Balance (by Solei)

THC 6% CBD 10%

Solei is back with another amazing marijuana strain in the form of Balance, and the name truly fits perfectly in this case. With an almost even mix of both THC and CBD, this is a strain that can be used by both experienced and novice smokers without any worry.


Often consumed in joint form, Balance is the strain of choice when it comes to relaxing around a fire or just watching a bit of TV. Users have nothing but positive things to say about the strain since it gives you a fantastic calming effect almost immediately. It’s perfect if you’re trying to deal with sleep issues or even pain management!

This mellow marijuana strain has a ton of crystal caked all over, as well as those welcoming orange hairs that most smokers love to see.

It smells very earthy, and some of you may even compare it to pepper in a sense. It’s a herbal strain that isn’t going to seem ridiculously potent at first, but throughout your session, you’ll begin to develop a nice and relaxing body buzz. The CBD will help relax your body and calm you down, while the THC will help lift you back up – it’s the perfect “balance”!


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