32 Funniest Weed Memes For You & Your Stoner Friends

March 3, 2021by cannabunga0

You’ve found it; The holy grail of the internet’s funniest weed memes.

With so many dank marijuana memes all in one place, you’ll find yourself bursting out laughing while simultaneously telling yourself this is the stupidest shit ever. Such is the way of memes.

Enjoy your scroll down the best list of cannabis memes Cannabunga has to offer, and when (if) you get to the bottom, dry your eyes and leave a comment with whatever’s on your mind at the time.

Pizza? Your favourite meme from the list? What strain you’re on? Most embarrassing moment while high? The key to life? We wanna hear it all.

1. Yes daddy πŸ˜‰

grinch weed meme

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2. Are we gonna smoke it orrrr??

snapchat blunt meme

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3. Praise Jesus!

bible rolling papers meme

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4. We’ve all been there…

king of the hill edible meme

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5. You good to go?

how stoners look at each other meme

Image source

6. Ok, ok, just keep it together πŸ‘½

stoned in public meme

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7. Everything is soooo gooooooddd

homer simpson munchies weed meme

Image source

8. Reach for the …hiiighh

woody stoned meme

Image source

9. A fellow toker πŸ™‚

smelling like weed meme

Image source

10. Ayy my turn

sober tap out weed meme

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11. Munchies be hittin’ hard

johnny cash eating cake weed meme

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12. Well, it’s time to become an astronaut

planet covered with marijuana snoop dogg nasa weed meme

Image source

13. Breakfast of champions

cat stoned off 3 bowls weed meme

Image source

14. It just kept working

pandemic weed meme

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15. Only one a day

cutting down to one a day weed meme

Image source

16. Hmm what makes you say that…?

are you high right now weed meme

Image source

17. Great weekend incoming

Dumb and Dumber Great Weekend Weed Meme

Image source

18. Someone’s gotta do it

it's honest work weed grinding meme

Image source

20. Let me enlighten you

when people ask why I smoke weed meme

Image source

21. Good Morning!

The Simpsons Wake and Bake Weed Meme

Image source

22. Bro are you seeing what I’m seeing?

when everyone in the squad takes different doses weed meme

Image source

23. Say cheese!

when you smoke weed for the first time weed meme

Image source

24. Sign me up

50 Shades of Grey Pleasure Room Weed Meme

Image source

25. What a cute dog

my two favorite hobbies weed meme

Image source

26. Mistakes were made

when you just smoked but forgot the sunglasses weed meme

Image source

27. The perfect woman

when you know you found the right girl weed meme

Image source

28. I feel so loved

rihanna when you're high af weed meme

Image source

29. What does that say?

winnie the pooh weed meme

Image source

30. The best feeling

family guy good vibes weed meme

Image source

31. It’s true love!

lady and the tramp weed meme

Image source

32. Take the wheel!

when stoned you takes over weed meme

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