How to Germinate Autoflower Seeds in Soil: Quick Guide

Did you know that some autoflower germination methods offer quicker and more dependable results than others?

Don’t leave the possibility of cannabis success to chance. Instead, use our quick guide to give your autoflowering seeds the best start imaginable.

Is it your first-time growing marijuana? We’ve got your back too.

Keep reading to learn how to germinate autoflower seeds in soil and a few tips to make cultivating life even easier.

The Best Autoflower Germination Methods

There are various autoflower germination methods you could use to sprout cannabis seeds successfully. Each technique offers different advantages, such as speed, simplicity, and control over the elements.

Below, we take you through the four most popular ways to germinate marijuana seeds.

Directly into Soil

The most common way beginners learn how to germinate autoflower seeds in soil is by planting them directly into the ground. This option essentially mimics the natural process, and can take up to ten days before it produces results.

To complete this easy process, follow these steps:

  1. Make a hole in the ground around a quarter inch in depth.
  2. Plant a single weed seed in the hole and cover it with soil.
  3. Keep the medium moist during the entire period of germinating autoflowers in soil.

The Tumbler Method

Cannabis cultivators looking for the fastest way to start growing auto seeds can use the tumbler technique. This straightforward process takes no more than two minutes to perform and promises results in less than 24 hours.

The only issue with this autoflower germination method is an increased chance of damaging your marijuana seeds. Make sure the water isn’t too cold or hot by leaving it in a room for a while.

Follow these instructions to sprout weed seeds using the tumbler method successfully:

  1. Fill a glass with mineral or spring water.
  2. Leave the liquid to become room temperature.
  3. Drop your cannabis seeds in the water.
  4. Leave the glass in a cool, dark cupboard for up to 48 hours.
  5. Plant your germinating autoflowers in soil once their taproot emerges.

The Paper Towel Method

The most reliable way to sprout marijuana seeds is by using a procedure commonly called the paper towel technique. It takes up to five days to produce results and is one of the easiest options, making it a solid choice for beginners.

As the name of this autoflower germination method suggests, you only need a few household items to perform the process.

Experts recommend first-time growers follow these steps to sprout cannabis seeds:

  1. Soak two paper towel sheets in water.
  2. Remove the sheets and squeeze out the liquid, leaving them moist to the touch.
  3. Lay a single paper towel flat on a ceramic plate.
  4. Use tweezers to place your weed seeds on the moist sheet.
  5. Cover with a second wet paper towel and leave them in a dark cupboard for five days.
  6. Bury your germinating autoflowers in soil and water them regularly.

Germination Chamber

If you’re interested in creating a more professional setup that gives you more control, consider purchasing a germination chamber.

These specially designed containers feature a base with individual sections for marijuana seeds and a humidity dome. High-end products also come with a heating mat to maintain a subtable temperature while germinating autoflowers in soil.

Expect similar waiting times to the paper towel method using this technique. The only difference is that you have the ability to grow hundreds of cannabis seeds at once.

Once you’ve bought a germinating chamber, use these instructions for seedlings within a few days:

  1. Use Rockwool cubes or coco coir to fill the cells of your chamber.
  2. Plant your marijuana seeds a quarter-inch deep into the medium.
  3. Keep the substrate moist while germinating autoflowers in soil. 
  4. Maintain a humidity of 65% and a temperature of 69–78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tips to Germinating Autoflowers in Soil

While most of the techniques mentioned are easy to perform, there’s always an aspect of the process you can improve on.

A top tip when learning how to germinate autoflower seeds is to use a big enough pot. It’s best to plant your cannabis seeds straight into a five-gallon container or larger to ensure you don’t stunt their growth.

Marijuana seeds need constant access to water, so it’s vital that you keep your medium moist. Using a spray bottle gives you more control and prevents overwatering germinating autoflowers in soil.

Greatness From Small Beginnings

As you can see, every germination technique offers unique advantages in terms of control, speed, and simplicity.

Some require some risk with the promise of quick turnaround times. Others promise safety and strength but only once you’ve proven your patience.

Picking the best autoflower germination method comes down to how easy you want to make the process for yourself. 

Most experts recommended starting out with the paper towel method as it isn’t hard to perform and produces fast results.

Improve your chances of cultivating success by ordering your autoflower seeds from a reputable online store. You’ll find loads of interesting cannabis strains with stabilized genetics to guarantee incredible yields.

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How to Germinate Autoflower Seeds in Soil: Quick Guide

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