Guide to the Best Portable Pipes to Buy in 2023

You need something portable and reliable that you can use to smoke cannabis on the move. For those who need a portable smoking device, hand pipes are the best choice. We wanted to share our top 10 hand pipes for 2023.

A hand pipe doesn’t filter smoke through water, unlike a bong and bubbler. A ‘dry pipe’ is also known as a hand pipe. It must use different methods to cool or filter the smoke. Nobody likes a harsh hit.

Pipes are the most innovative invention in smoking pot. Pipes have been around for many decades, if not centuries, in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are easy to use, even if you don’t have a lot of experience. Simply fill the container with your favorite herb and light a lighter. Then, puff away!

They are known for being reliable, low-cost, portable, and, of course, for their ability to get you as high as a kite.

Hand pipes (glass and ceramic) have been a classic, traditional smoking option for generations. Glass hand pipes offer a dry smoke that is not water-based, unless you are looking for a Bubbler.

Hand pipes can be carried around easily and are available in both water- and water-resistant versions. You can use steamrollers, chillums, or spoons to get a dry and clean smoke. This is great for when you are on the run or need a quick fix. The downside is that hand pipes won’t filter out any smoking products, so hits may be stronger.

What should customers consider when buying their next hand pipe?

  • Its size: Will it fit comfortably in your hand or your pocket? Is it easily transportable?
  • Color & Style: Is it in keeping with your aesthetic?
  • Bowl size: How deep and large is the bowl to your liking?

You want one that looks like a pickle? We have you covered. Are you a fan of Lord of the Rings. You are already ahead of the game. Are you looking for a pipe with durability? There are many options. You can make them from glass, wood, silicone or any other material you can think of.

We have gathered the brightest and most talented people in each category so that you can get smashed.

The Best Portable Pipes to Buy in 2023

Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe

The Genius Pipe is one the most innovative hand pipes currently on the market.

The future of smoking is here. The clever little pipe is made up of three pieces that produce extremely cool hits. It uses metal ridges to distribute smoke. The main two pieces have the metal ridges. They are held together by four strong magnets in the corner. The Genius Pipe can be separated for cleaning purposes. It can be used in warm water and alcohol to clean it.

The metal slide at the front of the piece is the third piece. This is used to expose the mesh bowl. You can slide the slide down to extinguish the flame quickly. The bowl is lit by the cutout design of the slide. This pipe is ideal for those who love to smoke, discreet smokers who want a pipe that is easy to carry around, or for anyone who needs cool hits.

Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe with Glycerin Chamber

Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe with Glycerin Chamber

Are you looking for a handpipe that is different from the norm? The Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe with Glycerin chamber is the right choice. You’ll have the most smooth rips with this pipe, unlike regular pipes that deliver harsh hits and hot hits. What is the secret to this hand pipe? It is equipped with a freezable coil of glycerin.

The Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe is ideal for those who’ve had enough of hand pipes and are tired of their harsh hits. For a smooth, clean and clean smoke, the pipe’s frozen chamber instantly cools it to over 300 degrees.

A removable honeycomb-style, glass bowl is included on the pipe for easy shredding and packing. Instead of flipping the whole pipe upside-down and banging it on a table to clear it, you can simply take out the glass bowl and clear it before packing it for your next session.

This large pipe lets you enjoy delicious bong-sized rips, without any of the pain and burning that traditional bongs and pipes can cause. The pipe can be kept in the freezer for between seshes. After that, load the bowl with some puffs and go.

Weedgets Maze-X Hand Pipe

Weedgets Maze-X Hand Pipe

The Weedgets MazeX is for you if you enjoy the convenience of using a handpipe to enjoy a nice smoke but don’t like the harshness or coughing that comes with using a pipe. This hand pipe is different than any other and sets new standards in the industry.

The Maze-X delivers unparalleled smoke smoothness, less coughing, and greater protection for your lungs. The Maze-X uses a unique coughless technology to drastically cool the smoke and remove any tar and hot resin. It produces a pleasant, smooth smoking experience that won’t cause any harm to your throat, tongue, or lungs.

Under the boroglass bowl is a cavity that holds resin and tar. The aluminum stem is aircraft-grade aluminum and cools the smoke. It also retains more resins and tar. A steel screen is located just above the medical-grade silicone tapered mouthpiece. It prevents any dry bits from getting into your mouth.

The Maze-X was designed to take short, easy puffs. You’ll be amazed by how smooth and light this pipe is after just one use. The cover for the Maze-X fits snugly on the bowl. It is easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol, grease-removing soap, and water. This is a great handpipe that you will never be able to live without.

Glass Blunt – Pack of 2

Glass Blunt - Pack of 2

This paperless method allows you to puff, puff, and pass.

