Difference Between Honey Straws and Nectar Collectors

Nectar collectors can be used as portable dabbing devices. They are also known as honey straws and dab pipes. They’re handheld dab rigs that can be used to vape cannabis concentrates. Sometimes called honey or nectar. A honey straw is a tube that has a mouthpiece and a straw at the bottom. The straw heats up. You can choose from silicone, metal, or wood for the tube section. The straw section can withstand high temperatures like quartz or titanium and is often made from materials that are heat-resistant.

Honey straws were heated up with a torch in order to be used originally. Nowadays, electric versions are available that do not require heat from outside. Many of these include bubbler sections that provide water filtration and enhance the rig-style experience. The Nectar Collector was the first honey straw to be invented in 2014. However, regardless of their shape or size, all of them are defined by their unique vertical orientation and straw-like functionality.

What is the work of a nectar collector?

The suction power of nectar collectors is the same as a regular straw. The straw-like tip of the collector is heated to 700 F or more and placed in a heat-resistant jar or dish that contains dabs. As soon as the straw touches it, the wax melts instantly and becomes vapor. The user inhales through the mouthpiece, which then channels the newly produced vapor upwards through their device. It can be described as a reverse dab-rig because the wax is heated from above rather than from below.

The tip of analog nectar collectors must be heated manually. The body can be removed for cleaning, and straw-like tips can be replaced. Honey straws can heat up in the body using a heating element that is powered by battery power. The Terp Pen XL is an electric nectar collector that uses replaceable coils, similar to those used in wax pens.

How can you heat a nectar collectorWhat is a Nectar Collector?

Nectar collectors were heated traditionally with a torch. The torch is used to heat the honey straw by directly touching the tip. You will want to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed from all directions when doing this. Keep heating the tip until it glows. After that, let it cool down for 20-30 seconds before you take a puff.

You can feel the heat radiating from your fingers by holding your fist close to the tip of your finger. You’ll eventually get a better idea of how hot the nectar collector needs to be, without it overheating. Overheating your nectar collector will cause the concentrates to burn and make it more difficult to clean. It will also taste more like sweet nectar than barbecue chicken, so it is best to avoid overheating!

This process is made easier by electric nectar collectors. You can either use a fire button or draw-activated to activate the heating element. They heat up only while you inhale. They are less likely to overheat because they produce just enough heat to vaporize your dabs but not enough to ignite them.

The nectar collector vs. the dab rig and the wax penYour Guide to Dab Rig Parts

These three tools are designed to vaporize concentrates. Each tool has its own pros and cons. The most portable and dense vapor production is achieved by dab rigs. Wax pens, while being the most portable option, produce less intense vapor. The middle is where nectar collectors are. They can provide as much, or more, vapor than a regular dab pen and are easier to carry than a full dab set.

While all of these tools can be used to accomplish the task, some tools are better suited for specific situations. A dab rig is the best choice if you don’t mind portability. If you’re looking to bring the show on the road, however, many wax pens or e-nails can’t offer the same intensity. Nectar collectors are the best tool for this purpose. Because they can be set up at your preferred temperature, they offer the same versatility as traditional rigs.

  • Collectors of nectar: Handy and powerful
  • Dab rigs – Hard hitting, but not very portable
  • Wax pens: Lightweight, but easy to use

Nectar collector pros/cons

A nectar collector has the main advantage of being portable. They are easy to carry and provide stronger hits than many weed pen. Honey straws can be heated as hot or cold as you like by adjusting the power setting or increasing heat. Because they are smaller than full-sized rigs, they make a great entry-level device. They are also easy to use, offer precise dosing and vaporization, and are simple to maintain. Because you inhale only as much as you can manage, they are suitable for both small and large dabs.

  • Convenient
  • Portable
  • Multifunctional
  • Hard hitting
  • Good vapor production
  • Effective and precise
  • It’s affordable
  • Low maintenance
  • No loading required
  • Some people need a torch
  • The tip heats up to extreme temperatures
  • Avoid overheating dabs
  • May contain fragile parts
  • Hits that are slightly weaker than a Rig

Negative aspects of nectar collectors are mostly applicable to analog ones. They need a torch and plenty of butane. The tip can also be overheated so it is important to cool them down before you store them. You might find glass parts on some of these rigs, which could break if they are not properly handled. While you can still get huge rips from a nectar collector but the vapor is less dense and delivers less power than a larger rig.

Which one should you buy?

Here’s a list with the best honey straws and nectar collectors you should be looking out for. There are two main types: manual and electric. While electric honey straws have more benefits than manual ones, they can be purchased for as high as $150-$200. The analog honey straws are cheaper and cost between $40-50, while some can go for as high as $100.


  • Human Sucks Stinger
  • Boundless Terp Pen XL
  • Huni Badger
  • Linx Ares
  • Little Dipper


  • Nectar Collector Honeybird
  • Eyce Collector
  • HoneyDabber II
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