What is a Honey Straw and How to Use One?

The “Honey Straw” is an innovative way to smoke concentrates, instead of using a oil rig or dab rig. These tools are different from other smoking gear because they can vaporize, but not vaporizers. They can be carried around, but they are not hand pipes. They can be used with water but they are not water pipes nor bubblers.

Honey Straws are a completely different animal. Honey Straws are gaining popularity because of their effectiveness, ease-of-use, and the joy they bring to your life with your friends.

Honey Straws can be carried around much easier than an oil rig because they are smaller and more easily transportable. Honey Straws can be used to transport concentrates and inhaled.

Your Honey Straw can be easily transported with a glass dish. Honey Straws make it easier to keep track of your food intake. You’ll be able early on to tell when you have had enough or need more.

Anatomy of a Honey StrawAnatomy of a Honey Straw

Honey Straws are made up of a neck and body. You can make them from glass, silicone or wood, as well as quartz. The neck is the location of the glass whip and the end that you will use to inhale. The neck can be detached or connected to a joint.

The body is where smoke passes through. On a Honey Straw, it’s the place where water can be filled.

Honey Straws don’t all use water. The dry Honey Straws (also known as wands) have straight bodies that lack any water chambers. If you are using a wet Honey Straw with a body chamber, ensure that the water is filled before attaching the tip to prevent water from getting trapped in the joint. The water chamber should not be more than half full.

A Honey Straw may have a diffused downstem within the main body water chamber. This allows for smoke diffusion and extra percolation.

The tip of the Honey Straw can be used by the Nectar Collector as a type of nail. The tip connects with the base and can either be made from titanium, quartz, or glass. To prevent the tip from falling out, a keckclip is often used around the joint. Quartz has the best flavor and titanium is generally stronger than glass.

The Honey Straw in Action!

First, heat your Honey Straw tip with your butane torch to make it hot. You may need to wait between 7-10 seconds for the tip to cool down if you want a low temperature dab.

Next, place your concentrate on a heat-resistant surface. You can use a glass dish if you have one. Then, inhale by pressing the Honey Straw’s tip against the oil or wax. It’s that simple.

Honey Straws can be portable and convenient, so it is a smart idea to invest in high-quality ones. Quality does not have to cost a lot.

By cannabunga

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