The “Sesh Slider”, a popular glass blunt that is perfect for on-the-go smoking, is now available.

Our glass blunts are shaped like a chillum, but can do so much more. They allow users to load more dry herbs per session, making them great for sharing around the circle. This is a great option for those who love to smoke blunts, but don’t want to have to worry about rolling them or maintaining their flames evenly. This is a great option for those who don’t like the taste of most blunt wraps.

To create a personalized experience, simply pull the inner tube back.

  • Chamber can hold between 1 and 1.5 grams of legal smoking products
  • When you are done, simply push the tube into the ash.
  • Wind-resistant

Weedgets Maze Pipe

Weedgets Maze Pipe

Do you remember hitting a bowl and saying, “(COUGHS”)”? Yes, you have. When it comes to dried herb, coughing so loudly that you sever your esophagus like cheese grater is a common occurrence.

But why? Isn’t es time we all woke up and said, “It doesn’t need to be this way.”

The MAZE Pipe’s creators believed so. Their Ninth Symphony has been composed by the Weedgets. They are known for their silicone filters tips. The “coup de grace.”

MAZE pipe combines the technology of their silicone tips to create an innovative hand pipe. The coughless technology within the MAZE pipe dramatically cools smoke, and eliminates hot resins and tars to keep your throat soft as butter.

The MAZE delivers a smooth and almost effortless hit. You’ll forget that you’re even smoking.

This pipe may be the one for you if dry herb has been a deterrent to you. It’s actually quite possible.

Marley Natural Spoon Pipe

Marley Natural Spoon Pipe

This spoon pipe features a large bowl with ample volume that swirls and cools the smoke with each draw. The mouthpiece rests comfortably on the lips, while an ash-catch keeps your sessions enjoyable and smooth.

This spoon is made from handblown borosilicate glasses and has a unique design.

MARLEY NATURAL(tm), a company dedicated to making high-quality products, offers a premium line of smoking accessories made with handblown borosilicate glasses. This ensures style and durability. To evoke Jamaican spirit, each piece is accented by a gold stripe and has a smoky tint.

Black Walnut Spoon Pipe

Black Walnut Spoon Pipe

The Spoon Pipe, made from handblown borosilicate and black walnut wood, is a unique piece that ensures quality and long-lasting durability. A rounded stem and heat resistant glass bowl ensure smooth, consistent smoking. Its compact design and detachable parts make it ideal for travel and active lifestyles.

MARLEY NATURAL(tm), a company dedicated to making high-quality products, offers a premium line of products that are made from sustainable black walnut and handblown glasses. This ensures durability, easy maintenance, and premium design. This timeless collection combines intuitive form with subtle Jamaican-inspired accents. It was created to improve your smoking experience.

Glass Monster Themed Spoon Pipe

Guide to the Best Portable Pipes to Buy in 2023

It’s fun to smoke. This Glass Monster Themed Spoonpipe with a creepy, beautiful monster makes smoking even more enjoyable. This super cool and heady glass pipe measures 5 inches in length and is made of thick, durable glass.

The pipe is a complete scream, with a big bulging eyeball, wacky monster faces, sharp scary teeth, horns and a devilish smile that only a mother would love.

The pipe features a large bowl and a carb hole to control your hits. We recommend that you place a pipe screen inside the bowl, even though it is narrow from the bowl towards the stem. This will prevent you from inhaling any herb particles.

Each pipe is unique because each one is handmade. These pipes sell quickly so get one now and perhaps another as gifts.

Fumed Jumbo Swirl Spoon Pipe

Fumed Jumbo Swirl Spoon Pipe

Fumed Jumbo Swirl Spoon Pipe, a sturdy and attractive piece, is a striking piece. The beautiful swirled design is bursting with colors. This colorful and fun glass pipe is 3-inches in length, making it ideal for traveling.

This durable, thick borosilicate pipe can withstand high temperatures. It will feel great in your hands and weight when you take it out to use. This beauty is perfect for anyone looking to add to their glass collection, or simply need a great spoon for everyday use. You can purchase it in a variety of colors.


The “Candycane” Rasta Striped Mini Bubbler

The "Candycane" Rasta Striped Mini Bubbler

This gorgeous, curvy bubbler pipe is ideal for quick hits of your favorite herbs. This pipe is a 4-inch long and made from thick borosilicate glasses.

This handy little pipe features multi-colored lines and squiggles that will make you giggle after smoking your herbs. This handy bubbler is small enough to be carried on the go. It cools your hits and makes them easy on your throat.

The left side of the pipe has a carb hole that allows you to control the size and intensity your hits. Every pipe is unique and each one may differ in design and color. Get yours today.

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