Tips and tricks for Nectar Collectors

How do you use this device?

The Nectar Collector is easy to use. The Nectar Collector is very easy to use.

Heat the Tip

Make sure that there is no water in the Nectar Collector’s tip or bottom joint. Water that drips onto a hot tip can cause it to vaporize and crack the lower part of your piece. Use a torch flame to heat the tip. Only heat the tip at the end. Hold the torch steady for a few seconds so that the edge where the flame meets the flame yellow is focused only on the tip. To get a uniform heat at the tip’s end, gently roll the Nectar collector back and forth. After the tip glows a faint orange, stop heating. Wait for 3 seconds. The tip that glows red will not be vaporizing concentrate, but it will burn. WARNING! DO NOT OVERHEAT YOUR TIP. Overheating can cause cracking in the joint connecting the tip and the Nectar Collector. Concentrates vaporize between 600 to 900 degrees F. If your tip glows red hot, it may be TOO HOT.

Get the water in and out!

The water-cooled Nectar Collectors must be filled from the top. For optimal percolation, fill the diffuser about half way with water.

The tip should be removed from the Nectar Collector before it is filled. The tip could crack if water is trapped. Hot glass tips will crack immediately if there is water in them. You can also get water to drip into hot tips and cause them to vaporize quickly enough to break your Nectar Collector’s lower body. No Bueno …

Take off the tip to remove any water. Then blow as hard as possible through the mouthpiece. The water will drain through the bottom.

The Perfect Hit

What is the Dip and Sip?

To get the best results, use the hot tip to carefully reach the edge of the concentrate. The hot tip should be directed towards the edge of the pile. This will cause the concentrate to melt and puddle. It will also make your stash taste less than optimal.

The Perfect Hit

Before touching the hot tip of the nectar, draw in air through your mouthpiece. Inhale while lightly touching the edge of the stash. You can take a larger hit by going back for another dip. You or your piece could be damaged by the concentrated.


First, remove the tip from your mouthpiece and then blow out all the water. Once this is done, you can fill the piece with Formula 710 or another cleaner and let it soak for at most one hour. Formula 710 is our favorite. Also, rubbing alcohol and salt work well. Simple Green can cause decals to come off on some occasions.

PRO TIP: Place the piece vertically into a cup or glass, and let it soak overnight. You can rinse the piece with hot water until it runs clear. You can submerge the tip in the cleaning solution, and then rinse it the same way.

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