunt w/ Silicone Grommet into a one-hitter. Just slide the gasket up to accommodate the amount of weed you put in.

The gasket also works as an asher. Tug it back to empty out the ash you smoke!


  • 4 Inches Long
  • Borosilicate Glass Blunt
  • Tight Rubber Gasket


  • Can Transform From A Blunt Into A One-Hitter
  • Rubber Gasket Has Tight Fit But Easy to Move
  • Easy to Remove Ash


  • Thin, Has A Tendency to Break with Time
  • Rubber Gasket Can Come Loose with Cleaning

13. Marley Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe

13 Best Weed Pipes for Every Smoker

Want to pack your bowl and not think about it again? Check out the Marley Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe.

This spoon pipe has a very deep and round bowl. While it’s not the most comfortable for traveling, it’s the best for sitting around and shooting the breeze for hours!

All Marley pipes are made with Jamaica on the mind. They have a signature smoked glass look with a yellow stripe.


  • Worked Glass
  • Signature Marley Traits
  • Very Deep Bowl


  • Perfect for Everyday Smokers Who Want to Pack A Bowl and Take
  • Random Hits
  • Smooth Hits Around Tapered Mouthpiece


  • While Portable, The Large Bowl Takes Up More Room Than Most Of the Other Weed Pipes

Final Verdict

There are so many great weed pipes out there looking for homes. Many fit the bill to be the perfect addition to your routine.

You honestly can’t go wrong with any of these. They’re all the best pipes for smoking weed in their own way.

If you want to invest in a pipe that you will use forever, get the Genius Pipe. It’s easy-to-clean and is the best for traveling. The magnetic strips that allow you to carry some bud with you is a nice perk, too!

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